Faith’s Weekly Breakdown

If you’ve spent any time on Tumblr, you’ll see there’s a variety of art, quotes, inspiration, fan fic and lots and lots of gifs from different sources. I will usually post a dozen mini-blogs across social networks, but today I’m going to start sharing them at the main site as well. Some things are silly. Others though-provoking. All are interesting tidbits into the minds of those who share. And all always remember that sharing is not an automatic endorsement.


Hari Kondabolu on ‘guilt’ being an extension of privilege –



Sleepy Hallow spookiness –


If you thought actress Julianne Hough dressing in blackface (as an ode to a character on a tv series for Halloween) was disgusting (she says she’s sorry) then this will really make your blood boil:


Parts of Staten Island are just…gone…after Hurrican Sandy. What’s interesting is the history of African Americans who used to live there and who participated in the Underground Railroad.


Is Banksy Public Enemy Number 1? Not quite, as some folks in the hood are charging people who show up to view his graffiti.


I love this sculpture of a full-figured woman dipped in gold.


Signs that black women are winning? The standard-fare DBR antics on “Black” Twitter using anti-BW hashtags and allowing non-blacks to join in mocking black women this weekend shows that there is a fear from the loss of the mule, mammy and cash cow status as MORE black women wake up and flee Blackistan. So…hurrah for their pettiness and keep it moving ladies!