How Feminine! Drapey, Flowy, Pretty Frocks

Can I just say how much I’m loving Asos right now?! The following pieces are from their Curve collection. Personally, they look better than a lot of the selections made available for the “average-sized” shopper.



Not to ignore the “straight” sizes, but when I have to look at living stick figures not a day over the age of 18, shopping for clothes can be rather disheartening. Besides, even these women are still taller, more slender and fitter than the average woman. But, this wasn’t meant to be an analysis of the fashion industry, size or demonizing any woman. So let’s get back to the clothes (via J. Crew), shall we?


Evans UK does a great job with assessing body type so a potential shopper can make sound choices for a flattering fit.




Hourglass ***

This happens to be the shape that traditionally has drawn all the boys to the yard. You can accentuate and de-emphasize where necessary to create this silhouette while still keeping it classy.

I envision myself (and you dear readers), prettifying ourselves daily so we are formidable. If we’re getting all of our needs met, pursuing a life bigger than we imagine, eating well and exercising, coupled with acts of charity and replenishing our spirit why there’s no limit to the fun we will experience!

Be fierce. Be fabulous!

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4 Replies to “How Feminine! Drapey, Flowy, Pretty Frocks”

  1. I love the red dress! I have really enjoyed embracing my femininity in the past few years. I used to be SO self-conscious, and stayed away from pink merely because I didn't want to seem too girly--now I'm just enjoying who I am, love of pink included!

  2. It’s easy for me to harness/refine my brains and character, but it’s SO HARD for me to embrace my beauty. That is a problem just like superficiality. In all aspects of life, we should strive for balance. Black women of traditional southern, Christian upbringing are taught to value “godliness” at the expense of their hearts and womanhood. Black women need to know we have a right to physical appreciation and gratification too.

  3. I like feminine dress. I stopped dressing girly for a variety of reasons (none of which had anything to do with not liking it). I’m trying to move myself back in that direction. I’ve told you how hard that is for me. I’m working on it. I never should have gotten away from it. Thanks for the post!

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