7 Replies to “everything old was already so far in the future you’d have to go to the past to be ahead of the curve”

  1. Kate Bush would be great to catch too but she’s another ‘touring rarity’. Thank God Grace Jones lives in London nowadays & that she’s been on tour again lately. She was at the Love Box Festival in London last month but sadly I didn’t get to go.

      1. You have got to go on to YouTube amd listen to This Heat. If you haven’t already done so that is. I love ’12 Track Loop’ and The Fall of Saigon’ and some others. I still love Tuxedomoon too and Chrome is good. Vintage electronica is close to my heart.

  2. Hi Faith. Atta girl! Now you’re talkin my language. That’s my kindo era of music right there, even though I was a baby at the time for most of that. That’s why I saw John Foxx and Gary Numan and Magazine in London last year and Siouxsie back in ’08.

    I did see Nick Cave back in ’05 but sadly I doubt he’ll ever sing his Birthday Party songs. I’d like to see The Cure before I die too.

      1. I love it all lady! LOL I saw Einsturzende Neubaten back in ’03 in NYC when they finally came back to tour the US after several years due to some legal issues they had. Check them out too at least once before you die or before they do. Halber Mensch is probably one of the best Non-English Speaking Albums ever!

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