Favorite Blogs 2012 Edition: From Our Friends Up North

There are some pretty cool Canadian blogs and media forums that you may be missing out on. One of the best things and possibly the only thing worthwhile about growing up along a border state was the proximity to Canada. Canada arguably has the best positioning for viewing Niagara Falls, began a national recycling program decades ago and has produced many creative geniuses. From Corey Hart to Canadian Mounties (remember Natasha & Bullwinkle?), Keanu Reeves to Malcolm Gladwell to Ice Wine there is much to explore.

Some of our ancestors chose freedom over chattel slavery and went all the way to Canada to seek freedom. There’s still enough protected land that every square inch has not been turned into a strip mall. For all of its political turmoil of late they still provide health care and a safety net for their people. They’ve allowed many oppressed or disadvantaged people to emigrate.

They’re also still part of the British Commonwealth, which may have been undesirable to the United States, but it certainly comes in handy today if you’re thinking globally and want passport fluidity. Just something to consider.

Q: The Podcast

His name rolls off the tongue and with a voice like silk, Jian Ghomeshi was definitely made for radio (despite being smoking hot). National radio shows as a medium have undergone many changes. Fortunately the Canadian  government enacted laws to protect the national Canadian ‘identity’ by making it a requirement to play Canadian artists and support essentially Canadian institutions. I mention this because that fosters national pride and supports its own citizenry. I really appreciate intelligent, articulate people and as an interviewer Jian is second to none. He has a passion for his subjects with a measurable enthusiasm that’s very refreshing. Check it out!

Wife. Bride. Life

On the other end of the spectrum, this is a blog whose direction changed by an unexpected setback. The blog host has shown tremendous grace under pressure for surviving some of those curveballs people tend to shy away from discussing. I share this blog with respect and reverence because we know how easy it is to present an online facade. We send her love and light.

Kerry MacGregor

If you want to read about a woman who took a calculated risk and had it pay off in spades then here’s your message of encouragement. This is what happens when you trust the Universe has bigger/different plans than you may have envisioned. Being open and letting go does wonders for the soul. Congrats KM!


I had to include a business-minded fashiony blog didn’t I? The blog host Anabela designs such cute bags. Those Cannucks are an enterprising lot for certain. Having lived in Toronto I can attest there’s a certain vibrancy and enterprising spirit unique to this area. Along with the high cultural value, diversity, creativity and excellent public transit it’s a great place ro visit.

Strombo Show

George Stroumboulopoulos has a national talk show where he interviews a good mix of international personalities sans the jokes. Which I appreciate because the focus is on the variety of guests with a socially conscious focus. Thus their conversations tend to have a little more heft.  You can find excerpts on YouTube and the CBC network website.