Finally! Can We Solve The ‘African American’ Conundrum?

Do you know HOW MUCH I LOVE THIS!!!!

I’m glad this descriptor was created much longer and was not the brainchild of the racism/victim ambulance chaser….although it lends to more questions about who has done research, who has claimed credit for such research and what the underlying agendas are…..

Now…perhaps some of our native home-grown population will see its validity and understand its significance. Other non-AA blacks also understand the need to claim their heritage (i.e. Jamaican, Nigerian, etc).


And note to media…STOP lumping every black person as African American. We are distinct, unique and built this country — whose benefits everyone else fully enjoys. Other people are studying us and our histories in their continuing quest for dominance.

WE need to be on firm ground about who we are as women, as people and as part of society at large.

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  1. Thanks for sharing. This is nice to know.

    However, I must be honest and say I'm still having some issues.

    Recently, at work, I was helping clients, recent refugees from another country. They couldn't speak English, but, their family member, who was also trying to serve as translator, kept saying, "You can tell I am American. You can tell I am American." I was thinking in my head, "I can tell you are not from the United States."

    This highlights my issue. People with no blood, sacrifice, historical investment, or linkage to this country feel entitled to/identify as "American"--not "hyphenated-American". White Americans (with a long history in this country) ALSO feel (and I believe have) this right.

    What does it mean when any/all groups are able to classify/identify themselves as "American" EXCEPT AAs? To me, many people coming to this country want to be viewed as "equal Americans" with "equal rights" and no acknowledged distinctions (except the ones THEY want to have--on THEIR OWN terms, I might add). Again, EVERYONE, gets to "belong" EXCEPT US (AAs). This is very problematic for me, as I see the AA population pushed aside by any and EVERY body seeking to be considered a part of "THE WHOLE" of the U.S. and "authentic" members without ever having made any of the sacrifices or contributions AAs have made.

    Things are going to continue to get WORSE for "AAs". And, nobody is trying to be viewed as "separate" (in any meaningful form) EXCEPT US.

    This is all my own personal OPINION, of course.

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