Harry Connick Jr. Glowingly Describes His 22-Year Marriage

I really enjoyed the following segment of his interview with Piers Morgan where he discussed his long-term marriage to Jill Goodacre. They make a striking pair for certain, but looks and thrills fade. I appreciated how he talked about choices – very diplomatically setting himself apart as having different influences.

You know how some people are quietly successful and have values? Whomp there it is. I like hearing from men who’ve sustained quality relationships. While we have no way of knowing what goes on behind closed doors, this public display of respect for his wife is really nice to hear.

He mentioned her having a firm handshake (when they first met) among other qualities that indicate character. He pursued her. This certainly provides a guide other women can learn from in selecting a mate. They obviously vetted each other carefully. I’m looking at him in a totally different light!

Start at 3:00.


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  1. OMG….I absolutely LOVE his voice and love that era of music! I was always attracted to him. Now, that I have learned about his values, love for and loyalty TO his wife, his appeal has quadrupled for me. It's nice to know there are still (good-looking and successful) guys around like that. I hope to have one someday.

      1. Honey (I hope you don't mind the usage), I'm working on it. Still getting in shape and pursuing the career. The current market is tough. But, I'm working to break through. Once that's done, I'M OFF! Just a little more patience…

      2. I just got accepted into a fellowship program related to my career! It’s going to be vert beneficial. I’M ON MY WAY!!!

  2. Glad you ladies enjoyed it. I was at a cafe with the tv on and wasn't paying attention until this segment. It was nice to have a public confirmation of what a normal relationship looks like! It's available for everyone….

  3. Awwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish more men would publically express their love for their wives. We might actually return to a time when relationships mean something deep to people, and something to be grateful for! Thanks for sharing that!

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