Evaluating Men For Alliances & Marriage Series #18: Get Your Sexy On!

Lois and Clark getting a little friendlier…..

It’s been a minute or two since I’ve added a new installment to this series, but this was an opportune moment. In other words, I really needed to have something to say! While posts at the main site vary in frequency, you can always find daily conversation at Twitter or Facebook.

Despite some of the more recent upsetting current events, we must keep moving forward. I say this as much for myself as for all of you, that we have to find a way past obstacles and see the best outcomes for ourselves. That’s not easy.

So, after reminding women to be women and stop feeling obligated to be good little soldiers lined up on the battlefields only to be knocked down, reacquaint yourself with your va-va-voom. And you can’t get your sexy on while feeling or being under siege.

Repeat after me: Men Must Rescue Themselves.

We shouldn’t be afraid of our womanly wiles or feeling the frisson of the sizzle.

I not only liked what he had to say, I really enjoyed hearing it come from such a sexy accent!

2 Replies to “Evaluating Men For Alliances & Marriage Series #18: Get Your Sexy On!”

  1. Matt is terrific.
    That young woman standing in the middle of the street is a fool. She is a big target for any trigger happy person. I know a foreign born bw who told me that sometimes children should be brought to protest. Really? As far as I know, she has never bought any of her adult or under aged children to even a mild type of protest. I understand that she and others would love for AA/people to continue to protest every issue; all the while "they" are continuing their university education and opening their businesses. Wake up AA/people. Get your education, training and open your own businesses before its too late.

    AA/people we must be smarter than protesting and burning up the neighborhoods in which we live. That Missouri protest is too volatile. I would never have taken my young son to such a high energy environment.

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