I Know It’s Hard To Believe, But There Is More At Stake Than Defending Paula Deen, What KimYe Named Their Baby Or The Weekend Box Office.

Not even the never-ending battles for control of oil, precious metals and human cargo is new news. 1984-style monitoring was a) already predicted b) ongoing across several previous administrations (it’s a major plot point on The Americans and their timeline is the 1980’s). When we discussed the perils of making a martyr out of a criminal, I warned of the future blow-back where the plight of an actual innocent would be sullied.

Nope, while you were sleeping some vested interests enemies are steadily challenging or chipping away at hard-fought power balances. The Voting Rights Act is being “adjusted” before our eyes. The Supreme Court left Section 5 standing, but now Congress will be allowed to update the formula determining which states need pre-clearance.  States with a history of discrimination are required to obtain approval prior to making any changes to voting laws in their jurisdictions. While it isn’t 1965 there were a record number of voter intimidation and suppression cases during the 2012 election cycle.

On another note, Defense Of Marriage Act (DOMA) was tossed and the Court refused to hear Prop 8 at all. You know the aftermath of Prop 8 will go down in infamy. From an activist Mormon church with tax-exempt status spending millions to sway politics in another state, to the tiniest percentage of voters being blamed revealing the true lack of solidarity coming on the heels of a historic Presidential election, the repercussions are still being felt.

It is the offspring of previously created generations of Affirmative Action beneficiaries who did zero heavy lifting that were strategically dropped in the mix after the dogs, hoses, camera-time, assassinations – and yes – rapes used to thwart progress against many of our matriarchs, are being used in attempts to roll-up previous gains and pull the rug out from future generations because nobody’s minding the store thanks to the mass uplift of Blackistan, that is of keen interest right now.

Yeah…”we” dodged a bullet with Affirmative Action. This time. Sorta…but we want more options..not less! Edited by me, but sourced from Wiki:

Plaintiffs Abigail Noel Fisher and Rachel Multer Michalewicz sued the University of Texas alleging discrimination on the basis of their race (they’re both white women) after they were denied admission in 2008 (Michalewicz withdrew in 2011). The suit asked the Court to either declare the admissions policy inconsistent with, or entirely overrule Grutter v. Bollinger, (the 2003 case where SCOTUS ruled race ‘could’ play a limited role in the admissions policies of public universities). The Fisher case didn’t overrule Grutter (phew). Otherwise, it could have ended affirmative action.

Do I think it was a coincidence they sued? No! Interested parties groom test cases often. The University of Texas at Austin coincidently accepts a majority of “students in the top 10% of each Texas high school’s graduating class, regardless of their race”. Fisher graduated in the top 12%, so her admission was up for grabs.

Competitive schools remain competitive because they don’t let anyone and everyone attend. Duh! But..but..but….nothing!

SCOTUS didn’t overturn Affirmative Action admissions policy outright…but higher education may very well be held hostage by those who ignore their inherent socially constructed race-based privilege by taking cheap shots at the coloreds. Ignoring the legacy attendees who look just like them and other children of even better privilege (or academic/athletic cache) that they can’t compete with, it must be somebody else’s fault they didn’t get past the velvet ropes into da club. This is truly a time of reckoning. Resources are being shifted elsewhere. These types of cases are not one-hit wonders, but a calculated roll out.

My thoughts are this: let’s get the financial equivalent promised in the 40 Acres and a Mule deal owed with all the back penalties that would assigned  in an IRS case. Let’s give the Native peoples compensation for their stolen lands. Let’s redistribute all the wealth going to some random “foreign aid” package and account for where and to whom it’s really going. Let’s end Corporate Welfare. Let the families who benefited from anti-miscegenation laws give those who would have been legal heirs their stolen resources. Let’s create a truly level playing field, so entitled people like the Abigail Fishers of the world who presume something was taken from them because they didn’t automatically get everything they want, have to sacrifice things they thought belonged to them, but were had by hook or by crook.

Read the Ruling for which Judges voted, how they voted and who recused.


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  1. GOD….I LOVE your last paragraph.

    I SWEAR TO GOD (though I know I am not “SUPPOSED” to say that), my goal is to procure natural end economic resources for my descendants and teach them to be TRULY self-sustainable. I have accepted that AAs ARE NOT going to learn to take care of themselves or their progeny. As long as they are able to s e x, rub shoulders with, join the clubs of, and breed children who look like “OTHERS”, THEY WILL BE HAPPY.

    Frankly, I’M TIRED of the begging…for other people’s scraps. For other people’s inclusion. For other people’s acknowledgment. For other people’s investment. The list goes on.

    ALL AROUND ME, I’m witnessing gentrification--not that it necessarily BOTHERS me. I appreciate the improvements I’ve seen as a result of white INFLUX. HOWEVER, these people are buying low, investing a little, and selling high--HIGHER than the original inhabitants can afford to repurchase. And, AAs are allowing it to happen. (I’m disappointed about a recent but UNNECESSARY loss. Sigh.). AAs seem to live sitting around with “Duh” looks on their faces. What also perturbs me are when the newcomers seem to think they now overrule YOU and you need to tiptoe around in “THEIR” space and when they get jealous to see YOU get something only THEY are “supposed” to have. And, I won’t go into detail about the BM who see you (a BW) get/build something nice for yourself, then turn around and try to replicate/outdo what you’ve done for their white/nonblack women.

    My advice…KEEP TRYING. You won’t “outdo” this. I’m too far ahead in the game, with MUCH less baggage.


    The jealousy never ceases to amaze me.

    So, tired as I am, I continue to work. I’m not that far from the finish line. But, I frequently feel NUMB when it comes to these AA issues and concerns. AAs have evidently decided approximation to non-blackness is the highest achievement in life. And, they are willing to forfeit any and everything else to attain it. I only weep for our ancestors who struggled and sacrificed SO MUCH for us, because they had a greater vision for our people. THEY DESERVE BETTER.

    I’m so tired, I no longer have any tears.


  2. Part 3 (final)

    On the opposite end, it never serves any nation's interests to create and maintain racial minority underclasses by refusing to help at least a smidgen of people from that origin enter the higher education pipeline to upward mobility. Minorities who don't have any realistic prospects of upward mobility tend to latch onto foreign enemies' ideologies. Which is what a number of commie-leaning AAs did in the 1960s. Which is what a number of negro male slaves are doing here and the UK in terms of violent jihadism. Not that this will unduly bother the future Chinese-American elites—they come from a country that KNOWS how to crack down on any and all dissent.

    My friend is right—as with the illegal immigration situation, the majority of White American sheeple will only wake up to these threats to their own interests when it's too late. Oh, well….

  3. Part 2

    Here's an unintentionally hilarious blog post about all of this. http://www.discriminations.us/2008/01/new-report-

    What these self-proclaimed meritocracy champions are too clueless to comprehend is that there are various national security consequences bound up in college admission statistics. It never serves any nation's interests to exclude the founding constituency from its elite campuses. It never serves any nation's interests to exclude the historical majority population from its elite campuses.

    It never serves any nation's interests to allow a generally disloyal minority group—whose primary allegiances are to another country (whether it's Israel or China)—take over that nation's elite campuses.

    1. Thanks, for sharing this article.


      I’m honestly determined to get the education and knowledge I believe is necessary for self-sufficiency and successful maneuvering in the social, economic, and political climate in this country, so that I can teach my children. I really don’t see AAs being SUBSTANTIVELY involved in influential institutions in this country, in the future. They’re TOI HAPPY being slaves who get to sleep with “Massa”. AAs are going to have to learn how to forge pathways to success via other means, because they are losing the few connections they have in the current political infrastructure. But, HEY…it’s more important that we support open immigration with Mexico. If we DON’T, WHO ELSE will our NBA players marry and provide for? We can’t cut off our “GOOD HAIR SUPPLY”, now CAN we?

  4. I've been doing some Googling in follow-up to a conversation I had the other day with a friend. She had me rolling with laughter talking about how silly racist Whites ASSUME that they'll be the ones to benefit when the Supreme Court finishes destroying affirmative action in higher education. And how these same foolish Whites assume that White students will be the ones in the top 10% (or whatever percentage) to be admitted. [Insert ancient joke about "Ass-u-me."]

    Well, the reality is that Asian students have taken over the elite California public universities. The last time I checked, Berkeley's undergraduate enrollment is 42% Asian. It's a fair expectation that at least a couple of these Asian students are there spying on behalf of the Chinese government's nuclear- and other advanced science military programs.

    Elite private universities aren't going to enable or tolerate an Asian takeover of their campuses because they know the funding from their base of White alumni will vanish in a heartbeat if that happened.

    1. Having studied in CA, I can attest how it's next to impossible to get a CAL Grant. From my observation the majority of students had GPAs higher than 4.0 and yes, a significant amount were East Asian, but South Asians also had a presence.

    2. I find it interesting to hear a similar, concurrent debate with Mark Zuckerberg arguing for an open door immigration policy. http://www.latimes.com/business/technology/la-fi-… to hire more foreign workers. I'm not really sure how it serves the interests of the U.S. and it's not reciprocated by foreign companies hiring more of us!

      1. Thanks for sharing that link! That's verrrry interesting. As you know, Mark Zuckerberg's wife is CHINESE-American (and as an aside, he's ethnically Jewish). His position on immigration doesn't serve the interests of the U.S.; and it's not reciprocated because other countries aren't as gullible about immigration as many White Americans. His position probably does serve his (Asian) wife's extended family's interests.

        What I see among most of my White ethnic peers and friends is that they have a lot of nostalgia about their grandparents coming to the US with a stop-over at Ellis Island. What they don't seem to comprehend (until it's too late) is that modern immigrants from the 3rd world come to the US with a whole different (and hostile in many ways) attitude than the one their grandparents had about the U.S. and their duty to be good guests and fit in.

        1. I figured there was a powerful personal motivator for Zuckerberg and others to throw away all common sense, but I'd let other people figure it out.

        2. Exactly Khadija! The US needs to take a good long look at the UK to ser the ramifications and consequences of taking in every third wave foreigner that lives and breathes. Now they all want sharia law, prayer rooms, want you to take off your crucifix when you’re in public and demand free medical care from the NHS that they’ve never contributed to. For some British people who have foreign spouse, their foreign spouses can receive pensions from the UK without setting foot in the UK at all!

          Please America, Don’t. Do.This. Don’t listen to little Mr Facebook all he knows is IT and he’s rather young also, what does he know? I came back to London in the UK eight years ago and rude foreigners who bring their hate of black people with them from continental Europe and all parts of Asia have taken over every good part of the city and taken away all of its charm not to mention all traces of good manners and politeness the city used to be known for.

          Please Americans CLOSE YOUR DOOR, don’t open it!!!

  5. I am sure youve seen this. How was anyone supposed to take this test in ten minutes? http://www.slate.com/blogs/the_vault/2013/06/28/v

    But to address all that you said here its the classic bait and switch move. Keep them focused on foolishness while we take care of the real business behind the scenes. This is why I thought very recently that majority Americans are stupid. There is so much going on and now a week later im still seeing Paula Deen posts. Cmon now people.

    I always worry what can the informed do when there are so many ignoramus amongst us.

    1. Americans.ARE.STUPID.

      I tried clicking that link, but the article has moved.

      One thing I will say is that I have never had any problems taking standardized tests. I’ve never been a top 5-10 percenter, but I’ve always been above the national average and qualified for top universities and programs (based strictly on test scores). Now, I only mentioned that to say, I went to predominantly white private schools from first through ninth grades. (I should have stated, but I wanted to be with “black people”.). Anyway…Every year we took “achievement tests” (possibly more than once per year). So, taking standardized tests were a normal part if my life. I STILL benefit from that preparation.

      Now, AAs always want to talk about how “unfair” and “biased” such measures are. But, when you refuse to submit your children to testing, they do not reap the benefits of learning how to master testing situations and environments. I haven’t been to grade school IN YEARS, but I STILL feel confident that I can do AN EXCELLENT JOB in a testing scenario. AAs seem to love policies and ideas that make them LOSE in the long run. As hard as it was, I’m actually GLAD I went to white schools from an early age. We were all held to the same standards and levels if expectation, and I NEVER developed a sense of intellectual inferiority. I’ve also outperformed white students who has better grades than I did while being educated in the more “challenging” inner city schools (since whites are viewed as the standard for intelligence).

      Maybe you agree with my points. Maybe you don’t. But, I just wanted share that, because I believe AAs thinking about such things often is a disservice for them in the long run.

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