Favorite Blogs #6: Couples Who…

“Don’t prioritize the mundane.” — Joe Konrath

Where has this plethora of  blogs hosted by married couples come from? They might be working, traveling or canoodling together but the key point is “they’re doing it together”. How cute! You can think of it as something to aspire to or insert a major eye roll depending on your outlook for such things. Personally, I’m reading the examples of well-matched people who share similar values. That is aspirational – and inspirational.

In no particular order….

Mr and Mrs Globetrot

Just about the cutest newlyweds evah — who happen to be wedding photographers to boot! They took off on a six-month ’round the world trip for their honeymoon. On a serious note, I was moved by the great interview conducted with one set of their parents who discussed fleeing the Ukraine due to religious persecution for being Christians. Hmm..I wonder what lessons we can glean from that? I can now thank them for making me want to travel to Cappadocia.

Speaking of…

Try Anything Once

I’ve only just begun reading this blog, so I’m not sure if it’s truly a couple blog, but they are traveling together right now and were just in…you guessed it Cappadocia. Ah..Turkey….you are so calling my name.

Hither and Dither

California ex-pats living on the East Coast. He’s an MD. She’s an Editor. I really like reading their posts because they are infused with so much positivity and joy. Two will be three and since they look radioactive from glowing and smiling so much, I think that future kid is very lucky. They have really great Travelogues as well including Napa and Montreal! I enjoy reviewing their recipes for salads, like Blood Oranges and Strawberries.

Sending Postcards

A Canadian couple sells their house, gets married, travels the world and resettles back in Canada. Montreal to be exact. They have lovely photos of their foodie adventures. I am now also semi-obsessed with Au Pied de Cochon restaurant for its Duck In A Can. Way more delicious than it sounds I assure you. Duck breast and foie gras – yum!! Hey, I found a Youtube link for a live demo.

The Cocktail Lovers

London – check.

Stylish and mature couple with a flair for sophistication – check.

Mixed drinks – check. Check….and check! Ha.

Their rhubarb cocktail sent me to the moon and back.

Fun places to hang out – enough said.


Rockstar Diaries

Not only is the blog title fun, but the posts written by the family dog, Kingsley are hilarious. They also have a really cute baby.



Indie Travel Podcast

Not only have the adventurous two-some traveled everywhere and back, they’ve created an amazing online forum, a free podcast and built a very engaged community of travelers. I also appreciate their sponsorship deals that help defray their costs. Do what you love AND monetize it!


I’m still looking for a few other sites that offer some diversity (all black couples, LGBT, etc.) Pass along some links in the comment section if you know of any I should check out.

In the meantime…..ENJOY!!!!

11 Replies to “Favorite Blogs #6: Couples Who…”

  1. Thanks so much for the mention on your blog!!!! While my blog is not a couple's blog per se, I do include my husband in many of the posts since he's very much my travel and eating partner. I write about our travels as well as things we do locally together. There are several wonderful traveling couple blogs you might want to check out. One is Over Yonder Lust. They just celebrated their 7 year wedding anniversary. Thanks again for the mention!

    1. TryAnythingOnce: Hello and thank you for commenting. I figured your blog wasn't "couples" focused but as a black woman you are leading by example for not placing limits on yourself. For that you should be commended. So, thank you for sharing your experiences and travels!

    1. Again, thanks for the gratitude. I want us to be focused on positive experiences and hopefully I'll be able to list a plethora of blogs that highlight more black women of all ethnicities living very well!!

  2. I think I have a borderline obsession with travel blogs!! Other than work/homework, that is usually what I'm doing on my laptop. I figure as long as I don't just live vicariously through them and have actual adventures of my own, I should be good 🙂

    p.s. Don't you just love Indie Travel!?!? I think it's the Aussie accents that keep me coming back.

  3. Faith thanks for sharing this different perspectives with your readers!

    Okay, baby Eleanor is TOO cute and I'm going to have to check out some of those DC spots!

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