Global Educational Resources

With Google Earth you can see the world.

Lorraine has a great post over at Swirling & Marriage about studying and living abroad. Be sure to check out Why Not Go To An Overseas University – For Free? as excerpted here:

Although you can find numerous black Americans willing to travel the world and study abroad, I still encounter many who could never imagine themselves outside of their respective cities let along the country. I discovered a few of them think that because there are few blacks in some of these places that, they would not be comfortable going. Well, there are numerous places in the US where we could say the same thing. I don’t understand this fear and inhibition but I do rejoice in those who have gone out and claimed their piece of the globe. I would advise anyone not to let the fear of racism keep them from taking advantage of an opportunity that could be once in a lifetime.

Since we promote the idea and ideal here that our lives are full of infinite possibilities, the concept of working, studying, traveling and loving without borders isn’t news. 2013 is approaching quickly, so don’t let opportunities pass you by.

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  1. Great info! I feel like I missed out by not studying abroad for undergrad. I’ll be looking into these opportunities in the near future (*fingers crossed*) for law school.

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