Don’t Support The Hustlers Who Rob Black Women Of Their Dignity: Just Say NO to Tyler Perry!

I know many of you will have to fight the urge to “see themselves represented” on screen but before you plunk down your hard-earned money to see the latest Tyler Perry minstrel show on Friday I’d like to remind you of a few things:

  • Black people are operating under mass dysfunction, lies and utterly insane notions of what passes for “black” and “black culture” these days.
  • Tyler Perry bulldozed his way onto this project by pushing out a BLACK WOMAN WRITER/DIRECTOR.

Furthermore, Perry doesn’t even like black women! We are simply his cash-cows and as long as we support his projects he can use our money to further denigrate us!

The collective silence and true lack of sisterhood between black women helped facilitate Ntozake Shange’s mental anguish when she originally published For Colored Girls. We could also include Pearl Cleage’s Mad At Miles, Alice Walker, Zora Neale Hurston and any number of AA women creatives who told it like it is and have warned us time and time again.


We know this already but we keep going back for more abuse as the denier/liar brigade continues their assault at our attempts to dismantle dysfunction. Look at the insane response from the black woman hating misogynists (both male AND female) who’ve attacked the BWE/BWIR forums, Bill Cosby/President Obama’s attempts at addressing the fatherlessness mass dysfunction and the motley crew of Internet Ike & Ikettes who’ve latched onto tearing down No Wedding No Womb.

That’s all too obvious but what’s worse are those who compromise themselves and want to sacrifice us in the process by accepting mediocrity if not blatant warfare.

You’ve heard the arguments:

“There are so few portrayals of us blah blah blah”.

This is an abdication of any responsibility on our part for not having an infrastructure (esp when so many black stars are making upwards of $20M per picture) AND placing blame with outsiders (blaming white people AGAIN for not “giving”).

Remember Oscar Micheaux?  — via Wikipedia:

The advent of the motion picture industry intrigued him as a vehicle to tell his stories. He formed his own movie production company and, in 1919, became the first African-American to make a film. He wrote, directed and produced the silent motion picture, The Homesteader, starring pioneering African-American actress Evelyn Preer, based on his novel of the same name. He used autobiographical elements in The Exile, his first feature film with sound, in which the central character leaves Chicago to buy and operate a ranch in South Dakota. In 1924, his film, Body and Soul, introduced the movie-going public to Paul Robeson.

Given the times, his accomplishments in publishing and film are extraordinary, including being the first African American to produce a film to be shown in “white” movie theaters. In his motion pictures, he moved away from the “Negro stereotypes” being portrayed in film at the time. In his film Within Our Gates, Micheaux attacked the racism depicted in the D.W. Griffith film, The Birth of a Nation.

The Producers Guild of America called him “The most prolific black – if not most prolific independent – filmmaker in American cinema.” During his illustrious career, Oscar Micheaux wrote, produced and directed forty-four feature-length films between 1919 and 1948 and wrote seven novels, one of which was a national bestseller.

“If only whites would do this for us (slavery reparations, etc). It’s because of racism”

Racism isn’t going away anytime soon as long as black engage in self-defeating, predatory, misogynistic, violent, criminal behavior against each other.   As long as black males continue to mistreat black women the “white’s man boot” isn’t getting off his back. It’s called karma. Blacks have all the tools and resources at their disposal when and if they decide to thrive – on their own.

“This is a celebration” as if one caveat as the exception opposed to the steady diet of depravity makes it ok.

As Gina stated in her post on why those offering even tentative praise to BET for one program doesn’t undo 30 years of utter evil and foolishness, blacks are far too gullible and willing to settle. Now there’s yet another post stemming from the indoctrinated mind of a black women who should know better suggesting that because a rap artist/criminal admits his lucrative career denigrating black women may have actually caused harm (really?!) that automatically means he’s repentant. Huh? Pedophiles who admit they like raping children are not SORRY about it! They’re just letting you know that they know EXACTLY WHAT THEY’RE DOING. Sociopaths and narcissists do not have the emotional capacity to feel remorse!!


People complain about the Black In America series which is such an obvious attack on what’s left of the integrity and image of better functioning blacks but they keep going back to watch…and complain. When non-African Americans seek to exploit black pathology for their career gain (yeah I’m talking to YOU Soledad) but deliberately paint a rosy picture for their own ethnic group (compare the Latino in America series) it’s a HIT JOB plain and simple. Yet some of you keep watching!


People (I fell for this one) who watched the BET Awards to see that promised Michael Jackson tribute but got a career criminal rap artist sexualizing his 10-year old daughter while she danced to his song about %&^* multiple random women.


Look, I know the idea of seeing Mrs. Huxtable in a major motion picture may cause many of you to cave but remember this: That money you’re spending is lining the pockets of a very damaged man with some serious unresolved issues who regularly trashes black women.


The only reason why he chose to hijack this film is his ego needs to be fed and he covets an Oscar and respectability from whites. Even though Tyler Perry owns his own studio and may or may not be paying his writers their rightful union wages (finding loopholes to steal from blacks while claiming to celebrate blacks) people are confusing a grudging admiration for his work ethic with quality of product. He does nothing beyond the 2010 version of Coon-A-Thon. Hollywood will take his money but they do NOT respect him (Oprah non-withstanding).

Speaking of Oprah, have you noticed how graphic her shows on abuse (particularly sexual abuse) have been? After she gave a one hour commercial to Mo’Nique’s sick brothers and enabling parents to make excuses and deny her abuse last April I was disgusted. Now that it’s her final season she and her producers have spoken explicitly about the physical details of abuse of the guests they feature. There is NO BENEFIT for random strangers to know how someone was raped.

I use this as an example because this is where the line has been crossed between letting go of shame by naming your abuse and stepping forth boldly as a survivor…and a sick fascination with depravity. I’d love to hear from qualified mental health professionals about this.

By the way, I thought I’d also remind folks that Lucifer is equally as resourceful and keeps very busy as well. Being destructive.

I cannot tell anyone else what to do. I can point out that for those black women who want to separate themselves from the pack and the mass delusional thinking supported by a majority of African-Americans would best be served by thinking about the long-term impact of their support.

How are things ever going to change if we keep riding around in circles – making other people rich – while our collective image further slides into the gutter? Why can’t those black women eager for acceptance and affirmation purchase Ntozake Shange’s works directly and buy the DVD from the 1982 production?

Stop Letting Black Males Hijack Our Stories (On Your Dime)!!

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71 comments to Don’t Support The Hustlers Who Rob Black Women Of Their Dignity: Just Say NO to Tyler Perry!

  • Faith

    This is bigger than self-hating black men — yes — there are just as many black woman hating black women out there supporting this nonsense and beating each other up (usually related to saving, supporting and coddling black male interests. You need to forget the "white agenda" and stop being focused on white hegemony. Again, your focus is on reacting to external stimuli and NOT on the internal motivations blacks have more killing and cannibalizing each other. Also, again this forum is not focused on black "people" but BLACK WOMEN and AA in particular. You are venting all over the place and need to give yourself time to think about the mental slavery fuleing these actions that people choose to hold on to. Also, this thread is rather old so I'm not sure if you're going to get a response from the other commenters after so much time has passed.

  • I genuinely like this angle that you have on the topic. Certainly wasn’t thinking on this at the time I started browsing for tips. Your ideas was totally easy to understand. Im glad to find out that there’s an individual online that gets it precise what its is talking about.

  • Pamela

    I have yet to watch anything by TP. The first I heard about one of his movies had the Madae character (I guess I spelled the name right). When I heard a friend of mine describe the character I immediately determined that I would NEVER EVER attempt to watch ANYTHING made by the man. On top of it from what I hear he is playing that character by dressing in drag (another offending thing to me). When I have tried to state that I will not watch any of his work, people looked at me sideways asking if I had seen whatever. I said NO and that I would NEVER EVER support ANYONE that produces the dreadful Madea character. My conclusion at the time was ( and apparently my guess was right) that if he produced such a dreadful character that is supposed to portray a black woman that I probably would NEVER see a good portrayal of a black woman. Why would I spend one time (or waste precious time in my life) partaking of entertainment that demeans me as a black woman? My time is better spent living my life WELL and to the FULL.

  • TinaJ

    Thank you Faith for speaking it out against Tyler's exploitation of black women and profiteering from cooning and neo-buffoonery (becasue of the black community's stupidity). Thank you for the reference on Oscar Micheaux. I read about him in the past and he faced much worse racism than Tyler but was a great film-maker.

  • Here's a blast from the past, courtesy of Muslim Bushido blog:

    "As you noted, it's very hard to take folks seriously when they LIKE music and other products that debase THEM. Anybody who wants abundant LIFE is going to have to make some choices about the various deathstyle products in their home. Across the board. There's no way around it."

  • squarlymade

    Evia said:

    “Can someone please explain to me why AAs try to operate by a totally different set of rules in the SAME world where everyone else lives????? I am serious. Why? Did a higher power designate us AAs as “the entitled ones” while I wasn’t paying attention????”

    Like Lauren Hill said in her song ‘Everything Is Everything’- “it seems we lose the game before we even start to play, who made these rules were so confused easily lead astray” (end)

    Many AAs believe the rules were made up by white people, they wonder is marriage for blacks? I was confused growing up in regards to Christianity, it seemed to me like white people had the monopoly on that, until I read the bible and could see clearly it was being marketed as something that it wasn’t.

    Faith said: “Why are blacks more than one third of the entire movie audience yet have less than a 10% representation? Why are we “complaining” about the lack of roles for black women? Why are we allowing roles that are written for AA women being given to non-AA women but it’s not reciprocated?”

    We are so powerful as AA woman. I’m not going to wait for the masses. Like the word says, “let him how has ears to hear-hear”. I’m going to do what ever is in my control and use my power in a way that benefits me as an AA woman.

    White people are watching TP. I was at a church, small all white. The pastor came to know I had gone through a divorce and wanted to ‘encourage’ me. He casually mentioned over the pulpit that “it wasn’t my fault”, but that I should “watch the way I talk, or my attitude”. I was perplexed; anyone who knows me knows I’m not given to anything loud and such. Later when I was invited over their house, they were talking about how they watched this TP film and how it’s Godly and has a Godly message. When I watched a little of it, I could immediately see where he had gotten his impression from. It’s not as if he interacts with black women.

    Thank you Faith for this post. Some women just need to straight out be told. And at lest they were told. I tell you what it’s gonna be like the days of Noah, when he was building the ark and people weren’t ‘getting on board’ so to speak. We who have FLED to take hold of hope are going to be saved.

  • It is how we see ourselves and we have got in the habit of always being clowns in the media. I am not a Tyler Perry fam myself, because I am so tired to seeing the commerical black fat women, I am hoping the film he is directing, he does it justice.

  • Evia Moore

    My views regarding the dissociation of bw are based on my views regarding nature itself. In nature all life forms must be on the defensive and offensive (attack in order to protect) all of the time. With lower life forms, their offense and defense is inbuilt. With humans, we have the ability to teach and learn to defend and offend (use systems & ways to protect ourselves from attack in advance of the attack). A big part of human social structures are set up for defense and offense.

    These are the basics and all humans pretty much STILL live on a tribal, basic, savage level though we pretend to be evolved and sophisticated. LOL!

    ALL tribes (groups) of women in the world have been and continue to be defended by the men of their tribe. Typical, NORMAL males/men of all tribes are socialized to try to defend or go on the offensive to protect their females, if necessary. All tribes of men make up the current patriarchy and the patriarchy rules the current world.

    AA women and bw in similar situations in the West have been in general abandoned defensively and offensively by the men of their tribe. AA men rarely, if ever, speak up in the media to defend/protect bw's image publicly as DBRbm and others smear our image. That sends a message to ALL others in the world that we do not have males defending us. Our image is that of defenseless, vulnerable women.

    Image becomes perception and perception becomes reality.

    This means that the door is wide open for ANYONE to savage the bw in these particular tribes (AA women and similar others) in whatever way they want and if we didn't live in the WEST with laws and wm law enforcement protecting us physically, it would become very clear and very fast just how vulnerable we are. This is compounded by the fact that the vast majority of AA women have been indoctrinated not to defend themselves or go on the offense in a sensible, effective way and to instead wait for a savior of some sort.

    THE main reason why AA women have disabled their defense is because EVERY bw reading this knows that the main attackers and smearers of bw's image these days are DBRbm (or abcs, ikes, etc.) and many of y'all are too soft-hearted or loyal or whatever to stop them even though bw collectively do have the power to put an end to anti-bw smears, attacks, and propaganda INSTANTLY from these factions of DBRbm and their ilk. So nothing is done.

    Many AA women think that if they do nothing, others will go away and leave them alone. Wrong. That only makes an attacker more bold. When a person under attack does nothing, it tells others they are easy prey. In general, if you leave yourself open to be savaged, someone is going to savage you sooner rather than later.

    But it's a total waste of time being angry at AA males/men or expecting them to become functional men. The vast bulk of them are as dead in that way as a decomposed horse. It so sad that SO MANY AA women cannot accept the fact that the typical AA male has been defeated and conquered and virtually all of them these days have voluntarily surrendered. This is proven by their ACTIONS and/or inaction.

    There is a small percentage of AA males and other bm who haven't surrendered, but it's almost impossible to identify them.

    AA women and similarly situated bw MUST seek out stronger, higher functioning men in the world as mates. DO IT NOW! We've known for thousands of years that the fate of women in the patriarchal world rises or falls in direct proportion to their male consorts--and these consort males can be ANY strong, high functioning MAN in the global village. This must be a #1 priority. This must be a #1 priority, This must be a #1 priority. LOL! I really don't know how to say this more emphatically.

    I want to emphasize that this is the way of the world because so many blacks continue to be shocked and surprised. I don't take any of this personally. I'm not angry at any GROUP of people. I'm a realist. They're only doing to me/us what I would do to them if I had the wherewithal because it's about survival. Sometimes, I do get angry at individuals though. But anger towards whole groups is a waste of time because IF you don't protect yourself one group or another IS going to savage you.

  • A.C.

    Hello Everyone.

    Having read your comments, I've come to realise that You guys are lucky you have "good" theatre to see with positive reinforcements of Black Women in the theatrical presentations of "Sabrina" and "Oklahoma". Unfortunately many people here in the Caribbean venerate TP and we even have a "Caribbean" version of his plays! Yes we do! The only good rendition was "The Vagina Monologues" and since then(2 years ago) it has not been re-played in our theatrical circuit. We have silly, stupid comedies about hypersexual black women who attempt to have sex with equally hypersexual men. Or gay men who discover they are gay etc, etc, etc. Total boredom and stupidity and here comes TP to feed the stupidity more. TP films are sold out here like hot bread and people refuse to see them for what they really are. Can you imagine how I was shot down for my arguments about the film "Why did I get married 2"? Many aspects of the film did not make sense for example (and this was my main beef):

    Why would a woman who escapes from an abusive relationship run back to her abuser just because he has cancer? I totally did not get that… does she not have a sense of self?

    Of course as a Literature teacher I made it a point to discuss the plot during a tail end of one of my Lit. classes. Much of his perspective does not make sense and as a WOMAN and TEACHER, I've made it my DUTY to let my students QUESTION, QUESTION, QUESTION, RESEARCH, THINK, OBSERVE AND PROVE.

    Now that "For Coloured girls" is due out, many of my students are eager to see it and I will go with them: JUST TO HAVE THEM RESEARCH THE PLAY beforehand, QUESTION, THINK, OBSERVE AND PROVE. I want to make sure that they know the difference between what the playwright REALLY meant and the playwright's vision versus the watered down version that is possibly going to be presented not just to an AA audience, but a WORLD audience! Now that you are all saying what I suspected to be true, I think I will just show my students "Ruby's Bucket of Blood" with Anela Bassett during drama class and have my students do a critique. If you have any other films to recommend, please do! Heaven knows they are always in need of good films to look at instead of watered down stuff and nonsense.

    I shall do my part to enlighten my students. I think they have already begun to see through the looking glass (many of them have begun to question TP's perspective of Blacks)… now it's my time to BREAK IT!!!

  • j

    I know, if many black women that would get together and create movies for ourselves, the situation would change: there is a play called MEMPHIS which is about early r&b music and I would LOVE for it to become a movie--it's set in the early 50's and the main characters are a black woman white man couple--the white man is a radio dj and the black woman is a singer who wants to get heard

  • Neecy

    Let me ask Khadija and some others -- regarding this male dissasociation thing. What are your thoughts on who is behind it and why. Is the ultimate goal to completely eradicate Black women? What is the goal behind this is my question. i have my own thoughts but would first like to hear what you ladies think and why.

  • Neecy

    i have no desire to see that depressing looking mess. Black women need to stop supporting these dark films that always make us look like we have issues. I cannot imagine what most people are thinking -- when they see these depictions of Black women always having some problem etc.

    i am TIRED of it and i am TIRED of TIRED PERRY.

    Khadija and some of the other ladies on here got it right: Black women are being targeted for dissasociation from men b/c I cannot imagine any man who would look at the constant depictions and portaryals of BW (without knowing any personally to counteract these images) to think of a Black woman as his long time companion. With all the suffering, mental and physical anguish etc. its downright depressing. Everytime I look at one of his posters for this movie I cringe "for colored girls only". Can you imagine what most people must be thinking when they read that? i understand it was a play and whatnot back in the day, but its 2010, BW need to stop allowing others to seperate and other us from the normal population.

    ENOUGH already.

  • Evia Moore

    Oops! I meant to say below that 'AA men' would try to go beserk in attacking TP if the movie production of "For Colored Girls" is anywhere near the same in intensity and focus as the B'way play I saw.

    And if any of you really want to know what's in that play, please, please just read the original book as Miss Glamtastic (Tia) mentioned.

  • Evia Moore

    Faith, THANK YOU! I had told Darren that I wanted to see "For Colored Girls," but I just couldn't/can't because of TP's involvement. I saw an off-Broadway performance of the play years ago, and it was just so powerful until I'll never forget some of those scenes. I can still even remember some of the painful dialogue. It was just that gripping. That play actually changed me forevermore. It pulled ALL the wool from over my eyes about DBRbm. I do NOT believe that TP's production can possibly be that raw and truthful because AA would try to go beserk. It would radicalize a LOT of AA women and make a LOT of the bw viewers burn ALL bridges between them and bm. I believe his production is going to be watered down a whole lot.

    I absolutely detest TP. Why does he have to devalue bw in order to fatten his pockets??? He does it because he knows he can get away with it. He knows that perception is reality. He goes out of his way to slant the perception of typical bw as undesirable females and we're not supposed to detect that. A lot of bm KNOW that many bw don't really like each other and they use that to pit bw against each other. Also, he's simply using bw as the wind beneath his wings. Trust me--other groups of women would NEVER tolerate this.

    @Miss Glamtastic (Tia) re:

    Evia stated it best: we need to “jampack these theatres.” We have to support productions that portray us in a good light. I will be going to see Oklahoma! as well.

    Yep. While bw are in the process of setting up their own production apparatus, we need to clearly send the message to white producers and directors that We black women will make you filthy rich if you depict us in the way we want to be depicted. Absolutely nothing talks like ORGANIZED will and money because:

    Organized Will + Organized money = POWER.

    Other groups of people are not just magically powerful. They're DOING certain things that create their power. ANY group of people can be powerful IF they do those things and these certain things are NOT a secret.

    I respect Oprah for a lot of things, but I totally disagree with her re supporting TP. I think she supports him due to their both having been sexually abused and the pain they share from that. BTW, I read somewhere that Oprah has opened over 200 girls' schools on the African continent. That's a part of her legacy. IMO, Oprah has given up on AA women and I think it's because so many AA women keep trying to push their heads up a bm's butt. I read that Serena Williams is following suit and also opening up schools in Africa for black girls there. Of course, they're both criticized in some quarters for not also setting up schools for black boys.

  • Faith, I saw one Tyler Perry movie on a group outing years ago, and that was it. I don't have an urge to see anything that seems to be one attempt after another to make me eat something I only end up regurgitating.

  • I started leaving TP alone once I got into the BWE movement. I know that there are *some* BW living a life very much like his characters. But what his movies lack is tastefulness- the difference between his characters and the non-Black characters portrayed in other movies is tackiness. Compare Keisha Knight-Pulliam (hooker in Madea Goes to Jail) to Julia Roberts (hooker in Pretty Woman); or compare Kimberly Elise (scorned wife in Diary of a Mad Black Woman) to Goldie Hawn, Bette Midler, or Diane Keaton (scorned wives in the First Wives Club), or even compare Lynn Whitfield (momma pimping out her daughterss in Madea's Family Reunion) to Rosalind Russell (momma pimping out her daughters in Gypsy.) He has an uncanny ability to paint the female characters in the worst way possible, even the protagonists. And BW will still enjoy the film, because they identify with the character, even if the personality portrayed borders on ridiculous.

    Maybe the real reason why I don't like TP's films anymore is because I was exposed to great movies as a child, therefore, I knew that I wasn't missing anything by avoiding his films. Yeah, won't be seeing "For Colored Girls." I can read the play-I'm sure I'll get more out of it.

  • Um, do we realize that if we don't like anything on TV and the movies, we can take the radical step of NOT. WATCHING. ANY. OF. IT?

    Weekend before last I caught matinee showing of Sabrina Fair at the Ford Theater in D.C. Yeah, it was around $65 but it was well worth it to see a black woman portray the lead in a romantic comedy.

    I don't go to the movies or rent/download them much anyway, but if I did I would be willing to stop doing that and go to plays such as these when they come around with the money I would have spent.

    In the near future, I will be going to see a black woman play romantic lead in the new production of "Oklahoma!" We keep funding our disassociation at our own peril.

    If I didn't live near any productions of this kind, I would GLADLY rather buy a ticket online and not be able make it to the theater, than spend less $$ and go see mess in person.

  • E

    I stopped watching TP after that movie where he had Sanaa Lathan's husband slap her clear over a counter and the audience clapped. In ever other mainstream sector of society, domestic violence toward women in not ok, but putting a black woman in her place with violence, especially after she got with a white man, is ok? Hmmm. Tyler Perry writes the same characters over and over again and the antagonist is always a career-focused, ambitious black women who needs to be taken down a peg or two, and then paired with her blue collar black knight. It's fairy tales for socially underexposed black women. WTF is up with that? TP engenders hate from those of us who have a clue because the hate he has for women like me drips from every 'film' he makes. A black man dressed as a huge black woman in a dress? with a gun? beats children? Hahaha, let's all laugh, right? But the joke is on US. Take a read of Patricia Hill Collins' Black Feminist Politics if you have't. Her historical explanations of these controlling images like the asexual mammy, the loud, sassy Sapphire, etc. blew my mind.

    I don't know where I read this but it totally resonates. Black women are being targeted for disassociation. Between rap music, 'R&B' music (which today is just raunchy rap set to a beat by the likes of haters like Usher, Ne-Yo, etc.), TP movies, Pine Sol and Popeye commercials with mammy-like spokespersons, I rarely see black women portrayed in a way I deem positive. And no, help is not on the way. Folks like C. Delores Tucker in the early 90s saw the writing on the wall but were shut down by everyone from Snoop Dogg to so-called First Amendment supporters and look what we have now? 10 year old dancing on the BET stage like hookers, oow births at 70% and rising. It's madness! Save yourselves, ladies. Get yourself into a safe area, only mingle with decent men and people who share your values, get as much education as you can and flee! And yes, do not ever participate or fund your own oppression if you can help it. Faith, you are saving lives here. Thank you!

  • Patricia Kayden

    Since I am one of those crazy BW who love Tyler Perry movies, I have to respectfully disagree. But to each his/her own.

    Not saying that all his movies/plays are my cup of tea, but I don't understand the hate that he engenders in some quarters.

    If you don't like him or his products, let us know what movies/directors you do like and encourage us to watch/support them. Just my 2 cents.

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