Have You Read The Holstee Manifesto?




So obvious – but so misunderstood. Living is defined as having an existence, being nourished, to behave in a particular way amongst other descriptions. It’s an active series of steps versus passively meandering and waiting.

This is such an encouraging message it’s worth repeating. If you haven’t seen this posted across the Interwebs, say hello to an effective life philosophy. What some of the longer-term readers might begin to realize is that when we’ve discussed relationship strategies such as with the Evaluating Men For Alliances & Marriage series or the way black women can dismantle indoctrination and empower themselves, it has always been an encouraging spiritual message at its core being manifested in ways that best suit an individual woman.

Some of these messages are more universal in theme and may apply to anyone regardless of gender, race, etc. Some need to be more specific. It is all meant to fulfill a greater purpose that is life-affirming. When we are at peace, when we feel supported, when we believe in our place in this world we will act in abundance and manifest it in our lives. This serves as the best example of the rising tide theory I can think of. Everyone will not choose to “see” it and be it, but you can!

The Holstee Manifesto is available for purchase as a framed print. It was the first thing I wondered about after reading it. I knew this would be something I’d want to have nearby. We’d be better served surrounding ourselves with new purposeful messaging as we continue to build our futures. If we are graced with another day, the quality of that tomorrow is heavily influenced by where we are at today. Let’s make the most of it.

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