Essence Magazine REALLY Hates Black Women – Don’t Fight Just Walk Away!

Seriously ladies. It’s 2010. Time to move it on and be strong! Not in a superwoman way but from realizing you are a WOMAN who deserves to be treated like a LADY.  I’ve stopped reading MESSence since the infamous strip club article last summer where two black women mocked all the “hopeless singletons” by suggesting you go to one to meet a black man.  I still see  single issues at check out counters from time to time. Since the publisher is offering $1 Off coupons you know it’s in trouble.

I thought putting Anika Noni Rose on the January cover was a nice touch and I almost read it. Two steps forward and twelve steps back – the Editors have decided to go for the jugular: putting a black male athlete on the cover of the February LOVE issue who DOESN’T DATE BLACK WOMEN.

MESSence doesn’t deserve to be saved….

Feel free to go to the Essence website to see for yourself because somebody won’t believe me. Then resolve yourself to cut off the insanity! Reggie Bush is appealing to many women and he’s certainly free to date whomever he wants but why is a magazine that claims to be for black women going to put the knife in your hearts by promoting a man who isn’t into you? I don’t know Bush or his dating history and if he’s not actively devaluing black women like some other black men that’s a relief. He still isn’t providing significant value to improving the life of the average black woman however. The rate of return on your investment into supporting his career will be ZERO.

MESSence is simply rubbing salt into an open wound. It is the ultimate of insults and the ultimate betrayal. You don’t put meatloaf on the cover of a vegetarian magazine. You don’t tell someone to run up debt in a financial planning publication. So why does MESSence think it’s okay to push a LIE? Reggie has been dating Kim Kardashian for some time now. She of the hair-weave wearing, butt implant/padding, social climbing, culture vulture Kardashian clan. Really this is hilarious if you think about it.

All the resources he, Lamar Odom and whoever else comes along will wind up in the hands of Mom-Manager Kris Jenner to distribute amongst her offspring  and I say brava! When you go down the list of wanna-be celebrities and reality show players to find a woman who’s attached herself to men who are willing to elevate her I whip out my notepad to learn a few things. Don’t hate – celebrate, right?!

If you saw one of your friends parlay a sex tape into fame and fortune (Paris Hilton) beyond what she was born into and had a mother and step-father who were willing to play that game using the same playbook to elevate not only you but your sisters you might be hard-pressed to refuse. While such behavior would eliminate you from acceptability for many families the opportunities for fame and fortune might be equally appealing to many others.

That’s how the other reality show participant Kendra Wilkinson parlayed her time with Hugh Hefner and snagged her own millionaire professional athlete. These women are still considered desirable to certain men because their white skin trumps their whorish behavior. Yes, it’s a double-standard but again a valuable learning lesson. They didn’t waste their time longing for men who didn’t want them, who weren’t delighted to breathe the very air they exhale and who didn’t consider them PRECIOUS.

So I cannot fathom why I’d sit by and continue to support an entity that shoved my face in excrement and expected me to pay them for the privilege. For Essence to dare to claim they’re celebrating “black love” – a misnomer at best –  by featuring black men as objects of desires who don’t date black women or denigrate black women I say don’t get mad just pack it up and watch it crash and burn. How many ways does MESSence have to let you know they’ve adopted a DBR (damaged beyond repair) mindset before you GET IT!

Next stop…BET-ville.

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  1. Essence hates black men. Reggie Bush on the cover, so was Halle Berry, whats the difference?

    1. ORLY "Jason"? Essence is a magazine for black women. What does Halle Berry have to do with this post? NOTHING. Which by the way she was apologizing profusely for actually loving a white man when she's half-white herself. Misplaced loyalties considering she was beat up so bad by a black male actor that she lost hearing in one ear. This same actor ranted in the same magazine to tout why his preference for Asian women was justified by slagging black women. But go ahead and be a whiny, pathetic excuser <del datetime="2010-03-07T22:33:47+00:00">loser</del>. There's something to be said about males who troll women's blogs to slag other women. I'll simply send all your email to spam and DELETE.

  2. I bought January's Essence and it has some good articles, I am always keen to see what black women are doing. I think that Essence should stop writing articles about what black men love about black women, that is so boring, if they want to put a black man on the cover with his non-wife. Good luck to them. Black women need to realise, there are millions of men who find us beautiful, desirable and attractive and what us for their wives. There is far too much of poor black women no-body wants them, when black women travel to other parts of the world like Australia, Italy, Northern Europe, they all seem to be married very fast indeed. Many of us have beautiful exteriors, we need to work on our personalities, we will attract the right men into our lives. We should not feel upset or angry about the man in question. There are better men waiting out there for us, we just have to know and say to ourselves every day.

    1. I don't advocate supporting them financially by purchasing the rag or by going to their blog giving them ad revenue.

  3. When I first saw this last week -- the first thing I thought was: "They had to have done this on purpose -- to get a rise out of black women." The comments on the Essence forum is EXACTLY what they knew they would receive. It was exactly the type of sensationalism they were hoping they were looking for. Essence must be quite desperate.

    The only thing I regret is that the outrage shown by black women on the Essence forum about this cover will be used against us as a whole. People will try to use it as another opportunity to paint us as miserable black women, jealous because he has a non-black woman. The best thing those ladies on the Essence forum could do is not say a word about it, and just stop buying the magazine or going on its website.

    1. Hey Nia: MESSence needs to be shredded and used for fuel so that it at least has more value than what it's like now.

  4. I do not remember the year that the ownership of Messance changed. HOWEVER I do remember not too long before this happened I read an anrticle (cover story) about how mansharing was an option for black women that wanted a black man. That was my last attempt to read that magazine. Looks like it has gotten even worse since it changed hands. Let it die quickly.

  5. Hi Faith,

    I've posted before on your blog under a different username when you were on Google. I love your articles they are so on point. I haven't read a Essence magazine in 2 years. The reason I stopped is because its boring, repetitive, and uninteresting as well as the reasons you stated above.

    I guess Essence like Ebony keep taking black women for granted that they will always have the readership coming back for crap articles and stories as they've been having for a long time now.

    I don't feel they have our best interests are heart anymore I feel its all about selling magazines and not about informing or educating like it used to be.

  6. You have a new subscriber! Sometimes honesty is the best policy. We need to stop making excuses for media outlets and start hitting them where it hurts -- in the pockets. I will never again subscribe or purchase this ragazine. This behavior is expected from mainstream mags but one touting itself as the magazine 'for Black women,' it is not acceptable.

    Thanks again!

    1. Welcome Education CEO!

      Thank you for your input. I'm glad to hear you've kept going forward and walked away from the MESSence!

    1. Well a lot of women are pissed off over putting Bush on the cover. I think they need to not care about Bush and realize they're being used and cut off the financial support to the magazine instead.

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