Get Inspired! Series: Who & Where Do You Go For Yours?

I wanted to take some time out today to express my appreciation for you, the reading audience. Regardless of what place you are on your path, the speed which you travel or the weather along the way it’s your continued drive in completing the journey that uplifts us all.

We have these conversations online so we can make adjustments in the real world. This got me thinking. Would you like to hear about what others are up to? I research public figures to provide examples, but I see regular folks doing extraordinary things every day. Some readers share their achievements via social networks, but not everyone uses them. We talk about change and I think it would be nice to congratulate each other for our progress.

If you agree feel free to submit your own story of triumph to You won the moment you decided. It’s the road to completing the destination, not crossing the finish line that makes you one. Of course that reward is great but you won’t get there until you’ve completed the journey! You’ve got to start somewhere, stay focused and not give up. That’s your empowerment.

It could be a few sentences, a video or your thoughts on what you want to do. Be specific about what you want to do and put a date on it without fear. It can even be anonymous if you’re shy. This is a good way to get you out of complacency. We’ve all been there – trust me! So how about it? I’ll compile a list and publish at the end of the month. If this generates enough interest we can turn this into a quarterly series. We have to stick together and support one another where we can.

Oh and on a side note, when I took the reader poll a number of you indicated interest in premium content. I share so much information at the Blog Twitter and Facebook Pages, but realize that quite a bit probably gets lost in the mix. Also, there should be a dedicated place for exclusive content for those who are at a particular stage in their journey. For example, sharing dating tips may not be as useful to a pool of married couples. Discussing business development for those happy to be employees won’t be as appreciated.

I have some prepared information for you who think in terms of success (despite any appearance or conceived instances of obstacles) and are looking to expand mentally! As time goes on we can assess more needs-based information depending on who’s participating. This is long overdue and is meant to be FUN!

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