Dr. Phil Features A Black Couple Who Make A Mockery Of Parenting

Happy Black History Month! This has been one for the record books in the canon of the collective. Between the unexpected passing of a music icon, to the groundbreaking of the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture to many insights gained time marches on. Don’t miss the boat!

I stumbled across an episode of the Dr. Quack Phil Show on open marriages because I turned on the idiot box while making tea. It warranted a channel change of course, but the extent of the foolishness displayed by the couple featured was too great to ignore because they have three children.

Of course, the producers selected an aggressive, loud, obnoxious black woman to redefine and defend her (willful) denigration as something progressive. I can take a guess who between the two of them originated this malarkey and who volunteered to go down a sinking ship. Why she talked over everyone, including the host. This is the state of black love.

The paternal grandmother expressed her concerns well, but I’m wondering where the follow through is. Talk is cheap! 

I am disappointed that my son and my daughter-in-law are in an open marriage,” says Carl’s mother, Joann. “This was such a betrayal to their marriage. It’s unfaithful to have another partner — openly have another partner. I almost wish that they were discreet with it. Just to hear them even talking about it, it felt dirty. I don’t disagree with them being honest with each other, but again, should the children know every little [detail]? I don’t feel the children should be a part of that. I really have serious concerns that this open marriage might damage the children.

Joann, that’s your son. You raised him. If those were my grandchildren, I’d take action. There was another segment showing the 13 year-old son and 11 year-old daughter as they discussed why they wanted multiple sex partners like their parents. Somebody needs to call Child Protective Services. There’s some MAJOR unresolved issues that must be addressed. I’m not even talking about the extra-marital sex, but the lack of boundaries and protection for the children. Check out the comments to this show. Dr. Phil tries to come across as measured and sensible, but he gave these trainwreck ‘parents’ the free airtime in the first place! 

Just so we’re clear: Marriage rates between blacks is around 30% and dropping. The husband has two girlfriends and discusses how his use of protection is optional. According to him “the #1 cause of STDs is fear”. I think the medical establishment begs to differ. To disclose that kind of information publicly just blows my mind. Leave it to certain blacks to amplify bad choices a thousand times over. These fools are well over 30 years old, so youth or inexperience won’t fly here. What woman in her right mind would agree to this – and yes she has a boyfriend, but what man would let his wife go %$^& someone else willingly AND involve their kids in this mess?

Monogamy may not be part of our “natural” instincts but it is rewarding and it propels society forward. Some random sex buddy is not going to offer anything long-term. Marriage (is designed to) includes sickness, down times and hopefully is fulfilling when you make it a priority. It protects women and children. Something in the milk ain’t clean between this couple and all of their chaos reminds me of how addicts behave.

Any parent that thinks showing an 11 year-old pornography as a ‘teaching tool’ about abuse of women while engaging in all of the above is not fit! The end. Kids want stability and connected parents without all the distractions. Their public mockery of marriage and failure at parenting was extremely disappointing to see. There is not one aspect to this relationship that benefits black women and girls. Her Mammy/Jezebel routine further damages the image of black women. The breakdown of respect for women and children is why the black collective is dunzo.

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  1. Continued from previous comment:
    Yes, unfortunately many people do cheat on their spouses but SOCIETY does not approve of their actions and no amount of loud talking will get the masses to buy into Carl and Kenya's madness. They are obviously pushing for some kind of media attention (e.g., book deal, people acting crazy reality show) and I sincerely hope their 15 minutes of fame is 5 seconds and they fade to the recesses of oblivion. I also hope that most people will realize that Kenya is one person and her obnoxious behavior will not reflect negatively on African American women as a whole. All we can do is carry ourselves in a feminine and gracious manner to show that we are different from the fools.

    1. Which only reiterates how our image matters, even as we're not a monolith and how we have the worst presentations and representatives promoting their dysfunction as blackness.

      Those kids are doomed.

  2. I just finished watching the (recorded) show and I'm shaking my head. If Carl and Kenya want to practice their "progressive love" open marriage they are consenting adults and have the right to do so. However, I, too, have concerns for the emotional well-being of their children and agree that their young minds are being poisoned by such witnessing the aberrant behavior of their parents. I truly hope the children don't engage in promiscuous behavior when they're older because they think it's OK. As I watched the program my main impression was that Kenya seemed manic and/or on drugs. She was rude, wild-eyed, had no manners, and my jaw dropped when she walked across the stage to get lotion and then said she did it because she's a Black woman and her legs were ashy. Both the studio and home audience were totally disgusted with her actions at that point.

  3. Ah yes, Carl and Kenya are yet making their rounds. They've landed Dr. Phil and I am willing to bet a reality show would be on the horizon. These two have been peddling this foolishness for a while and have gained quite a following (google jujumama). Not surprisingly enough, they were guests of the now defunct Mo'nique Show on BET. The mother/mother in law, I doubt she takes any common sense action on behalf of the children, the cameras are rolling.

    1. Ok. They’re trying to pimp their kids and a fake lifestyle for profit. Nobody really cares about some black dude who wants to cheat on his wife and tries to justify it by promoting a so-called alternate lifestyle. I’ll focus on him because men do not respect or stay with a wife who’d initiate it. The way that woman was pushing it reminded me of footage of Whitney Houston greeting Bobby after every court hearing or jail release like it was normal. Utter insanity!

    2. And they won't notice the difference between people cheerleading them off a cliff (when one or both get STDS or HIV), their daughter decides to be a porn star/the son a pimp or they turn to drugs to cope or the kids are raped or hurt someone else's kid) and people ridiculing them.

      1. These black people are not me, and I am not them. I only step-in when people start "representing" saying this is 'black'. but I do think it's good to point these situations out to look at the mindset it's coming from and how it will try to be sold to the masses.

  4. Oh, and that woman makes physically attractive look ugly. These so-called "high-maintenance" black females are giving BW who take care of themselves a bad image and reputation. The last thing attractive BW need is to be penalized because it is assumed they think/act like the woman above or one of the Basketball (so-called) Wives.

    1. Aside from influencing society, pop culture is also a reflection of where certain segments of society already lies. It would not have been surprising to see a white couple advocating the swinger lifestyle, but leave it black folks to make it even more depraved. Women should not let men talk them into suicidal behavior just to hold onto a dysfunctional "relationship". Plus, the woman was dressed for da club and she did look like she was vying for a spot on a reality show. I don't care about those horrible parents. They've already damaged those kids.

      1. You are correct. I realize that this behavior is nothing new. People have been engaging, in secret, for some time. I just feel/fear that by "putting it in the public square", and having people who look "normal" profess their involvement, others who may have been conflicted about the desire/consequences of engaging in such activity will feel validated to do so. And, impressionable youth will believe this is a viable/healthy way of living, without negative consequences.

        Women SHOULDN'T go along with nonsense, just to keep a man. I have a hard time believing this woman would be open to this lifestyle out of her own independent desire, unless maybe she were the victim of some type of sexual/other abuse at some point in her life. I didn't see the show, but it appears that she was trying hard to prove she was a "winner" in this situation. I feel like she's just doing whatever she has to to hold onto her "good black man". And, her style of dress isn't for me. But, since I've seen so many BW in the popular media, and other women like Kim K and the arm candy/wives of wealthy BM dress this way, I've been under the impression that this is many young people's concept of "classy". I disagree. But, dressing like a skank, as long as the clothes/accessories are pricey, seems to be the new image of "elevated status"/"desirability". I shut out watching the majority of this mess with black folks out also, because I'm disgusted enough with our decline, as it is.

  5. This is why I'm fed up with popular culture. I'm not trying to make a slippery slope argument, but I truly believe all of this mainstream acceptance of sex tapes, hookup websites, etc., contributes to people thinking nonsense (like that shown in the video) is "normal". I'm not anti-sexuality, but the fact that people no longer seem to believe in being discreet (preferring to "let it all hang out") seems to dull their sensibilities about appropriate boundaries--EVEN FOR CHILDREN. All of this nonsense exhausts me. And, frankly, I feel (at times) that a lot of this is the result of people having/raising children to early. I also think some of these people's mothers did drugs/alcohol during the critical period of prenatal development. And, while they look physically "normal", something is amiss in the brain (not talking about this couple in particular--but I've thought that about some guests on shows like Maury or Springer).

    Also, WHY do some AAs seem to think saying stupid things (stds come from fear) make them sound profound?

    1. Yeah. the drugs/alcohol HAS to be a factor, along with the breakdown of neighborhood and family. Don't you know that drugs have been mainstreamed since a year before disposible diapers? 1968. thats 44 years ago!![[I think we may have hit bottom since little kids are getting sexual before time] The kids needMAJOR THERAPY but need to be watched. If they were exposed to there parents foolishness, no tellin' how bad they could get! BTW. I may be wrong and sometimes called on it BUT i think the guy may have put her up to it so he could have various girlfriends….Since BM 'statistically' who have education & making over 100k wont marry on purpose to a bw unlike nonbm

      1. Of course the husband came up with all this nonsense as a way to normalize his cheating. And we see the havoc in the lives of black women and children. Every negative statistic from OOW to HIV rates result from the suicidal thinking and indoctrination foisted on and adopted by black women.

      2. It's scary to think that your children could end up in school or daycare with children who have parents like these. We can't even trust little children to be "innocent", these days.

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