I Don’t Know Nuthin’ ‘Bout Nuthin’

I have a question for the audience. It’s 2010. We’re going into 2011. Despite numerous obstacles we’re here. We have accumulated more wealth, fame and accolades than at any time in modern history. Individuals have made extraordinary gains but the masses are languishing on a myriad of fronts. Much of it is self-created turmoil, which many have taken to defend.


We are at a crossroads. Many people have noticed the shift in society but haven’t been able to articulate it. They feel as if things are spinning out of control and want to reassert some order. Overreacting can cause people to misidentify the wrong instigators. When broaching difficult subject matter some people would revert back to behavior commonly used by children. Avoiding the required discernment and undertaking that first step in analysis will motivate some to come up with the most peculiar responses. I also suspect that internally many people are well aware of mass dysfunctional activity but think if they continue to deny it something will change on its own.


While this behavior applies across the board to all groups blacks can least afford to engage in such “luxury”. Overindulgence in processed food will lead to weight gain. Overindulgence in spending without adequate resources will leave you in debt. Overindulgence in playtime instead of studying will have you falling behind in school. Overindulgence in apathy will  lead to destruction.

So will allowing outside influence from those who care nothing about your survival. One cannot move forward as a people when a majority is maimed, distracted or occupied building up some other people’s resources. Individuals cannot thrive when they’re utilizing all of their capital trying to keep the group above water. It’s also useless when people are kicking and screaming about facing reality every day – and cursing you for ever mentioning it.

If it comes down to you trying to work within the group and spinning your wheels versus separating and soaring the choice is clear. While progress is an individual manifestation that relies on the direct efforts of a focused person, being held back to stay part of the pack requires little. All you have to do is remain still and be silent.


While some people discussed whether the ship had been hit by an iceberg other passengers made plans. While some claimed the ship was unsinkable others weren’t willing to take that chance. When they tried to talk others out of getting off the boat, “Gee the water sure looks cold” smart folks got busy. As some urged each other to wait a little while longer (for daylight or whatever) others decided not to.  

Fence-sitters are worse than direct opposers because appearing to be supportive disarms people. Obstructionists can easily reveal their true motives by consistently shifting the conversation in circles and looking for “gotcha” moments to discredit the views of those they disagree with. Outsiders who insert themselves into private conversations (whether they were invited or not) should not be trusted to have the best interest of others in mind.

One way to undermine another person’s progress is to cheerlead them…off a cliff and pretend to have no idea it was happening. I’ve observed the contentious conversations regarding addressing the increasing OOW (out of wedlock) birth rate in the black community. It’s the same response when addressing all the other negative trends where avoidance, denial and misdirection of the results of compounded non-beneficial behavior has exploded out of control. The last CDC report was published in 2006. I shudder to think what the increase will show when the next report is published in 2011. What will be the excuses proffered by the naysayers then?

Avoiding corrective behavior does nothing but add gasoline to a fire. This is beyond religion, beyond government intervention and beyond waiting. It has nothing to do with historical external obstruction or being a descendant of an oppressed person – particularly since we are the survivors of people who fought to free themselves from it.

How does one explain having an increasing majority members of your group being worse off morally, intellectually, ethically and financially when the opportunities for thriving are more readily available than ever? It stands in such stark contrast to see a few high-profile individuals appear to be thriving when its the opposite for the masses. Especially considering how other groups work hard at preserving minimum standards for their collectives. How is it that those who want to conquer these internal battles are publicly being chided? Why is it that we have to let it to be known some of us want more and are different from the pack so as not to be included as part of the mass hysteria? Even more distressing are those who do not care whether their group thrives  want to see the suffering and demise of others so they get to be the last ones standing!

These are the questions many are afraid to fully examine – let alone provide solutions for. Humor has its place in diffusing charged emotions but this is no laughing matter. Besides change requires a serious focus and a lot of work not fun and games. Until we are willing to move towards spiritual and ethical realignment many will continue to drive the bus missing a few wheels. That only gets you but so far.

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  1. The 'Black Community' is 'dead' and it has been 'dead' since the early 80s when the Rap/Crack epidemic hit. It wasn't this way in the 70s although the ability was there the 'Sexual Revolution' in the early 70s. A lot of people were still alive who had sense and would 'mentor' or 'nag' the girls to keep away from sorry negros that didnt value education.

  2. Isn’t it all fascinating Faith.

    I see a lot of the ‘opposers' of the commonsense idea of NWNW, struggling with the message because they feel they have to stick up for 'feminist' principles or progressive anti racist principles that black people (black women in this case), cannot be made out to be 'irregular' or deviant in their actions or choices but rather that if bw are caught up in some sort of 'wrong path' it is because of overarching forces and factors at work (hence the insistence that it is government’s responsibility to intervene and do this and do the other).

    But the truth is that 'advising bw' to take a different 'route' doesn’t mean branding bw currently deviant. NWNW and those that support it realize and recognise that bw might have become caught up in their current self limiting situation due to structural reasons, even misguidance or because of genuine intentions to adjust to and cover the gaps in the black situation. However unlike others we are not placing the solution with government. We realize that bw can easily reach out their hand and take forth a solution that is there well within their grasp, rather than wait for government intervention, an outlook that is sure to result in a significant portion of bw becoming a ‘statistic’.

    You see, the 'progressives' see nothing in using bw as a battering ram in their ongoing campiagn against government. The fact that bw are the ones paying in body count it of little concern, therefore it behoves individual bw to understand that since they are the ones that pay the ultimate price they need to be more anxious on their own behalf and ready to take the short cuts available to them, because the progressives will never give them leave, but will insist they wait for government and remain in poverty if necessary.

    Speaking of feminism, is there anything more in line with feminism than for bw to avoid poverty and safeguard their sanity by taking control of their ’reproductive’ capabilities. Pray isn’t it what the whole reproductive rights/contraceptive struggle was about, that women not be trapped in poverty because they had reproductive abilities?

    Any brand of feminism that does not address the situation that bw face is not one bw should be concerned about too much!

    1. Halima: Ditto to everything you said. I've observed how some black women are opposed to the idea of marriage as being a remedy (which might apply to some but the not majority since the majority is ALREADY unmarried -- in fact NEVER married) because they haven't experienced a fulfilling relationship. If they have too much of an emotional reaction to a concept it's indicative of unresolved issues. OTHERWISE they are in fact intentionally blocking other black grils and women from making free-will choices that are likely to be VASTLY different from their own.

      Government cannot raise your child, resolve your emotional trauma, make you a productive member of society, give you self-esteem or rub your feet at night. Because of the reaction it has become even mroe clear to me a large chunk of black women would rather see the rest go down on the Titanic rather than point them to the life boats. I'm glad they've shown us who they are as I've been silently observing a lot of the online chatter. Some of the women on the list are surprising, admittedly but that's their choice. We're here to give options to a new population of hopefully younger women and girls who have not gone too far down that path so that they can have a better life.

      I also have not seen the opposition offfer any legitimate solutions other than calling for more government. That is NOT going to happen. For a variety of reasons. Government is not going to invest more in people than what they're willing to even invest in themselves to begin with.

      Ah well, some will continue to cheerlead the gullible and ignorant off a cliff but WE gave information and warned them.

  3. Ladies, reality is harsh, and leaves no room for compassion. The so called black community has fractured at an alarming rate. To use your metaphor, the Titanic is sinking, and those of us who didn't follow the crowd 20 years ago are already off the lifeboats and in safe harbors. I'm 42 and I was experiencing the early onset of the " up is down, down is up " Alice in Wonderland thinking that has taken firm root in our communities. I had a life defining moment at the age of 15 where the black community at my high school questioned my refusal help them cheat on exams ( we were watched extremely closely for such behavior in my predominately white HS ). I was ostracized for my decision to take care of self first.I thank God every day for that experience because it allowed me to escape the Matrix and see an entire new world. Those folks who ostracized me? Still in the Matrix & not doing so well. I do look purposely for young black women coming up in my field ( I am a subspecialty physician ) and I encourage these enterprising young ladies to keep their options open and to look for like minded men and women who treat them as the accomplished, beautiful gems they are. For the folks who are actively engaged in the Matrix? I don't waste my time, effort, or energies on them. I invest in those who are willing to listen and want better for themselves. You can not help someone who doesn't want it. As my father used to say " Hard head makes soft ass " and nothing truer can be said for our so called community. You don't have to believe in gravity, but talk a stroll outsie a second story window, and i'll discuss the concept with you on the way to the hospital. Its the same thing with community. We have seen what works and what doesn't. Just like the backlash against NWNW. Really. An OOW rate of 70%, an incarceration rate through the roof, and absentee fathers as far as the eye can see. Hmm, how's that working for you? Feel free to stick around in the hopes that magical thinking will make it all better. Shed your tears ( as I have many times in the past ) for our lost community, then get up, dust yourself off and go somewhere where you can surround yourself with like minded individuals and establish a new Zion ( back to the Matrix metaphor, I love that series too! ). BTW, I love your blog and have become an avid reader. I look forward to many more interesting conversations.

    1. Sisterlocgirl: Thank you for such an eloquent reply and welcome to the blog! If you find any of the discourse here useful I am glad. You are very fortunate you recognized the indoctrination so young! What would the "community" be like today if more black women had figured things out and adjusted accordingly…well we can try to snatch a few young women from the flames NOW. With each negative response from these entrenched black women (some of whom are married and well-educated but clearly willfully ignorant) it's reiterated just how far from center gravity (reality) the group is. Some people really don't get it but moreso many do and are trying to trap others behind a wall. The people who ignore this will find themselves on their own and when the light clicks on finally, it will be too late. Those who were cheerleading their dysfunction will then dreely express their contempt as well. Feel free to comment again.

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