Have You Had A Conversation With God Lately?

As I continue reading Eat, Pray, Love (I’ve just completed Italy), I was struck by the passage where our heroine writes her petition. I don’t want to reveal too much for those who haven’t read it (yet). There’s good stuff there. So, while you won’t get the details per se (metaphors are so handy), your Divine will.

So, continuing onwards, suffice it to say I am done. I’ve paid my dues, been hit by flying objects and tripped over my own two feet. I’ve marched around Jericho. I’ve blown the horn. I’ve been patient. I’ve been fearful. I’ve let my ego encourage me to take leaps…and hit the ground hard. I’ve been kicked. I’ve been knocked down……

I’m still here.

So, since I’m not dead (yet), I figure it’s time to get to happy. Content. Full of joy. Light as air. Sweet like freshly cut grass on a warm spring day. I’m wide awake. My eyes have been fully dilated. I’ve taken responsibilities and fought to maintain integrity.

I’m done with running the race with extra baggage.

I want a grape, a boa and a lounge with a caressing ocean breeze. I want that water from a never-ending well after wandering the desert. I’ve made mistakes….but come on I haven’t murdered anybody! I’m tired of trying to rise above it all.

I want the gravy. I want the embrace that never ends. I want to be full and renewed. I want my twinkle back. I want to turn the page for good. I want this all to be a distant memory.

I release it.

I want my new pair of old shoes. Wiser and cuter. Comfy and ready for the continuation of this journey.

Happily. I don’t need all the answers, just a well-lit, well-stocked path as I continue my journey.

It’s time.

I guess I had to get to the point where I’d had enough to have the courage to put my foot down. So no more doubts or questions. Goodbye Ms. Worry – you were about to give me my first wrinkle. Just call me Neo because I’m (finally) starting to believe. No fighting Agent Smith required!

Being reunited with yourself after a long period of tenuous connectivity is a little weird, but necessary. Hello darling, you’ve been missed.


What are YOU doing to get to your sacred place? 

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3 Replies to “Have You Had A Conversation With God Lately?”

  1. I am reminded why I like the book so much. It's been a couple of years since I read it….maybe it's time to revisit.

    I carry my sacred place with me. I realize I value of that place of silence, love, peace, and stillness more and more everyday.


  2. Wow…just WOW! 🙂

    On the 2010 Bella Italia tour with BlackGirlTravel, the unspoken theme was "Eat, Pray, Love"; we actually walked by (but didn't eat there) one of the locations was scened; it was a restuarant. I guess I better read the book AND watch the movie! I do like Julia Roberts.

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