Everett Bogue’s “Far Beyond The Stars” Blog Is My 1st Pick for 2011

Today’s thanks goes to FAXBoy my new writing comrade-in-arms and 2011 success cheerleader, who has written a hilarious and insightful send-up of the precariously employed titled Employment Of The Month. Think of it as a real-life Up In The Air meets Reality Bites.

I suggest everyone identify one key person who has also  identified goals to achieve in 2011 to bounce ideas off and get encouragement (a kick in the pants if needed). He recommended Everett Bogue’s blog Far Beyond The Stars and I LOVE it!!! I have another post on the minimalist movement and how it ties into the BWE messaging pending.

First of all I knew I was going to like a blog with such an aspirational message. We often use the term reaching for the stars as a goal. Moving beyond that has even greater purpose don’t you think? The last three posts in December have really cemented Everett’s take on creating a full life.

Mind you I had to check my envy of the fact that he quit his job, generates passive income (more than he needs he says) lives in San Francisco  (is location independent) by not dismissing his achievement as a point of race and gender privilege. And perhaps some class privilege as well. For all of those factors are there to a degree. Ultimately, it’s what we do with our talents, gifts and circumstances that matter in the end (which has perplexed many people as if  some have learned a magic secret).

So having said all that, I want to be more like Everett (and other like-minded souls) in establishing their lifestyle and business models by generating my own rainbow (with a pot of gold waiting at the end of it). Let’s face it, we need to continually learn from the success models of other people whom we aspire to be like and fashion it in ways that work to our advantage. Which is why I *heart* Everett, lol!

1. Superhumans (who wants to be ordinary?)
2. The Matrix (ya’ll know how much I LOVE this movie)
3. Zombies (the life-leeches and bad habits we need to identify and avoid – if not kill outright)

Enough said.

How can minimalism apply to women seeking to empower themselves?

* By eliminating clutter – literally and figuratively.

* Disposing of broken items, things that don’t function, duplicates and other unnecessary things.

* Discarding useless people (vampires and zombies) from our lives. – as well as stop drawing them into our lives! That would be the naysayers, the Flat-Earth Theorists (FETs), the Marie Antoinettes and those who do not show us by their actions they hold us in high regard.

That also means cleaning up our own acts when we are not out of alignment with the universe by denying the world the use of our gifts and the best parts of ourselves.

I’ve also been working on a social networking experiment where I shut off the computer and put down my phone. I had techno-jitters for a few days, but the ensuing clarity has been intoxicating:

I have reduced my internet usage but made my time more useful, dropped my social networking activity by 50% and put my phone on freeze. I never thought I’d be able to put the Crackberry down! I’ve parceled out calls to three voice mail accounts, cut off text messaging and surprisingly the world did not end!  I’ve also reduced my television viewing time to less than 2 hours a week. If that.

I haven’t watched tv at all in three weeks and again my brain thanks me for not polluting it with useless nonsense (sorry @bravoandy). Now when the hiatus is over I will certainly pick up with The Good Wife but I think I’ve had enough life lessons acquired from reality tv and other things that I don’t  need to focus on the brain drain right now. I’ve found it far more useful in monitoring my moods, how I react to what would be emotional triggers and paying a lot more attention to what I’m eating.

Also, I don’t have wifi currently in-house so if I want to use to use the internet I have to leave  and go out in the world. No data plan tethering either. Which means I have to socialize during what would be my “off” time. My head now sits erect instead of furrowed over a 3×5 screen or staring at a laptop. I smile and engage people – and also this has been beneficial in unleashing my “Charm Offensive”.

It’s how I met my new friend and fellow minimalist. I’ve had the chance to experiment with being feminine and flirty in a safe place. Plus, trudging through the snow is good exercise. My schedule is going to be much busier  from now on so I’ve looked at this time as my butterfly stage. I’ll have to power up the phone again and make adjustments but a lower-technology diet has been good for me!

I didn’t have to go sit at the top of a mountain for clarity – though I relish the idea along with a trip to Goa. I just turned off all the external noise and the ringing in my ears from being bombarded by a million  disparate messages slowly faded to silence.

Update: Everett has been rattling a lot of cages lately by declaring an end to minimalism. Also, people have correctly pointed out that he’s in his 20’s, hasn’t experienced certain hardships and may be (more than) a little pretentious. See Far Beyond My Ego for that one. You can judge for yourself.

8 Replies to “Everett Bogue’s “Far Beyond The Stars” Blog Is My 1st Pick for 2011”

  1. The guy seems like a con man to me. Why is he on social networking sites begging for money for rent, a new computer and such these days? I think dear old Ev just jumped on the minimalism bandwagon when it was convenient, hoping to ride the coat tails to success. He failed. Miserably.

  2. Thanks for sharing this, Faith. I tend to believe that i am a "simple" person and do need a lot of "things" to feel my space. HA! Though I am "simple" in some aspects of my life, I tend to have clutter in my house…which I *really* hate. For instance, I tend to browse the stationery and gift card aisle at Target for discounted gift bags and wrap. Like seriously? I don't even gift like that yet I have a TON of bags that I don't need! LOL I guess I need to start showing people love through gifts to rid myself of this excess! 🙂

    Also, your post was so timely last week. I had a Vision Board party on Saturday, so I forwarded this post to my guests. It made for some good conversation on Saturday as we mapped out our year.

    1. That's awesome. Glad to see so many of us planning for achievement in 2011. A Vision Board party sounds like fun.

  3. Hey Faith!
    Nice to meet you! Loving Everette from over here, been reading since early this summer. Bravo to the Butterfly unfurling out from her cocoon! And yes, how to make his effectiveness our own.
    -- Filegrrl

  4. Happy New Year Faith!

    I stumbled onto Everett’s website back in October and whoa! Its one of my favorite sites as well. Lots of good information and food for thought. Interestingly, his ideas cause a lot of gnashing of teeth in the minimalist community (not other bloggers but commentors). I’m not sure why, oh well.

    -Vanessa F.

    1. Thanks for the New Year wishes! I know a lot of people do take issue with Everett. As far as I know he's had one job before launching this new career so the scrutiny is somewhat warranted, but not necessarily the vitriol. Anyway… we're bak on Tuesday with The Good Wife and I cannot wait! Let's recap this week.

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