Favorite Blogs #5: Paris

In case you’re thinking about going to Paris, have lived in Paris or are considering living abroad I thought I’d share a few of the blogs I’ve been reading lately. Enjoy!

Hip Paris Blog

God I Love Paris

Paris Most Wanted

Ann Mah


David Leibovitz

52 Martinis

Citizen Couture


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  • paris, budapest, bangkok, phnom penh and london are some of my favorite cities. Paris is probably the best so far, just for the food!

  • MayDarling

    Noted. I found the reverse when it comes to Paris. I think the French are much more xenophobic than the Dutch -- most places I went to did not have a plethora of mixed cultures in Paris. There was a fair bit of multiculturalism. Of all the xenophobic European cities, nothing beats Rome, hands down. That myth about Italian men "loving" black women is just that -- a myth.

  • MayDarling

    As much as I love Paris, I prefer Amsterdam. The vibe is much more relaxed as a whole. The Dutch (despite, or maybe because of their rampant colonialism) seem to be more tolerant of other races, etc, than the French. Also, the Dutch tend to be very highly educated and witty, regardless of their social/economic status. Most speak at least two languages fluently and they are very literate. Even the girl who ran the nearby dry cleaners read Sartre when there were no customers. Contrast that with most USians -- we read People magazine, Bossip & TMZ during a down moment. Amsterdam was a real 'a-ha' moment for me when I saw how well people live there.

  • MayDarling

    Paris is amazing. Amsterdam is better -- the Dutch (for all their colonizing) are much more tolerant of other people than the French.

  • ann

    In other words…YOU LOVE PARIS!
    I don't blame you.


  • parisimperfect

    Thanks for putting me on your list!