Focus On The Family & CBS Created A Fake Abortion Controversy For Profit

So did you watch the Super Bowl pre-show? Focus on the Family aired what had been rumored to be an inflammatory anti-abortion commercial featuring athlete Tim Tebow and his mother Pam. What was shown was barely a blip. They didn’t air it during the game where the largest viewership occurs either. We wuz robbed! It was the great non-troversy of 2010 so far. We can certainly analyze this from a media trend perspective how they generated a lot of buzz and probably raised funds by claiming to want to save the life of an unborn child. Pulling a bait and switch is the oldest trick in the book when generating support from people by pushing emotional buttons. This of course only reinforces current research indicating the lack of trust barometer of traditional media.

If you claim to have ideals then don’t you think they should have followed through with the original ad as planned? CBS saturated us with Doritos and Budweiser ads along with the usual side of misogyny, racism and debauchery. Appealing to the lowest common denominator has become par for the course. Even if we don’t agree it’s what gets claimed to be the bedrock of this nation: freedom of speech. This fake controversy appears to be more rhetoric for sport. Focus on the Family’s focus is on many things but families appear to be an afterthought.

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