Fall Is Here! Enjoy Some Hearty Veggie & Gluten Free Meals

Thai Green Curry Chicken with Broccoli and Cauliflower


Vegetarian Tacos

2 Replies to “Fall Is Here! Enjoy Some Hearty Veggie & Gluten Free Meals”

  1. Thanks for posting this.I am not old but as I have gotten older I have become so sensitive to many things.I've developed all kinds of (environmental) allergies and periodically have stomach issues.I am really just learning about gluten,what it is and how it can make some people sick.Ever so often I switch up,take things out or add things to, my diet.Sometimes not even intentionally. I always learn something different about my body and the foods I eat during that time. I really like the process.It's like a physical self actualization process.I just enjoy learning what makes me tick.

    When I add or subtract things from my diet , sometimes I almost immediately see a difference,good or bad,in my skin hair eyes etc. I'll have to try some of these gluten free dishes and then listen to and look at my body to see what it has to say about gluten.

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