Get Inspired! Series: Defining And Redefining Who You Are

Actress Thandie Newton discussing coming to terms with her identity at TedGlobal 2011. This is why it’s so important for women to be aware, awake and alert so their self-image and self-esteem are firmly rooted. It impacts every relationship – especially the most important one: with ourselves.

This is very important for those black women who’ve been hammered by negative images by other blacks. This impacts any offspring they may have whether they are the product of an interracial or intracultural coupling. This is also important for those who adopt children of different races and will assist non-black women who are raising children with some black heritage.

There’s the external tied to race/ethnicity, general appearance and tapping into feminine identity and the internal spiritual, mental outlook that supports and grounds us. Things we may disregard as adults can have significant impact on children. We need something bigger than us to live up to.

Newton also gave an interview on The Talk in February, while promoting a Tyler Perry movie. No, my opinion about Perry being one of the biggest arbiters of Pain Porn and his specific African-American Women Are Horrid portrayal in his projects as deliberate hasn’t changed. That’s because he chooses to focus on stories about cruel and broken people who toil in misery for a crumb.

What Newton discussed about the stress being the impetus for her film character’s cruelty to her daughter, reiterates how women need support systems to maintain physical, mental and emotional stability. This is why higher-caliber relationships are not a take it or leave it option. We see the results of the chaos stemming from deteriorating communities as many women compromised for naught.

We can make better choices by not limiting our options to begin with. We can change course if we see the need to adjust our present to create a different (even brighter) future. We can share what we’ve learned with our peers and school younger generations (who are willing to listen). How about that!

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  1. The point is Ms. Newton had to come to a place of acceptance. It certainly appears the lack of spiritual grounding added to her feelings of displacement. There could have easily been the dogmatic religiosity that is equally confusing for young children to be raised around. This is why it's very important for women to not abdicate their autonomy in relationships and marriages just to be in one.

  2. What is happening, regarding the tyler perry movie, there is a website that talks about it. i may have given thewrong address. Its not com. Whomever reviewed the movie said ITS TOXIC FOR BLACK WOMEN! the person who reviewed it may NOT BE BLACK. Its possible that the movie is what Evia calls the okeydoke on black women. She said that these 'okeydokes' are gettin more sophisticated.— Its too bad thandie father was an 'atheist'--i assume father because its usually the MEN who are.Many catholic parishes would MARRY blacks and whites even if it was against the law.I believe that ANOREXIA AND BULIMIA came about when women started wearing miniskirts and pants as standard. We didnt have anorexia until Karen Carpenter in the states. In the early 70s someone told Carpenter that she had saddlebags, and she was one of the first casualties of ANOREXIA and or BULIMIA AND STARVED HERSELF TO DEATH Women use to NEVER wear skirts above the knees The….skincolor mess actually came from DARWINISM and his 'book' of 'favored races'..oh yes, dArwin is from england…we came from the middle east and spread out from babel--im rather bibical—-

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