How Will You Support Peace?

In the United States today marks the annual holiday honoring those who’ve served in the military. There is also a rare convergence of dates: 11/11/11. Some have predicted the end of the world. If you’re reading this, then I guess their predictions are incorrect – again!

No, we are still very much alive, but how are we living? While we can offer deference to those who answer the call of governments, we can certainly ask what purpose and whose interests are being served. We have to take some responsibility for what we allow in the name of X.

When there’s an extreme shift in one direction, nature has a way of sorting things out. If systems are destroyed new one will merge. Change happens. There’s life after death. Time moves along whether we are active participants or passive watchers.

Today, groups of people around the world have joined for a focused purpose in initiating more peace and harmony to combat some of the turmoil. You can contribute by spending a few minutes sending good thoughts into the universe. Say a prayer. Sing a song. Write a note. Not just today – every day! Expect better and let it be.

Check out Project Peace On Earth.