If You’re A Same Gender-Loving Woman

You deserve the same rights and privileges of a loving abundant relationship without fear or shame!!

The National Enquirer put an attention-grabbing spin on what is (if true) an empowering moment in the life of one young woman living life on her terms. It’s not a shock and awe publicity stunt.

FORMER “Cosby Show” cutie RAVEN-SYMONE’s family is furious that she’s fallen in love with another woman and has moved the sexy model into her home, say sources.


Raven-Symone went through an earlier metamorphosis dropping upwards of 30 lbs. on her tiny frame. She’s been a star since she was three and has managed to avoid the pitfalls of so many of her peers and still have a wildly successful career. She’s currently killing it on Broadway in the stage adaptation of Sister Act. Can you believe the film was released two decades ago?

Denying who you are and what you need to fit in a box has life and death consequences. I still wonder about Whitney Houston and the self-sacrificing rabbit hole she got stuck in. She would’ve been better off with less career success and more personal happiness don’t you think?

Raven-Symone herself responded with a few messages via her Twitter account:

There will be no Perez Hilton-type bullying of celebrities he insists should be publicly outed against their will. Really, it’s nobody’s business.

#LoveIsLove, it knows no race, gender, or religion.

6 Replies to “If You’re A Same Gender-Loving Woman”

  1. He has his moments, I will give him that. But overall, do not like. Its like his sole mission to out people, whether they want to be outted or not. Dude, thats not your place. Go. Have a seat.

    1. I thought Raven-Symone handled the lookey-loos well while still being true to herself. It's a great example for all.

  2. Perez Hilton is such a cretin. I dont enjoy anyone who takes it upon themselves to impose what they believe are their criteria for living. At this point in time and where we are in the world, do we really have time to worry if some well off actress is gay? I mean really, is there nothing else for people to focus on?

    Be happy she found someone, is in love or strong like and lets move on. Nothing to see here people.

    1. Well, since he’s now an avowed anti-bully advocate he’s supposedly stopped his earlier aggression. I haven’t read his site in a long time. After I wrote a post urging GLAAD to police his behavior in that altercation with the Black Eye Peas a few years ago I couldn’t be bothered with the racist/sexist double standard cesspool. I was only interested in making sure he wasn’t adding any gossip drama to the mix. He was the first one to condemn ‘Beat Her Down’ Chris Brown’s behavior against Rihanna i think, so that was a good thing.

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