Here's A Few Curated Tumblr Blogs Giving Kudos To Black Women

Tumblr users tend to use lots of gifs, animated media freeze-framed into clips. Someone will get a movie clip and write the dialogue or get a moveable screen-shot of a reaction and loop it. They’re using imagery, not just commentary to get the message across. It’s good to have both. I don’t recall these blogs in existence two years ago.

As further evidence of the lasting success of authentic empowerment, I’ve observed an explosion of sites dedicated to healthy representation of relationships, advocacy with the necessary internal transformative work being discussed, tributes to darker-complexioned black women, fun travel sites, health & fitness, beautiful photo sites, fashion and a peek into different cultures.

I’m sharing three four blogs. There’s a lot more! Freedom comes from being able to express all facets of yourself without recrimination or judgement.

She’s The Difference Maker



Bee Gets Healthy

I had to share this post because woah…and wow!!

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  • I am obsessed with Emily over at Cupcakes and Cashmere. She is awesome! She does a little bit of everything and I absolutely dig that about her.

  • Fashion help info

    I read the stuff and such kinds of news always make me happy. Thump up

  • 'Is animation about reality?' 'Are games about polygon count?', and the answer to both questions was 'NO!'. Both areas are about immersion, and the suspension of disbelief. Animation is primarily about storytelling -- first, foremost and always….
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  • BWLivingWell

    awww thanks for the plug. hope you don't mind me promoting your posts on there :)

  • Truth P.

    I like this tumblr I get ideas from it on how I want my life to some day look.Looking at that tumblr makes me more motivated.I don't want all the stuff on there just some of it. This blog has some of the most beautiful people on it I have ever seen They look like living art.This site provides motivation for me to put my best foot forward.Sometimes you never know just how good you are capable of looking until you see a better living version of yourself.Some of those women could be my prettier,more stylish older and younger sisters.

  • Shermy

    You know I'm already obsessed with tumblr, thanks for adding to my addiction, ahahahahahahhaha!