Favorite Blogs #7: Black Women Using Their Style, Charm & Resources For A Fashionable Life

We’re coming off a holiday weekend so I thought I’d share a fun post today. ENJOY!


We’re going to put whatever previous, current or future nonsense that is sure to erupt across the Interwebs as those demonic idiots who try to malign, defame and belittle the intellect, dynamics, poise and oh yes – BEAUTY – of black women gets dismissed and defunded. If all of you CHOOSE to hold every aggressor equally responsible and enact standards any such attempts would cease to be considered. Please think about the $1.2 TRILLION that black women in the US control. Accountability as a surgical strike would be a thing of wonder!

I was planning on including a list of black women locally/globally who are utilizing their Charm Offensive. The time seems even more appropriate. The best “defense” for black women is our continued elevation across all social strata. LIVING WITH DIGNITY, THRIVING and THINKING INTERNATIONALLY is key. That includes getting ALL of our needs met: financially, romantically, family-oriented, friendships, career and self-care.Ā  Onto the post after the jump!

Arguably the top American wedding and event planner in Paris, Kim operates —

Parisian Events! IĀ  immediately spied the chapter on how to elope in Paris. Which I’ve memorized, haha! There is also a very lovely feature in the New York Times Style magazine you may wish to read. I must be psychic about wanting to tout her!


SABA is a regular contributor to the wildly popular Stockholm StreetStyle blog.

Making red eyewear her signature look, Canadian style writer April runs The BrownGirlFiles forum.

h/t to Black Women Living Well for featuring this blog a few weeks back.


Brit ex-pat living in NYC Where Did You Get That is a fun blog. I appreciate how Karen delves a little deeper into “oh look what I’m wearing” and offers alternatives and less expensive pieces as well. Plus, her Boho style is universally flattering.


Rounding this out with another Brit (I have more blogs but I’m not giving away my secret stash just yet!) is Meek-n-Mild. Isn’t that a great title? Shirley is probably the most fashionable MATHEMATICIAN (yup) I’ve ever seen. Brainy and Haut! Isn’t that cool!


Ok…ok this post needed more Americans so I’m throwing in one more….

Tamara Styles runs the blog Get It Girl Style. Clothes, decor – the whole shebang. Sometimes her husband even posts. Don’t we just looove men who take pride in their appearance, contribute and promote family values!?

So go give the ladies some blog traffic and leave a nice message or two. They are doing awesome things and sprinkling the pretty all over the place.Ā  Did I just write that?


UPDATE 6/1: Ok I’m adding ONE more because I knew I was forgetting someone! There’ll be future posts on these types of subjects, but I wanted to include:


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  1. Thanks so much for including me in your list, Faith- especially in such amazing company! Oh, and DM me if you ever want to explore that "eloping thing" a bit further

  2. I love seeing you have fun Faith!!!! I ESPECIALLY love the phrase "sprinkling the pretty all over the place." Brilliant!!!!

    1. Thanks. I have fun — offline! Due to the ever-increasing scale of mediocrity and rancor present in what I’d say is a brewing civil war amongst BW who want to live freely and those that want to block us it’s important to stay on top of these things. I mix things up far more at this forum than I used to because some readers have already moved forward. I can’t keep recycling the same two steps for the entirety of this blog.

  3. TheBrownGirlFiles is such a cute blog! And she links to ModCloth, one of my favortie stores!

    I gotta go get me another pair of wonderful glasses, ASAP. I had the coolest pair of glasses at one point. They were that creamy color that made them look like they glowed in the dark. And then one day on my way to the airport, I lost them and never got them back. šŸ™

    Anyway, these blogs are a wonderful inspiration. I'm planning on buying a new sewing machine this year and start sewing and crocheting again!

      1. Yes, she's fabulous. And great interview! Thrift stores and flea markets RULE! When I was younger, I loved making things for myself, but as I got older, I had less and less time to let my creativity flow freely like before. I'm glad that I'll be more settled this year so that I can start pumping out the magic.

        I really liked the fact that she took something that she enjoyed doing and turned it into a viable business that supports her livelyhood. That's admirable. ModCloth is one of the reasons I wanted to start sewing and crocheting again. I LOVE those dresses, but the prices are a little steep for this broke college student. šŸ˜‰

        1. Michaela's blog is cool and I can't believe she's only 17. She scored a big interview her first time out.

          1. All these blogs are so classy! I love the design.

            I'm thinking about starting up my own blog/website since I've started creating again. Hopefully this summer, I can work out all the logisitcs of making it happen!

    1. They're great sites! I only have so much time and am taking regular low tech/no tech days (shocker!) but I'm keeping tabs on who's out thee on the Interwebs….

  4. You have a good list. I have visited the Paris event planner's blog. What a great job.

    Here is another great and resourceful blog: http://www.khanacademy.org/. Bill Gates has a video promoting the Khan Academy.

    This is a great site for your children. What started out as Sal making a few algebra videos for his cousins has grown to over 2,100 videos and 100 self-paced exercises and assessments covering everything from arithmetic to physics, finance, and history. These are free tips about most subjects that most of us may need some assistance. Good luck.

    1. Let's be careful about links Lois. I've actually discussed the Khan Academy in my post from the previous Wednesday. Did you read it? Also, that really has nothing to do with the subject matter of this particular post, but thanks anyway.

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