How About A Little Holiday Sparkle?

And I’m not talking about the current teen girl’s fantasy vampire, Edward Cullen.

It’s already mid-December and the end of 2011 is fast approaching. I can’t believe it! Where did this year go? I’m not ready to cede the end quite yet, which is where celebrating the next 15 days comes into play. There are goodies to eat, parties to plan, gifts to exchange, trees to decorate and guilt-trips to roadblock! Let’s break out Kool & the Gang and c-e-l-e-b-r-a-t-e good times. Come on!

That was a little corny…but I’m allowed to be corny this time of year. I don’t look at this as the end, but as the beginning. We’re constantly in a state of renewal, so shedding old skins (mentalities) is part of the process. Break in those ballet slippers and get to dancing!


My Loubous are a mere $3695 + tax. Let’s occupy our inner fashion Divadom, ok?

 Dressy..from Studio Wicked.


Paris Eiffel Tower


Party over here…party over there!

ChictopiaDisco Pony Silver Surfer Jacket

Photographer Garance Dore wrote about the different lifestyle of party-goers in New York and Paris. I’m curious about comparing Los Angeles and London. I didn’t include diamonds or Christmas decorations for brevity.

If you’re looking for a special gift, Bond No.9 makes customized scents. Remember this is a great time to shine, mix and add to your social circles!

What do you have planned to make this time shine?

Photos tagged and bagged via Pinterest from around the blog-o-sphere.

2 Replies to “How About A Little Holiday Sparkle?”

  1. Thanks Faith!! These are fabulous ideas! Lovely sparkly and classy items that you have highlighted!

    I had a holiday party to attend last was beautiful, full of chatter and laughter. I dressed simply and had a really good time. Hope your holidays are beautiful.

    And thanks very much for the Bond No.9 link..just went and picked out a few fragrances. Have a wonderful Holiday season!

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