How’s That Election Thing Working Out For Ya?!

Update:  For the New York Governor’s race Andrew Cuomo won but as the son of a former and often popular Governor how difficult was that? Well…the Tea Party/Republican Carl Paladino got 35% of the vote by directly stating racist/sexist rhetoric and if you were to go around numerous Upstate New York towns/cities and specific neighborhoods you’d see lots of big signs for that type of constituency that he appealed to:  less educated, working class, ethnic whites. Of course the choice between two candidates who share the same ethnicity might be a case study in class warfare but it also ensures their group’s needs will be met regardless. Sometimes “opponents” are actually working inc concert with each other to create further gains for their group. And that’s how those groups THRIVE!

The CA Guv race sees career politician  Jerry Brown as the winner while Senator Barbara Boxer keeps her Senate seat.  One of the odd dichotomies with California is how people falsely assume it’s a liberal state especially when Republican candidates usually win for Governor. Brown has held practically every elected office in the state (Attorney General, Mayor, etc) so we’ll see what happens after the debacle the downstate voters caused when they voted for Ah-nuld. One politician I’ve personally had a keen interest in Kamala Harris has won her race for Attorney General as the outgoing DA for San Francisco I watched her implement a policy that tried to offer corrective programs to reduce crime without automatic incarceration to certain populations. The jury is still in deliberation whether she’s another Cross-over Negro politician or will be an effective leader in a state with less than 6% black population to begin with – but representation is dwindling in areas that count and we need more black women candidates for certain.  San Francisco was unique in that there was a woman-helmed Fire Department, Police Department and District Attorney’s office all at the same time.

The main concern now is that the Republicans now control the House. of Representatives. That’s where all the MONEY is people.

This is going to be a really bumpy ride folks. If the Democrats couldn’t move past the Republican united stonewall when they had control of the House, Senate and White House what makes anyone think the Obama administration is going to get anything done now?


I will probably come back to update my observations about specific races  – California and New York Gubernatorial results come to mind, along with the Senate seats up in the air.

I’m also very curious about what the black voter turnout will look like? Sometimes the best thing to do is stay home and not vote.  Heresy I know!

The question for black women is:

  • Where are you now in comparison to the last election? The last administration?
  • As the largest percentage voting block for Obama (65%) do you see tangible evidence of a return on your investment?
  • Why did Obama not even bother to nominate a black woman (such as the more than qualified Kimberle Crenshaw) to the Supreme Court?  Check my archives I was howling about this more than a year ago!
  • How have BW positioned themselves to benefit from this administration SPECIFICALLY not as a by-product (i.e Trickle-Down Theory). WE KNOW HOW INEFFECTIVE THAT WAS!
  • Will you be mostly satisfied if all this administration can claim is that Michelle Obama (Sasha & Malia) were the the brown faces in a high place as First Lady & First Daughters?
  • Are you prepared for the coming tide of backlash from the ultra-ultra right wing faction of the Republican party aka the Tea Party sending up their candidates and running them against “moderate” Republicans i.e. some who still use a minimum of common sense?
  • Have you heard of the 2012 Project? Their focus is on slightly older women but we need women who are as young as their mid-20’s! Also, there are other organizations that help train people to run for office.

Are you going to be a bystander, waiting and hoping for change or someone to “do right” by you or will you actively protect your interests AND stop supporting those who are using your resources at your expense giving you nothing in return but empty promises and fear-tactics?

Also check out the Center For American Women And Politics.

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  1. I realy like your innovative angle that you have on the subject. Certainly wasn’t thinking on this at the time I begun searching for tips. Your ideas were totally easy to understand. Happy to find out that there’s an individual online that gets it precise what its is talking about.

  2. Thank you Faith for the forum.

    How's the election working out for me, well…

    I have to say, I'm not just one to vote for only a particular party. I have gotten better at gathering information in order to make a choice that is right for me. I'm not willing to sit an election out because I think politicians are stirred by information. There are millions of people who don't vote in this country, and they don't vote because they don't see themselves represented, however their needs never get picked up because there aren't any messages being sent out. I think voting for a different part-any different party, sends a message. They'll say, 'oh, they went over here, maybe because they liked x,y, and z that this person was offering. That is a message. Just my thinking… I think stirring requires sending messages.

    As far as positioning yourself for things ahead, if they pulled every program from under AA people-mm, just might be a little helpful, that’s why I have no problem with voting for various parties, however, while those programs are still in effect I would say. GET EVERY THING YOU CAN if you qualify. There are programs that you can qualify for household incomes of upwards of 50k a year. I would say get em, get em all get em QUICK (before they are gone), get them to position yourself and your family in a better position! To quote Dr. Barbara Sizemore when speaking of capitalism “ Win if you can lose if you must, but always cheat!” (if you consider using government aid cheating). I simply take this to mean using the grace of God, since many of the teachers of the law required people to ‘live by the book’. But Jesus said if you live by the law-you are cursed. Like with abortion. Many bw may have one after having oow children because she realizes she can’t afford anymore children, while I notice ww seem to have one (in college) to avoid having an oow child. They ‘cheat’ to get ahead, not just to manage catastrophe. Just my thinking… open for feedback.

    1. Squarlymade: Those Dr. Sizemore videos were amazing to listen to!! I have to go back and take notes because she laid it out!

      Hodan: To be a politician requires corporate sponsorship so I'm not sure about the validity in mocking the idea that they'd be referred to as sell-outs. They were already bought and paid for. As we see today with MSNBC more or less firing Keith Olbermann the conservative, limiting, corporate interests already own the media, control the narrative and have the politicians to begin with. Anyone who thinks otherwise is not paying attention to capitalism. As for the NY Guv race ( and all politicians) certain people are always going to have their interests met. Those races were mildly interesting in that it was more of a class issue as both candidate were Italians. There's quite a bit of positioning going on in New York right now. NYC itself is a different world compared to the rest of the state. Regardless the people who have to live here are going to be most affected no matter how interested non-residents and non-US citizens find these proceedings. I don't do venting rants of concepts. We need concrete assessments of the reality. Obama will have Secret Service detail and all the perks of a President no matter what, but the uprising of angry, racist, fearful whites and the backlash against blacks is not anything to joke about.

  3. great post, I was expecting the usual liberal rant of Obama is evil corporate sellout, but yours is reasonable and well thought out. I think last Tuesday was a God send for Obama if he can realize it and stop being so bloody timid in his political dealing. Compared to the beat down Clinton received in 94 (you said how easy it was for Coamo to win in NY, his father lost the governorship back then and most blue State went Republican in Congress and Senate).

    Just to compare, 59 seats turned Red in Congress last night, while the Dems managed to hold their slim majority in the Senate. On the other hand, under Clinton, Bush II and Reagan, they lost both Congress and Senate. Apparently its been that way since FDR, where the president party often loses seat, depending on the scale.

    Despite an inept media, timid Dems and President, high unemployment, paranoid racist right wing machine and rightfully angry/scared public, I'm surprised Obama has maintained 56% likability across the country and 45-48% job approval….similar to Reagan.

    I expect the next 2yrs to tell us a lot about what Obama is made of. My hopes and standard are pretty low until proven otherwise.

  4. Government will be gridlocked … but it doesn't bother me.

    From what I've been reading on the conservative websites, they want to slash, burn, and nuke all the pet programs that the anti-NWNW think will be generously funded in future. Oh my, what a rude awakening it's going to be.

    Considering all the cutbacks in states and cities across the country (and more forthcoming), a lot of folks are going to be hurting. I shudder at the kind of crimes that will be directed at black women when their parasitic black male friends come looking for money, food and housing from them. Sad.

    1. Betty: It's interesting you mention NWNW because these programs were ALREADY being cut by the Democrats. If anyone seeks to do minimal research they will find these programs have been slashed in the past 2 years, more restrictions have been enacted, longer waiting periods are required OR they've been cut. No that the ReThugs have control of the House they are going to keep on steamrolling everything in site.

  5. LaVonne, the weave chair thing was a low blow. Black women need to be more sensitive towards black women, especially regarding issues of hair. Belittling eachother has gotten us where…i thought so. But I agree, O hasnt done much for Blk ppl but towards the end of the voting season, there were ads all over blk radio. Blk ppl are too adoring of him (for very little) and he knows it. blk ppl are always unified w/out thinking. we're so hypnotized by the fact that O and MO are presenting a positive image of blacks before the world, that we fail to look critically at his actions. We did this during the campaign (failing to show up for the SOBU even though Hillary did and making all kinds of excuses for him). The Dems deserved this thumping.

    I'm feelin you about the supreme court thing. there are numerous dynamic blk female judges (or women in academia as his latest appointee was a professor) that he could have tapped.

    why are 'thinking' blks so cocky?

    1. dbrooks: Welcome and thanks for your comment. Since you're new to this forum I'll point out that I don't censor sarcasm from my readers. LaVonne has a consistent history of looking out for the interests of black women and I have to agree with her sentiment that many do pay far more attention to external things like weaves (which is all part and parcel for trying to appeal to the ever debasing tastes of the random black DBR/no value male) or internal machinations like thinking it's okay for a rapper/criminal to stay in and out of jail as he's "trying" to clean his life up and therefore we should "support" his career/drug habit/debasement of black women just because he's black. Or any number of examples we discuss at this and other forums. Having said all of that it's time for an audit whereby black women take stock on what they've received for what they've given. And act accordingly.

      1. Faith, unfortunately hair, nails, and many other frivolous things tend to be THE major priorities for precisely that segment of bw who don't have a parachute or anything resembling one. It's ironic that the bw I know who attend the black church focus on frivolous things like that don't give a blip about politics UNLESS the bm minister at the church gets them all riled up about something that happened to Obama. That's when they start repeating to each other what the minister said. The black church women in this country represent a very large group of registered black voters.

        I think we, on our sites, tend to preach a lot to the choir or those who are looking for a choir to join. I don't think we're making serious inroads into those who are deep in the forest and that's a huge chunk of bw. For ex., I think a lot of Christian bw I mingle with sometimes at conferences and conventions have already left this earth. They really believe they don't need to be interested in politics.

        1. Then I guess we either need to find a "religious" BW amongst them who can start to "try" to make inroads with them Evia or put out the message as we see fit and let the chips fall where they will. I know those women are also a large chunk of Tyler Perry's audience as well. I think the combo of other BW living "large", along with the increase in OOW, the reduction of the rescuing "programs" esp now that the Rethugs have control of the House again and more BW dying from AIDS/HIV will start to take its toll along with the continued exposure of of the pedophile/murderous/domestic violence preachers. Perhaps.

        2. I disagree. I think that bw as well as many other segments of the population have felt disenfranchised by politics and therefore don't participate out of frustration that nothing will really change. Honestly, our 'change' as a ppl will not come from the top. It never has. It will come from the streets-ppl opening businesses, marriages being healed, neighborhoods not needing the police to parole the block because its safe. all major movements in US history have come from the ground/streets not from the sky/gov't, especially where blk ppl are concerned. And if you look at most blk churches, theyre filled with older black women who have seen more change then most of us can imagine. if they dont feel encouraged to vote, we're in trouble.

          1. That's fine dbrooks but what you're advocating requires BLACK MALE participation which hasn't and isn't coming. Black women need to look out for their interests above all else. Either way we'll see by the quality of lives of these black women which way works out best and doesn't.

    2. I am a Black woman and I am not sensitive about my hair. There are a great many issues (Like being called Bitches & whores by Black men making "music", AIDS/HIV, etc.) that need to get Black women riled up other than hair. Who made us "sensitive" about our hair anyway? I did not make the comment to belittle anyone. I hope that mature Black women know by now how to respond to comments about appearance and how to refuse to let any attempt to belittle hold them back. Although Faith's question was addressed to Black women, the discussion is open. Weaves are worn by many women of all races, so the reference was not directed solely at Black women. It was just a reference to one thing that MOST WOMEN spend a lot of time and money on while not using even a portion of that time and money on something as critical as becoming politically and socially aware and active. I think about how I spend my time and my money. When I want that Chanel nail polish, I have to decide if I want to give my $25 to a fashion house in Europe or towards a cause in my community. We need to THINK, PRIORITIZE and ACT. That is the true path to freedom; blame is not.

  6. I'm doing alright with my investment in President Obama — not a person who depends on the government (Republican or Democrat) anyways.

    Will survive and thrive whatever government is in power.

    1. Patricia Kayden: Glad to know you and many other black women are doing well. These conversations are for those who are not or who may think they have a safety net only to find it's been slit and they're going to crash. Many black women are NOT going to survive and thrive UNLESS they stop allowing the current status quo of allowing their resources to be used and discarded by others. I am seeing this unfold in my offline life with many women who gave and gave to others and now when they need help nobody knows their name. Since we already know black women are not protected in any capacity by the black community who has their flank? While we should not have "relied" on Obama and while so many blacks are so fickle he couldn't exactly count on us in many ways either, that doesn't negate the fact how so many others still benefit from our time, energy, efforts and emotional/financial support. It needs to be reciprocated or cut off!

  7. Faith, Black women need to learn to BELIEVE THE FINE PRINT instead of following the BILLBOARDS. That requires paying attention and acting on information. It does not matter what any President does or what initiative is set by any organization or community, if we can't get folks to get their behinds out of the weave chairs and nail salons long enough to take an interest in the issues that matter (from local to global) LONG BEFORE ANY ELECTION, Black women and their generations will be left at the back of the bus, back of the line, back of the classroom and outside every power source.

    1. LaVonne: What you're advocating for is strategy and preparation. Until more BW know they're worth and value that's not going to be a consideration. We can turn things around and prepare for 2012 though. Those of us who are smart will.

      WizardofOz321: Good luck America.….geez that sounds like a swan song for a bygone era!

  8. As I'm out of the country for a while, I didn't vote this time around (but will next time). All I have to say is good luck America. 😐

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