Faith’s Weekly Breakdown

I hope everyone had an enjoyable Halloween and Day of the Dead celebrations. We’re officially in Fall now that the clocks have gone back and there’s a crispness in the air (unless you live in one of the perennially warm climates). This is apple and blood orange season. Thanksgiving in the US is just around the corner. January 2014 is more or less already here, so now is the time to get all of your ducks in a row.

Did you know NYC MTA train operators have to point to a spot along the platform for each station they pull into? I didn’t either, but check out this very cool appreciation video:


I read that Saturday Night Live had one of its biggest rating jumps during host Kerry Washington’s tenure this weekend, but that doesn’t mean producer Lorne Michaels will be hiring any black women in front of or behind the cameras any time soon. During it’s 30-year run, the show has only featured FOUR black comediennes. Personally, I haven’t watched SNL in as long as five years because a) the show isn’t funny and b) under such a hostile climate it would be more productive for those so concerned with this “unfairness” to create opportunities elsewhere instead of begging for scraps. It took the all-too familiar anti-BW rantings of the show’s longest-tenured black male comedian who claimed black women must not be “ready” for the task, to misdirect attention that his main purpose on the show was to dress in drag to portray black women and that he himself could be called into question whether he was up to snuff professionally in doing something else, as this was his staple. Nah, he just doesn’t want any competition from a black woman. I have yet to witness a black comedienne who wasn’t funny even if it wasn’t my style of humor. Debra Wilson nailed the quirks Whitney Houston. Issa Rae started Awkard Black Girl and there’s half a dozen overly qualified women who are too good for SNL and need their own vehicle. Even Chris Rock hired Wanda Sykes earlier in her career. What self-respecting, talented male performer would accept dressing in drag for laughs on somebody else’s show for years instead of developing their own comedic niche? Apparently he wasn’t featured in any skits either. The guy performing with Washington on SNL this weekend is a more recent hire. Not to mention feedback on many of the skits revealed they were just lazy (spoofing Oprah and Beyonce) and a little too hipster racist in making black women the butt of jokes. NO THANK YOU!


In a sign that proves necessity breeds invention, AR Wear has a fundraising program on IndieGoGo for product development of it’s anti-rape underwear and clothing line. Yes, you read that correctly. After viewing their video, I think it’s ingenious and that they need a bigger variety of sizes pronto.

I have three words to describe what appears to be an entire reboot of the series The Good Wife. While it seems the showrunners are determined to break all continuity and upend the show’s cannon, the abrupt shift has admittedly breathed new life into a dying series. The disloyalty is appalling but decidedly compelling to watch. “Will Gardner” is the only one with a legit grievance at this point. My three words: Game Of Thrones. The one thing the show reiterates (unintentionally perhaps) is that nothing “Alicia” has right now was wholly earned by her efforts. Not to say she isn’t a good lawyer, but “Will” gave her the job and her work at a prestigious law firm helped put her on the map. “Peter”, in wanting to make up for the way he blew apart his family helped secure her new firm’s biggest client – which she poached from her old bosses. “Alicia” could have worked herself to the bone but if not for both “Will” and “Peter”, men with a certain amount of power looking out for her interests at their expense she would NOT be in the position she’s in now. “Will” almost got disbarred because “Peter” had a personal axe to grind and now that he’s been elected Governor, his ethics advisor has already surmised he publicly discussed legislation that determined who would get to offer representation between the competing forms and that he’s vulnerable when it comes to his family. So we see how well-placed lovers help secure Alicia’s future. One thing the show has not done is show “Alicia” using true discernment. She is stuck on following a script of being a “good wife” which only reinforces patriarchal domination no matter what the cost.

Hitting The Fan recap –

A scene from The Next Day –

In the “Don’t Get Caught Unprepared” files, the Resilient Communities forum has had a few recent articles of interest.

a) How to keep food cold without a refrigerator

1. Place a smaller pot and inside a larger pot
2. Fill the space in between them with sand
3. Add water to the sand
4. Cover the top with a wet cloth

When the water evaporates, it pulls the heat out with it, making the inside cold.

b) How to use composting to heat water

c) DIY food storage

If you’re in NYC tomorrow (November 5th) Eve Ensler and bell hooks are speaking at The New School.

Actress Condola Rashad had to make a statement on her Twitter account because certain ratchet publications and blogs have been implying or flat out ASSuming she’s romantically involved with her co-star Orlando Bloom, who’s in the midst of a divorce. As much as we’ve enjoyed seeing an uptick in black woman/white male couples in the past few years in real life and in advertising, some people will always miss the point. Choosing a quality mate by NOT focusing on race alone as the determining draw. And as much as I find several plots on Scandal fascinating, the ongoing Olitz drama is not one of them, but it seems as if certain folks have gone to extremes in trying to throw random people at each other under any circumstance. Not to mention all of those with questionable judgement who insist that the two leads are dating in real life (referred to by the couple hybrid moniker of “Terry”) despite the fact they’re both married. Not that it isn’t possible, but it’s illogical.  That’s not cool! This is real life – not a tv show.  Bloom himself may have contributed to this in not wanting to discuss his martial woes while performing in Romeo & Juliet on Broadway, but his public praise of his co-star may likely have mislead some people to take wide leaps of fancy. Not to mention the numerous blind items appearing in gossip columns for months about his wife’s extra-marital activities. It seems he’s addressed that in what they surmise are staged photo ops with his estranged wife taking their infant son on walks around Manhattan, but it’s the appropriate response to draw attention away from Ms. Rashad, because it has nothing to do with her!

Amazon follows Netflix in developing original programming with a half a dozen new shows. THIS is where the focus should be – creating alliances and opportunities.

In closing for this week’s recaps I present to you random kitten cuteness!  .