Feeling Tired, Cranky, Sad Or Out Of Sorts? Read On!

Epiphany time! I listened to this interview with Dr. Sara Gottfried on the Wealthy Sistas radio show last night. It was an eye-opener! The conversation centered around the biological disruptions that many women face starting in their 20’s. This is a MUST listen to 45 minutes that may change your life. So many things made sense and I am left deeply comforted it’s not always personal failings that impact those of us who want to be high achievers.


Go to:

http://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/wealthy-sistas-blog-talk-radio/id411519988 to download the June 25th podcast with Dr. Sara Gottfried.

Wealthy Sistas site

Sara Gottfried site

Green leafy vegetables and yoga can cure the world!

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  1. Thank you Faith. I have imbalances and I have up until recently seeing my doctor about them & I have ADHD. I suspected I had imbalances even before I saw my doctor.

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