Great Escapes To Far Flung Destinations

I have outlined drafts of a series of posts to use throughout the year that I think will be of interest to the reading audience. One of which is exploring the world through travel. It’s about that time to expand our possibilities of what we can do if we have any doubts, questions or fears that impose self-inflicted limitations.

For the more seasoned or adventurous traveler there are beautiful locales that haven’t become typical tourist traps worth considering.

Lombok, Indonesia – Read the Time article.

This is where the locals travel to instead of Bali. Go before it becomes the hipster destination of the region.

Have you considered Gran Alacant, Spain? Located in the Costa Blanca region, it’s less expensive than areas around the Mediterranean like Costa del Sol or Mallorca. Here’s a video of the stunning scenery.

There was some unexpected political upheaval in the Maldives of all places earlier this year. I was going to remove it from inclusion, but travel to the region (close to southern India) more or less continued without a blip. Plus, it’s gorgeous!

These areas (i.e. French Riviera & Andalucia) may be more widely known as must-see places. They’re on my bucket list. I just met a woman who’s traveled to France for business many times, but has never been to Paris. She decided to stop putting it off (being too busy, waiting for others) and picked out dates for next Spring. Cheers for her! What itinerary is on your travel bucket list?

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  1. My Travel bucket list includes Monaco and Marrakesh…any pretty much anywhere else that has a Grand Prix race (Im really into fast cars and racing, particularly Formula 1)

    Cape Verde is also on the list soley due to Cesaria Evora (may she rest in peace).

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