Have A Fun And Safe 4th of July!

Here’s a salute to you and yours from AOFB.

Okay folks, try not to pig out — and back away from people with flammables. Don’t forget the bug spray or the sunblock. Drink lots of water.  You know the drill.

This is supposed to be an acknowledgement of our freedom. Let’s meditate on that. Don’t forget your historyFor the non-US readers of this blog it’s business as usual. Happy belated Canada Day. Be nice to the Duchess. Congrats to the newest Princess of Monaco. Did people place bets on how long Albert II would remain ‘single’ and have more OOW children?

As always this is a bittersweet day por la familia. RIP to L. Five years still feels like yesterday sometimes.

4 Replies to “Have A Fun And Safe 4th of July!”

  1. I missed being home for the day, so much so that next year, I'm gonna come home for it for a few days.

    The new princess of Monaco did NOT look happy on her wedding day; I watched some of it on TV with Mauritian friends. Rumor has it that she bought a one-way ticket back to South Africa 2 days before the wedding due to rumors of yet another out-of-wedlock child. SMH.

    Been MIA lately; been kinda out of it lately & also suffering from what I call "bog fatigue": information overload from reading so many that I've taken a break from all except mine, which are being updated as I type this. (The fact that my job REFUSES to upgrade the browser doesn't help either, since it's now so outdated that I can't access Google Reader anymore. :-/ )

  2. Youre soo right Faith on that one: It's always up to the women to set the standards, so the men wont cross them

  3. I just saw an interview with Albert and his intended. We all know he has a African son and American daughter out of wedlock. Anyway, the reporter asked them about children, Albert stumbled all over his words. I guess so, knowing he already has two children that he did not recongnize in that interview. I am so over this fat, bald clown and his south african witch.

    1. There's no need for name calling. This is what happens when women don't set standards. I noticed those children weren't even mentioned. Out of deference to the WIFE this is what happens. Her kids will have legitimacy.

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