How Poor CisGender & Trans Women Got The Shaft So Obama Could Have A “Win”

I was glued to C-Span for nearly 6 hours yesterday. I had to watch arguments from both parties about why they would or would not support HR3962. It’s a very flawed bill that will allegedly offer affordable health care coverage to millions. Some of the Democrats gave examples of disenfranchised people (some of whom had been family members) and others who’d lost their savings and their lives to illness and experiences being denied coverage. Republicans all quoted from the Satanic Bible Book of Political Obstructionism. They displayed no compassion – except to their own immediate family and how they shouldn’t be negatively impacted by extending rights to others. Both sides exaggerated but those Rethugs really deserve a warm spot in hell for blatantly lying about key provisions when they already have tax-payer supported gov’t healthcare PAID IN FULL BY US. 44% of all elected officials are multi-millionaires by the way. They could pay for their own coverage but if they can get it for practically “free” why not take advantage? Free goods and services has always been the quickest way for some to become wealthy. Just don’t DENY US WHAT YOU ALREADY HAVE!!

So it’s passed, but not before they gave a majority population of women the SHAFT by voting for the Stupak amendment which denies coverage for abortions. By the way I wonder if they’ll deny a D&C as well. It’s the same exact procedure – just a difference in intent. Oh yeah fertility doctors also refer to abortions as a “reduction” when they’ve sperminated too many eggs to implant. So ideological hooha trumps the law? Before anybody tries to tell me it’s not the President’s “fault” let’s connect the dots shall we? There were 64 Democrats that voted for it. Blue Dog Democrats. The same ones Rahm Emmanuel put in office. He’s Obama’s Chief of Staff. Obama can’t control members of his party for crucial votes. We elected him to do a job. It’s his responsibility.

Here’s the list:

Jason Altmire (PA-4) 202-225-2565 
Bobby Bright (AL-2) 202-225-2901 
John Barrow (GA-12) 202-225-2823 
John Boccieri (OH-16) 202-225-3876 
Dan Boren (OK-2) 202-225-2701 
Ben Chandler (KY-6) 202-225-4706 
Travis Childers (MS-1) 202-225-4306 
Artur Davis (AL-7) 202-225-2665 
Lincoln Davis (TN-4) 202-225-6831 
Bart Gordon (TN-6) 202-225-4231 
Parker Griffith (AL-5) 202-225-4801 
Tim Holden (PA-17) 202-225-5546 
Jim Marshall (GA-8) 202-225-6531 
Jim Matheson (UT-2) 202-225-3011 
Mike McIntyre (NC-7) 202-225-2731 
Charlie Melancon (LA-3) 202-225-4031 
Collin Peterson (MN-7) 202-225-2165 
Mike Ross (AR-4) 202-225-3772 
Heath Shuler (NC-11) 202-225-6401 
Ike Skelton (MO-4) 202-225-2876 
John Tanner (TN-8) 202-225-4714 
Gene Taylor (MS-4) 202-225-5772 
Harry Teague (NM-2) 202-225-2365

I qualified the ban against abortion funding by class because as we know with everything having money and connections always allow for access to things restricted to the general population, but race is the other side of that tainted coin. Before Roe v. Wade was passed wealthy white women had doctors they could go to to get safe abortions – especially if the father in question was “questionable” so let’s be clear here. This is about a wealthy class of ideologues telling you and me what we can and can’t do with OUR MONEY and our BODIES when they know da*n well if the shoe was on their foot they’d take advantage of the opportunity. One’s selective religious beliefs have a funny way of oppressing others.

You can’t agree to one piece of legislation that effectively cancels out an existing law that gives a right to take one away. If you already have health care under the provisions of this new plan your doctor wouldn’t be paid to give you all reproductive care of YOUR choosing. That’s not progress. That’s indirectly overriding and nullifying  an existing law based on the anti-choice practices of a few people. If you don’t like abortions don’t have one! The end.

Obama “promises” to do something about this and I WILL HOLD HIM ACCOUNTABLE TO DO SO. Nancy Pelosi was a stellar warrior throughout this process and while I know she’s an equally intrenched, wealthy politician and we have many agenda differences, she really put her foot in this one. I’d go so far as to say she may have helped save the Obama presidency. If this bill had gone down in flames in addition to the ongoing Republican (and Democrat) obstructionists I think he would’ve served one term.

Now what has barely been discussed is the ban of care for transgender women embedded in this health care plan and of course this is nothing new. I’m still very angry so I can barely form my thoughts on this and probably should’ve waited to do a post but this is a timely issue and we must know we’re dealing with a bunch of white men who want to send us back to the dark ages. And cis-women who betray all women. So they’re not even going to consider a woman who identifies by gender and not necessarily biology. You’d better have all your chromosones in order as well that fall under a set of pre-decided parameters because you won’t be deemed worthy of health care paid for by gov’t bureaucrats your tax dollars either!

So now men will get their lifetime supply of Viagara, Extenz or Axe body spray but I can’t get birth control or comprehensive reproductive medical care? This was already a COMPROMISED BILL FROM ONSET. Single payer was tossed immediately. The bill as written is jacked. I doubt many people have even bothered to read it. Well it’s more than 2,000 pages of vague jibberish so it’s not a surprise. I found it interesting that Dennis Kucinich did not vote for it but I’m not surprised. He stands on his principles while walking a fine line and I’m not mad at him for it. Others just did it because of the lobbyist money. VOTE THEM OUT!

This bill has to go before the Senate so it’s far from being a done deal. Whatever Obama signs into law will not cover every person in this country and will not provide all of the medical care we need. We are being forced to  subsidize insurance companies that have denied coverage to millions resulting in their deaths. If I were a betting woman I’d suggest you go out and buy insurance company stock! Until and and unless we all get full and affordable coverage of everything we need – especially when it comes to preventative care and “alternative” treatments then whatever is being touted as progress is just a bandage on a bleeding wound.

Of course undocumented workers are not to be covered under this plan under any circumstances. Hmm I’m still waiting for those companies that hire them to be fined to begin with instead of penalizing poor people but I keep forgetting I’m dealing with hypocrites. At this point though it looks like I’ll have to take a watered down plan as the only other option is to have NOTHING AT ALL. That’s not change. That’s just crap with whipped cream on top.