Don’t You Just Hate It When Technology Works Against You?

My usually trustworthy Mac blew a backlight bulb which is forcing me to take a time out. I’m hoping it’s that and not the entire logic board. Although I’d love to have a reason to buy a new laptop it’s not high on my priority list right now. Fortunately I backed up everything but you know how it is when you have a routine and presets. Remembering all of my 1000 passwords and keycodes is so much fun….not.
I scrambled to find a PC which I’m using right now and after considering a switch back I can safely report it ain’t happening . Besides all of my software is Mac-based.Between the lack of a computer and the switch in blogging platforms I remembered I had a few draft posts to spare.
**I caught the last 35 seconds of that new vampire show on the CW when I’d tuned in to watch Supernatural and noticed someone did a remake of New Order’s Temptation. Nobody can touch the original but as with most groups who’ve pioneered certain genres it’s good for them to find a new (younger) audience even through a cover version of one of their classics.
I went searching through the web and found a live performance on the BBC. You can tell it’s old just by the way the group is dressed. It was clearly the days before stylists and handlers took over. Enjoy!