I Am So Sick Of These &$%^& Black Woman Exploitation Stories

Ooh it’s pig on a lipstick time.




I understand why there’s so much confusion amongst some black women in how to elevate themselves as individuals let alone the group. The entire collective is under constant attack. The self-hatred and directed hate from others at us has reached a fever pitch! If we cannot agree on any mechanism for change or source of these burdens placed on us let us agree on this: Michelle Obama as the first African-American First Lady is A HUGE PLUS.

Whether or not we agree that she “represents” us or not, people around the world have taken notice that a BLACK WOMAN who looks and is UNDENIABLY black is in the White House. Some love it while others HATE it and are working OVERTIME to demonize the entire collective to shift the balance back to the negative.

There is NO COINCIDENCE these Hair Angst, Dating Violence, Slavery, Suggested Relationship Advice From A Thrice-Married Loser or Sexual Abuse stories are being told NOW. I mean think about it – when was the last time you can recall a succession of movies featuring black women being produced one after the other? Is there even ONE story that features a youthful, vibrant, happy-go-lucky, attractive heroine who has a fabulous home, whip and man with great friends as she embarks on some adventure? Noooooooo. That’s a fairy tale, Faith.

Instead it’s all “sucks to be you black woman and here’s why” even when the lives of millions of black women around the world is just FINE! I’m not even seeing a serious documentary that addresses the specific burdens placed on black women who are struggling with legit problems where there are solutions being offered.

Don’t fall for it!

Accused child molester (who was acquitted by a bunch of idiots) Robert “Pee On You” Kelly is writing a book to set the record straight about why he just has to have sex with young girls he’s misunderstood the same way Roman Polanski and Woody Allen and Chris Brown are misunderstood with the help of ^&$%# TAVIS SMILEY!!?!!

Just when I think that although Smiley is a jerk and takes advantage of blacks for his own personal profit I can still watch the public affairs show since it’s on PBS and he has great interview subjects. Umm that old indoctrination got me again. Nope –  a gross violation means complete withdrawal unless I wish to leave myself vulnerable to annihilation. If he has enough money to pay R Kelly to write a book excusing his sexual abuse then Smiley has too much at his disposal in my opinion.

Also stop saying it’s solely because of white racism. It’s far more complicated than simple racial hatred or gender bias from whites.

The problem is other BLACK PEOPLE – specifically those BLACK MEN WHO HATE (themselves) and BW & the BLACK WOMEN WHO’VE ADOPTED THE MESSAGE OF DENIGRATION and PASS IT ON!!

**Not to mention this constant promotion of multiracial/biracial/racially ambiguous women as BLACK. This is no dig on anyone personally but a calling out of the OBVIOUS replacement of regular BLACK WOMEN. Of course the lighter-skinned women are being replaced by white and other non-black “exotic” women so the cycle of removal will soon be complete – IF WE LET IT. **

If it was all about white racism and them not wanting to greenlight our projects we could easily shut that nonsense down by boycotting all of the products from these studios. After all we make up at minimum count 33% of all moviegoers. There is no reason why there should be this dearth of positive and multi-dimensional images where people are desperate to see themselves being represented. Stop supporting our oppression. Why are so many of us still paying to see the movie, buy the CD, promote the song on our blogs, make excuses for somebody’s sad life or saying the didn’t know better and maybe they’ll change and stand by and watch as we’re told we’re not “worthy”?

There should not be this acceptance of insulting, mediocre images because there isn’t enough screen time being given. We could cripple every single last one of these studios/record labels/etc – not with pickets and marches but by ignoring them completely. Movies and CDs do flop you know and their bottom lines dance on the edge of financial ruin every quarter. It’s nobody else’s fault but our own for not properly wielding our clout. They need us – we DO NOT need them! Not only could we have satisfactory projects but we’d have more executives and personnel behind the scenes as well.

I want my version of Julia & Julia where it’s an up-and-coming food blogger who recreates B. Smith recipes and home decor and travels to all of her restaurants around the world. I want my Barbara Jordan biopic or wide release of Shirley Chisholm’s Unbought & Unbossed. I want a story about how a reporter covers the death of several women and catches a killer that she has to run from before she becomes the next victim where Brad Pitt is her loyal boyfriend. I want a major motion picture release of the Vampire Huntress Series. We don’t have this because we’re not demanding it as consumers. More importantly though we need to be innovators.


We can finance our own projects, put together a social media campaign, create a buzz and see it shepherded through the studio system. Or as an indie. All we have to do is SUPPORT these projects – and each other – vigorously. The way some of us defend depravity and our poor choices. We have to partner with those willing to be allies and who by their actions support out endeavors. We have to stop financially giving life and career to projects and “artists” who drag us through the mud or marginalize us in worst case scenarios. Especially when they are black, know better and are simply out to make a quick buck at our expense while reinforcing their own pathologies.

I’m not falling for this latest version of “ooh it’s about black women…but their lives are atrocious” story either. Bitch Is the New Black – oh really? We’re b*tches, desperate and lonely..and I’m supposed to find this…uplifting and entertaining? So somebody else can make money portraying us as unwanted outcasts?

Andrews writes about what it is like for a young, black woman dating in D.C., trying to find a mate who seems ever elusive. The futile rituals are familiar: the dressing up, the eager cab ride over to the party, the hold-your-breath as you walk in, scanning the room quickly for any looks returned. The mantra sounding in the back of your head: “So-and-so found a man last year at a party like this. Maybe tonight is my night.” Then one by one, the men prove to be disappointments and disappointing: married, uninteresting or uninterested.  –The unspoken caveat here is that these women are only seeking out BLACK MEN in a city with a 90% HIV rate and show no DISCERNMENT of dating skills —

Anyone familiar with Sex and the City knows Carrie’s relationship with Big has been portrayed as the ultimate love story instead of a cautionary tale about a clingy, desperate woman who wasted 10 years on a man who left her for another woman, moved to a foreign country and didn’t show up for their wedding – but supposedly NOW they’re happy (because the series has been made into two feature films and counting). It is one of the MAJOR issues I have with the series because that relationship is a LIE. Then again Carrie is white and we’re supposed to just pretend her life choices are normal, but black women are supposed to be the only ones miserable and lonely? Yeah right! They are when they only focus on ethnicity and limiting themselves to a handful of inadequate males.

You’re not doing that anymore though….right? You can take the Building Up To The Change Workshop for practical, skills-development and get on with living the full life that you richly deserve. Spend your money elevating yourself not enriching others who wish to tear you down and keep you underfoot. It’s almost 2010!!

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  1. that's the spirit Ladies. Let's make them Happen. I would love to see Kindred on screen! I would just die o joy! Hollywood clearly don't give a crap. If tyler Perry could make 400000 million out of garbage why not us. We need o create production houses, , our own studios, publishing houses , Media empies and create what we want to watch read, listen too. SaI offer a challenge. Instead on focusing on crap movies, books ect.. let's

    start making a list of stuff that elevate us!

      1. Yes!!! it's a new year and a new decade. I'm writng lot'ts and hope to have the courage to share it with the world! I really want to see more work being done out there to elevate uss. That is why Ièm so excited aboutt the webseries I see coming out on the web! I want to produce on myself and hope it comes to fruition. Let"s hope ! Good luck in your endeavors ladies!

  2. It is so nice to know that someone else also thinks Tananarive and Octavia are both due a major motion picture. Their stories are wonderful and I would love to see them on film!!

    1. I am a HUGE Tananarive Due fan.

      And after seeing Sherlock Holmes, where are my Victorian era-Steampunk Black lady scientist stories?

      If I could have one talent, it would be to write fiction.

  3. "I want a major motion picture release of the Vampire Huntress Series"


    *takes deep breath*


    ok. I'm calm. I think I can make it…

    *thinks of Tananarive Due*

    *thinks of Octavia Butler*

    *struggles not to start screaming*

    Nia, I am looking for your movies. I'm so over Hollywood right about now.

  4. Thanks Ladies for the feedback -- I'm so looking forward to all of the projects we are undertaking. Let's support ALL of those who uplift and engage us. Let US create our own beautiful works of art as many of our ancestors have done all along. We have the financial power $1.2B and unlimited resources. If we will stop chasing after the myth of the "black community" black "love" and inadequate black men we will have freed up our time, our minds and our bodies to devote to elevating ourselves fully.

  5. Cosign!!! 100%

    And Nia, I'll look out for your works one day! I'm actually starting my own novel series that paints Black/minority women in a better light, not just in sex lit, street lit type personalities.

  6. Thanks for this post Faith.

    I know this sounds bad, but I seldom watch anything with black people in it anymore. I just can’t take it any more – it’s always the same nonsense over and over again.

    (And what on earth kind of horrible name is: “B…. is the new Black?” for a movie about black women? Anyhow…)

    I’m glad you mentioned Julie/Julia ‘cos I liked that movie a lot. Those are the kind of movies I like to watch, especially about women. I like to watch intelligent thrillers too. The Others with Nicole Kidman is one of my favorite movies. When I was watching Julie/Julia I kept thinking how fantastic it would be if this movie, like you said, was instead about a black woman, who had written a blog about another black woman who had lived before her and accomplished her dreams.

    Anyway, the way I see it, these types of movies (like Julie/Julia) will just serve as future inspiration for me.

    I am currently waiting for my first set of screenwriting books to arrive from Amazon. I’m looking forward to getting started.

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