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Foodie Corner

I’m trying to add as many extra vegetables into my diet without feeling like I’m force feeding myself to be “healthy”. It’s the gag reflex/resistance reaction. I’ve even tried the newer ‘vegetable’ pastas. I’m trying a mix of butter lettuce and mixed greens salads but adding warm food elements to match the change in seasons. I discovered quite by accident that arugula pairs very well with spinach (and the sweetness of baby spinach is an even nicer contrast) to bulk up a regular pasta dish. If you don’t have fresh spinach on hand, frozen works. I’m talking a simple linguine with tomato sauce deal. Add some fresh cheese to taste, mushrooms, meat if you’re inclined and/or a rainbow medley of peppers for more vegetables and nice contrasted colors. I think the peppery taste of the arugula adds a nice kick.

Or you can make a nice pizza instead (it’s a Swedish-based recipe, so be sure to convert to English and change the metrics).


How much do you love cheese? I found this Mozarella-making kit at Sur La Table.


Creative Corner

A great conversation between Toyin Odutola and Solange Knowles on collaboration.

Take a look at new web series:  Black Actress, created by Andrea Lewis. Oh lordy, there are some stories I could tell you from my auditioning days and living in LaLaLand…..

This could be a very confusing or very funny Interracial and Intercultural Rom/Com. Fanie Fourie’s Lobola.

Whoopi Goldberg and HBO are bringing you a documentary of pioneering AA comedienne Moms Mabley

Business Corner

Thinking of launching a start-up?  Here’s 15 articles to get you going.


The lawsuit between the studio for film Jane Got A Gun and its former director Lynne Ramsey is going to get ugly. There are so few working women directors as it is (and even a smaller number of that number who are black women) that it begs the question was it working conditions, bad behavior or a combination of that and more that led to this very public spat? I’m enclosing the pdf of the lawsuit because it’s very detailed in listing her salary (only $750k with nearly half in escrow until the movie wrapped) and all sorts of back-end payment details, the name draw of certain actors in securing financing and other things those working in the business can find useful.


That alternately annoying and clever 300 Sandwiches lady scored her book deal as those who thought it was a publicity stunt to get a book deal may have been right all along. Personally, the blog is cute and the sandwiches look tasty, but the relationship is less than ideal. A woman in her 30’s shacking up with a guy who won’t commit and who complained on said blog about feeling like a maid has already given away too much. So, if he’s really her boyfriend (since some people are questioning if he’s straight)  what would improve about their relationship after marriage? She’s got some tv time, a lot of people talking and a little publishing money and still has her day job at the New York Post. She’s attractive, articulate and can certainly meet a man who values her enough to not even ‘jokingly’ talk about making food (jumping through hoops) to get a proposal. But that comes down to how we as women navigate relationships, understand the nature of men and put our best selves forward.

If you don’t want to wait for a sandwich cookbook,  check out Panini Happy blog and cookbook. I spied a recipe for a Cheddar, Fig Jam and Rosemary Candied Pecan sandwich.  Oooh yes!!!

If you’re interested in start-ups then this is one of the sites you must bookmark

Health Corner

Want to go from being a couch-surfer to marathon runner? Check it out.


Political Corner

These are some serious charges against the sanitized image of Ghandi and how he has been packaged. It makes you wonder who’s purpose it served?

Aren’t children’s books just reflective of everything negative from the dominant group and patriarchy? Wouldn’t the focus be more productive to create MORE books that feature a wider array of characters instead of trying to dismantle systems? Or have some people do that with an agenda in mind, but spend more time focused on expansion and a better future?

Let’s lend a helping hand to a deserving young girl from Uganda who needs a life-enhancing facial reconstruction surgery.

*Side note

Ah, the smell of schadenfreude on a Monday. What’s it’s fragrance? It’s up to each person, but the removal of the dead stench from carrying carcasses around in supporting DBRs as more and more black women see through examples how they’ve been used is very sweet. And I only hear about some of these stories based on what I’m skimming from other people’s social media conversations as I’m creating my own destiny. It’s nice to know some more women will be doing the same, instead of giving all their assets away.

Exhibit A:  (C)Rapper Nelly still blaming Spelman students in an interview at Huffington Post (the headline reads he wants to kick some a**) for asking him to be accountable for his portrayal of black women in his music videos after he refused to meet with them and demanded they ignore his behavior and hold a bone marrow drive in an attempt to find a donor match for his sister. She passed away and he says it’s their fault! Mind you, those black women would have had to VOLUNTEER materials from their own bodies and give it to someone else. Meanwhile, you can be reminded that he thought it was “cute” to slide a credit card down the crack of a woman’s behind (never saw the video only heard about it). Only know he claims it was the idea of said “Video Girl” and he just went along with it. Because his ‘approval’ of such misogyny is not his fault either!!!! Why are you mean womenz picking on him, and denying him access to your bodies and your intellectual capacity? He clearly thinks he deserves whatever time, money and resources from you…just because. And don’t ASSume you can ask for anything in return…like RESPECT…because aren’t you just a body part? Stop talking and thinking!!  His bashing the Spelman students who took issue with it in 2004 and now in 2013 – NINE YEARS LATER still complaining – is an example of how little he has changed. It’s still all your fault!

Exhibit B:  Bouncy’s (former) drug-dealer husband,who thought he could attach a name to a store and cash checks with nary a thought. Until a few of his targeted demo were treated like trash and he made excuses for Barneys. That Daily Show skit was perfectly timed and exposed his hypocrisy in a way a serious piece would not have. Through the laughter, everyone saw the truth: he’s out to make a buck at YOUR expense. While this has been true all along, people were distracted by shiny objects and made excuses (see example above) he wasn’t insulting black women and calling him a “good” businessman while ignoring all of the white people behind the scenes arranging these deals and taking their cut off the top. Anyway… he looks like a fool and so now “clarifies” he’ll take a more active role in this “partnership”. But you know what? All the youth that were going to…let’s face it…WASTE THEIR MONEY on looking fly for overpriced belts, bags and baubles can instead SAVE THEMSELVES the time and humiliation but comfort themselves in the knowledge they were getting snookered. Hopefully blacks will NIGNORE this deal with Barneys and not shop there and NIGNORE Jay-Z period.

I know it’s a lot dismantling an entire system of oppression, but most of it comes from CHOICE not force. Take your time, energy and resources and spend them in ways and within situations that UPLIFT YOU!!!

***and…isn’t it interesting how after all the public brouhaha over SNL’s “lack of diversity” (that will lead nowhere)….how The Daily Show has somehow managed to hire funny black men and women without fanfare????…..

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