Focus On The Family, CBS, Super Bowl Hypocrisy, Sexism & Dead Black Babies

While this year’s Super Bowl game is certain to yield some its highest ratings and CBS rakes in the advertising dough it will not be without some controversy. Somehow grossly overpaid male athletes pummeling each other chasing after a ball has been sold as entertainment. That’s highly suggestive I know. Regardless there’s a built-in audience of millions who do watch even if it’s only to see the Half-Time show. What I’ve always found interesting is the mix of selling alcohol, soda, objectifying women and the aggression of the sport with puritanical American views.

When Janet Jackson unleashed her bare breast people where aghast and the backlash has reverberated far beyond one moment. This year’s advertising has received a lot of attention. It’s interesting to note how Pepsi decided to NOT advertise through a traditional 30 sec commercial and instead opted to utilize social media. Now there’s a story! This campaign will be studied and modeled after if it’s successful. If the largest companies start pulling out what will the network do? It seems they’ve answered that question by allowing Focus on the Family to run a anti-abortion propaganda piece in its place. Ah the smell of conservatism really stinks up the room. Now many people have strong feelings for or against abortion but let’s explore this a little more.

FOTF claims to be a Christian religious organization and they are well-funded. I say claim because while they may say they know Jesus and are doing God’s work I’m more than a little wary of groups that suggest the current President is some version of the Anti-Christ. I’m also weary of these so-called religious groups being allowed to not pay taxes while undertaking blatant political subversion in denying the rights of people whose “lifestyles” are different from what they prefer. A lot of their “religious” rhetoric sounds like typical racism, sexism, inequality and the dumbing down of informed thoughts as a political movement in disguise. With money and a plan these groups can affect elections and take away rights of citizens. They also don’t tend to practice compassion or humility. It’s all about CONTROL and leading sheep to their slaughter until one of their “leaders” gets busted for a sex scandal that either involves: a) female prostitute b) gay male c) child molestation d) outright thievery. After which someone will appear on camera with crocodile tears, claiming the “Lord” healed them…and give them more money pronto!

People really turn off their brains in critical matters but allow their most base negativity to be encouraged. Hypocrisy is defined as “a pretense of having a virtuous character, moral or religious beliefs or principles”. In other words: FAKING THE FUNK. Do what I say not how I live. They’re too busy casting stones to notice how easily they’re being manipulated. Any reinforcement of their whiteness or fake religiosity is meant with tacit approval as long as it’s “washed in the blood of Jesus”.

CBS refused to air an commercial featuring gay males in a loving relationship but still promote debauchery and castigation for heteros. That’s truly the American way. One interesting discussion is being explored at Womanist Musings. The blog host has pointed out that while so much attention has been given to FOTF with pushback by feminist organizations other examples of manipulation and control are being ignored when it comes to black women’s reproductive rights. You can pretty much guarantee that whenever there’s a discussion about “women” it’s most likely to be about cis gender, hetero, young white women. Also most feminist organizations are run by that same demographic though it will likely skew older. If that is to change other women who don’t fit that categorization will need to address that. Or do their own thing. The question one must always ask is whether it’s more sustainable to join these organizations en masse and change them from within, taking on leadership roles or separate while competing for the same resources? We know black women have always been at the forefront of every significant social change that has occurred in this country and the world because we’ve had to!

Black women in areas with higher black populations are being targeted by anti-abortion groups under the guise of “saving black babies”. I have this to say about abortion: if you are opposed to it, don’t do it! The end. Just leave everybody else alone. It is inherently sexist to focus on the women and put ALL of the responsibility for “saving” black people on them. It’s the same rabbit hole of the dead black community’s vampirism. Yes, I’m aware of the higher abortion rates for black women. I know Margaret Sanger was racist. I know Planned Parenthood tends to have offices in lower income neighborhoods. Look at ALL of the stats though and get a balanced perspective. Pointing to Sanger’s wish to use eugenics to control black populations is looked at as horrifying today but she was hardly the only white person who advocated for it. It was the early 1900’s. What’s the excuse today?

Don’t numerous blacks promote the same ideals of eugenics by constantly uplifting light-skin, white-skin, Euro-features, “good” hair and black males’ perpetual pursuit of white(-skinned) women? Don’t they wish to breed the “black” out? Many women who have abortions already have children. The largest population of children placed in foster care are African-American.  Where’s the OUTRAGE over that? The “black” children that are usually chosen by families are often those who are half-white or half-something else as long as they aren’t too “black”. I find it interesting that some people want to focus on one woman who had clear flaws but revolutionized birth control so ALL women could make better choices, but are SILENT about the mass abandonment and devaluation of blackness and innocent children that goes on TODAY by other blacks. Meanwhile “missionaries” are trying to smuggle Haitian kids out of their country and suddenly having a Haitian baby is the latest crisis accessory.

If there is some vast conspiracy of getting rid of “black babies” perhaps the focus needs to be on all the abandoned children being left to fend for themselves. We’ve already discussed the 70% + out of wedlock birth rate at length here at this blog. While it’s true that women have to take responsibility for their choices it still comes down to MEN being just as irresponsible and not wanting to provide and protect to begin with. Where’s the concern for the quality of life for that child? Or are they expected to raise themselves? We see what happens to children who grow up around apathy and a lack of values as displayed in Dunbar Village depravity. Where’s the sex education for children coming from? Being ignorant doesn’t equate piety. Where’s the reinforcement of self-esteem for young women – or are they simply to be thought of as breeders? Where’s the PUNISHMENT for the rampant SEX & PHYSICAL ABUSE that has occurred in the black community? Fractured people who haven’t been dealt with their dysfunction don’t make the best decisions to begin with.

This focus on abortion and targeting only women is a nice ruse for some male-run but female foot-solider/cannon fodder participant group, organization or church to get funding (that the males control) to bash them for profit. If stability was that important to the “black community” then there would be a real focus on the family. Not on saving the latest male criminal, or supporting the achievements of black males who don’t uplift black women or give anything back or complaining about unemployment while looking to Obama as the key to resolving these and any myriad of issues. Blacks would have businesses established that employed other blacks that they regularly support. Males would police the behavior of other males. Certain neighborhoods wouldn’t be war zones. People would stop supporting anything and everyone that did not sustain them in a beneficial way ending the denigration, depravity and indifference. There’s a lot of external forces that need to be addressed for sure but the internal ones should take precedence.

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  1. Faith, I've been thinking about this:

    "If that is to change other women who don’t fit that categorization will need to address that. Or do their own thing. The question one must always ask is whether it’s more sustainable to join these organizations en masse and change them from within, taking on leadership roles or separate while competing for the same resources?"

    In my opinion, it takes both. Someone needs to be there with the power players, and others need to have the latitude and flexibility of a smaller organization to do their own thing. So it's not an either-or situation. But what needs to be there is the ability for the groups to communicate on fundamental issues. I think they may agree, but I don't think the groups communicate (and I think this is more the fault of the mainstream groups.)

    1. Anna: I don't know what will work because all of our gains as a collective have been eroded. Also some women put their religious beliefs ahead of securing rights for others because they believe they're obeying God. Yet the only focus on that one specific act -- abortion -- and not all the other ways they could helping the "sinners" sustain life. I also agree the response to the Tebow ad is poor but getting 2 black male athletes to be supportive of reproductive rights is big. You're looking for a nuance and sophistication that many don't care about. It also helps tremendously that men did the ad to counterbalance things.

  2. Faith, what can I say? There is a reason why the Bible warns, repeatedly, from beginning to end about hypocrites.

    With regard to President Obama being the Anti-Christ, anyone who reads their Bible knows that it says that Anti-Christ will rise WITHIN THE CHURCH by those who wish to twist the word of God for their own gain. The Bible also specifically warns women not to be "gullible" to the lies that will come from those in the church. Anybody paying attention?

    As for the Super Bowl, I personally do not watch. I simply refuse to support CBS or the criminal element of these sports organizations. That's my personal choice. I have no interest in someone selling me Viagra and high-fat foods while parading brainless males and barely-dressed women as the moral standards of society.

    When it comes to Focus and MOST of the "Christian" organizations, there is NO CONCERN for the African-American family, history or future. They may fake fights on abortions, out-of-wedlock pregnancy and other "moral" issues, but that is just for appearances. If they sincerely cared about abortion, they would start in their churches. The church has the same or higher percentage of abortions as the unchurched. Teen pregnancy, sexual activity and STDs are higher in many "Christian" touting regions. These organizations need to look at their skeletons, whether it be child molestation or domestic violence (also high in the Church).

    These organizations operate under the guise of religion for a tax break. They have no godly mission to help the lost and hurting. It you looked at the example of the works of Christ while on earth and the works of these organizations, you would see STRIKING DIFFERENCES.

    These organizations may attack the ACUL or Planned Parenthood, but, once again, it is all for show. Planned Parenthood moved into poor areas AFTER those areas were abandoned by routine health opportunities afforded in other neighborhoods. Even having a baby and following a safe harbor laws (leaving it at a firestation or hospital, etc.) is hard in those neighborhoods because those institutions have also disappeared from poor neighborhoods. These organizations are not "pro-life". If they were, hundreds of thousands of children would not be sitting in foster care while they bank millions each Sunday. What these folks love to do is take away options, and that leads to more death and destruction.

    If someone wants to run an honest "pro-life" ad, they need to cancel the Super Bowl and stream the faces of all the children who are abandoned, homeless and all those who have died in infancy because NO ONE wanted them. When they finish showing those 2 million plus faces and all those who need a home are safely placed, then I'll listen to their "pro-life" message. Until then, I AM TUNING THEM ALL OUT!

    1. L: You bring up some very interesting points. Of course these groups are legal rackets who get away without paying any taxes but are allowed to spend money politicizing. That's the American way!! I wouldn't care who it was helping abused and discarded children as long as they provided love and shelter to them. Fake religion and pretension is helping this country along very nicely to its own destruction. We see it by the inaction of numerous people with issues that should be of the most concern.

  3. The reason why FOTF works as well as it does is because as an organization, it caters to it's demographic. They spell out the differences between a "biblical" and "non-biblical" life in every.single.aspect of life. 360% definitions. And they stick to their point: they showcase what supports them, and they squelch what doesn't.

    Most importantly -- they make sure their follower know and completely understand why the followers benefit from the group's viewpoint. They use very easy answers and rubrics to get these points across.

    But the pro choice groups don't do that — they really don't get the difference between a true argument and a winning one. FOTF wants to win, and they made an ad that generated a metric ton of attention towards them. The beauty of it is even deeper than that: the money for the ad was donated for the ad, specifically. The rebuttals from PP and NOW weren't separately funded (to my knowledge.) Do you see? Make your antagonist drain their resources when they fight you.

    It is about control, but the supporters of FOTF want that control. They want for you what they want for themselves. This isn't hypocritical at all. But it's profoundly misguided, because what they want requires a level of government control that they really don't support. And this is where the feminist groups should have hit them: exposing how what they think they want is not really what they want at all.

    I'm not impressed with this ad: I think Joyner looks extremely unpolished, and the rebuttal misses the point entirely. The Tebow ad sold a lifestyle: how trust in the value of even the smallest chance of life yielded an enormous result. That ad works, and I am staunchly, 100% pro-choice.

    This ad didn't subvert that premise, and it didn't focus on why the ability for the woman to not continue a pregnancy is important. Or why it's necessary for the state to be removed from this decision.

    So that lack of explaining why gets filled in by the FOTF groups: because they're ignorant, or fallen, or godless, or incapable of controlling themselves.

    This works every. single. time.

    Sometimes I wonder if this is the other problem with White privilege when it comes to mainstream feminism: the assumption that people will support and protect them, just because it's them. It's like noone really thinks through what's actually happening, and they don't do a good job of making their points.

    This ad doesn't work for me at all, even though I agree with the viewpoints. I read FOTF the same way I read Stormfront. And I can guarantee the second doesn't work to shake the logic of a FOTF supporter or an antichoicer. And there's a huge difference between the economic and political clout of that demographic and the young, poor demographic that uses the bulk of reproductive rights and abortion services.

    The pro-choice people need to learn how to make the issue relevant to their opponents. Or we are going to see more of what we are currently seeing: the steady erosion of availability and access to abortion, without using the legal system to undo RvW.

    Currently, it's not relevant to them. They're not getting abortions. Most people don't get abortions, strictly speaking. They can speak out against unstable families and children out of wedlock, but they're not having them. They don't advocate divorce, or even protracted singleness. They're dead serious. They do have people that fall out of step, but they're considered the aberration. The BC is considering that the norm…you see where I'm going here? They're not doing what the BC is doing, not at the same rate, and not with the same sanction. So their actions will generally result in intrusion, because they have no real stake in ensuring their policies don't hurt anyone (meaning, they won't be hurt if the BC gets hurt, so there's no check in place to ensure efficacy.)

    It's so beyond dangerous to have a powerful group feel like they've got to come in and fix things for you. Not with, but for.

    1. Black babies will get adopted more often if only black families would adopt them instead of sitting back and letting white people do it. Say, how about a black man and woman(married)adopt a black baby instead of having one….more.

      1. Hi Sharon. What black families are you referring to configuration-wise? Black males have a 35% marriage rate, with a near even interracial/intrracial mix, black women's never married rate & out of wedlock birth rate is also near saturation 70%+++ from the 2006 CDC report (likely to show a jump to as high as 85% in the past 5 years based on a 2-5% annual rate increase). Instead, how about the 65% black males who are using women as sperm dumps come and get their children instead of dumping them onto society? If a married couple decides to have children they are under NO obligation to try to rescue other males' abandoned kids.

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