Does Ashley Judd Think She’s The Rosa Parks Of Patriarchy?

Victim or Victimhood Peddler?

Puffy or Not Is Ashley Judd The Real Face Of Sexism?

Poor Ashley is having a very public moment. Maybe she’s going through something privately that’s making her a little extra-sensitive these days. I can’t imagine why she’d take the time to write an entire essay about what she purports is a ra-ra sisterhood stance combating misogyny and body-shaming if she’s as rooted as she claims: 

The only thing that matters is how I feel about myself, my personal integrity, and my relationship with my Creator.

Now that television outlets have picked up on the story this is becoming a huge media circus going into Week Two – amongst those who have time to pay attention. Some people would have women believing we’re lesser-than, oppressed and victims under-siege with no recourse.

This time what we need to reassess and discard isn’t part of Blackistan Thought Propaganda but a lopsided, distorted feminist ideology. To me all of her righteous indignation reads more like self-indulgent posturing that’s an emotional response for not being considered a Sexy Young Thang anymore.

**Begins crocodile tears and a pout.

She has a mid-season replacement action thriller about a former CIA operative to promote. Since the ratings have dropped, it isn’t likely to be renewed. I didn’t notice that she looked as if she’s had any work done in the episodes that have aired so far. Which might have changed during her press tour and why she responded.  Her gorgeous co-star sidekick character who’s not big and loud but downtrodden with relationship issues Aunjenue Ellis is the same age (43) and you’d be hard-pressed to notice.

Black women tend to age much better. It’s one of the only benefits we get: melanin and oily skin slows the aging process to a crawl. Of course that “double-burden” of gendered sexism adds unnecessary stress. Wanna trade places Ashley? Doubt it!

Affirmative Action For White Women Is Par For The Course

Understand, my analysis is not a complaint but an observation of certain systems in place. Due to built-in statuses, some of these arguments about patriarchal oppression is really a power grab.

The fact that “women and minorities” is part of the social lexicon shows how much has already been won for them. African-American women in particular paid a high price to build this country. Furthermore, the beatings, rapes and abuse the matriarchs specifically endured to secure Civil Rights legislation only to see non-blacks and black immigrants collectively advance in accessing those treasures cannot be ignored.

White women automatically being added to EEOC categories ensured their seat at the table with their so-called ‘oppressors’. So does control of every ‘feminist’ organization.

Aging is part of life, but it’s really hard for beauty queens and actresses, especially American white actresses to age gracefully. I know – it’s because Hollywood is sexist  – cue the violins – except for all those pesky opportunities automatically afforded them they rarely acknowledge.

It is not a level playing field. There is no ‘equality’. We’re not the same. Women don’t always take the high road with each other. That’s life. The sooner we stop pretending, more women will better negotiate alliances and decide the parameters of their support.

Racism and Sexism Intersect Or Hadn’t You Heard?

Ashley Judd is a wealthy woman of privilege. She’s been a celebrity most of her adult life. She has a hot husband. For all her criticism of misogyny and anti-patriarchy blah blah blah my eyes are gonna glaze over she most certainly wasn’t complaining when circumstances benefited her. With all due respect to her long illustrious career, I can’t recall one breakout role of hers. All I recall is her famous last name.

You know I could have written a response hailing Judd, that supported this down with ‘the man’ attitude and gotten picked up by some white privilege oriented feminist blogs, but that obscures the need for other women to better strategize for fuller lives. When assessing true allies transparency and reciprocity are required. I’m indifferent to her plight because she threw black women under the bus last year.

Apparently some of the repeat offending DBR (c)rappers took umbrage to the potential conscious-raising attention from her ACCURATE assessment about the Hip Hop Industrial Complex promoting rape culture briefly mentioned in her memoirs. Of course everyone and their mama knows this is about black male assaults against black women, but it benefits white women to remain silent. It certainly benefited Judd.

Another essay excerpt:

Patriarchy is a system in which both women and men participate. It privileges, inter alia, the interests of boys and men over the bodily integrity, autonomy, and dignity of girls and women. It is subtle, insidious, and never more dangerous than when women passionately deny that they themselves are engaging in it.

When a few of them whined to the press last year, she quickly proffered a public recanting with Russell Simmons of all people.  April 2011 – Ashley Judd Doesn’t Want A Hip-Hop Beef

We are either part of the problem, or part of the solution. There is no in-between.

So she has full understanding of misogyny when it applies to her personal life, but can’t connect the dots when it comes to other women. Okay Ashley. I’m gonna play dumb, too. Let’s start a prayer circle for a rich, famous white woman who is an Executive Producer and lead in her own tv series, married, supported, “usually wrinkle-free” AND a size 2/4 because the world isn’t falling down in worship.

Satisfied now?

One could argue she didn’t stick to her point with the DBRs lest (false) race accusations got the way, but I think she could have articulated RACIO-MISOGYNY. Gosh, if she can’t take that small amount of criticism, she’d never be able to survive the full-on assault black women have had to endure.

I’m not saying she doesn’t have a case to gripe about or has a perfect life. We all have problems. I’m saying you have to evaluate the sum total of circumstances. Is it patriarchy or did she just look bad? If she chooses not to have any plastic surgery or fillers or tweaks that’s her choice and we can applaud that. She’s going against the status quo and there are going to be some industry types who will push back. It’s part of the territory.

Complaining about how men get to age and be fat is a moot point. I’ve watched several tv shows and movies where the under 30 year-old male leads are buffed, manscaped and botoxed. I think there was a certain generation of established male stars who did get away with that. Not anymore! It’s not just women who must comply.

For all of the claims of oppression, white women are running movie studios and they’re still considered the standard of beauty. Nepotism is rampant – or you can just refer to it as daddy, brother, cousin and family friend opening doors, especially amongst certain groups.

I read a movie reviewer complain recently about how a young lead actress only got paid half a million to star in a huge mega blockbuster. There was not one non-white actress who even had a sliver of a chance getting cast. I have a funny feeling an actress of Viola Davis’ caliber has barely been paid half a million for anything to date.

This complete whitewashing of the disparities the rest of the population of women face (to an extent) tells me how easily some choose to forget – if they ever noticed beyond paying lip-service.

Which is why I won’t go hunting for my Mammy Cape trying to rescue certain people for what are individual issues. This lesson has only been reinforced dozens of times since I began blogging. More AA women should ask how much will Misogyny Hypocrisy cost them? 

I need a white woman victim tune-out because for one thing it’s grossly exaggerated and two it’s completely self-focused. You gotta hand it to them though because they stay on message and work together. Something black women need to learn from. I see why Asian women opted to bypass all of this publicly (name me two Asian political ‘feminists’ who have an Executive Level/Spokesperson role at any of these feminist organizations) and instead MARRY the “oppressors”. It’s very smart.

Like I said during my post about Marie Claire‘s fake out, more of those women will continue beating the “White Males Are Defective” drum trying to poison the well. You see white women and black males using similar tactics in attempting to undermine their dominance.  Other women are not going to buy into that. There’s a HUGE difference between navigating boundaries and goals with a willing man and dealing with a DBR – or a combative, ethically challenged woman. Power grabs and emasculation techniques because some biological females don’t appreciate being women will continue to backfire for them.

I am a woman and I’m tired of hearing about how bad they have it. They’re just driving the better-functioning men away and fueling the extremists. Remember rampant misogynist males were raised and influenced by women. Where’s the critical analysis of that?! We just need to state for the record that some women purporting their version of a “feminist” message do not speak for every similarly situated woman.

See AOFB post: abundance is where women who don’t want to wallow in powerlessness go to create a better life  

The Kate Hudson Debacle, or Why Feminism is for White Women Again

Ashley Judd pens wordy essay on patriarchy & Botox, I think

photo credit: AP

16 Replies to “Does Ashley Judd Think She’s The Rosa Parks Of Patriarchy?”

  1. This is the same woman who backed down on her comments about rap(e) music, yes? She surely didn't have a problem leaving BW hanging.

  2. Well, I for one do not feel sorry for her. Personally, I think AJ is a nice-looking lady. It's unfortunate that her social culture is obsessed with females looking like they're in their late teens to mid-twenties forever. But, frankly, I don't care. WW are (overwhelmingly) supported, provided for, and protected. So, they have MUCH to be thankful for. The reality is that we all age--some better than others. [ 🙂 ] Furthermore, as you've pointed out, women like AJ don't complain when they receive benefits for various forms of social discrimination (e.g. weight discrimination). I guess we all get our turn to experience some form of rejection.

    AAW don't need to become concerned about these issues, IMO. We need to focus on our own needs and interests. We can and SHOULD maximize and capitalize on our natural assets (like aging gracefully). We need to work on taking care of ourselves and optimizing the quality of the package we offer to the world. I've been working on it, and it makes a positive difference. Furthermore, while I do not expect a man to look like a movie star, I DO expect him to take measures to optimize his health and preserve his physical condition. I'm not marrying any dough boys. Lol. I believe in reciprocity. I'll take care of myself, and you do the same.

    Ashley has MUCH to be thankful for. I have no tears.

    1. It was worthy of discussing to point out the hypocrisy of many white feminists in aligning with black male misogynists who mostly trash black women, while waving the Oppression banner.

      I could also remind folks about the pre-nomination time four years ago when white supporters of NOW/Emily's List/NARAL took to the web calling black women every N-word and derogatory phrase they could think of, while threatening to pull support of these groups when they officially endorsed Barack over Hillary.

      We can continue to expect reciprocity while moving forward. This is part of an overall life strategy for AA women to remind them alliances should not be assumed.

      1. I assume that you are not arguing that Ashley Judd is a White feminist aligned with Black male misogynists, who waves the Oppression banner. I'm not sure why you decided to pick her out as the boogeywoman.

        Yes, I agree with you that there are many White women who are hypocritical inasmuch that they only care about their self interests, but cannot put themselves in the shoes of Black/minority women. In fact, I recall hearing White feminists quarreling when some Black women wanted to discuss apartheid at a women's rally I attended back in the 80s. The White women wanted to know how apartheid was a "feminist issue". So I completely get your point.

        I'm just not sure that Ms. Judd is "the enemy". But perhaps I am biased because I love her movies. LOL.

        1. Yes, I am pointing out her blatant hypocrisy in "aligning herself with Black male misogynists, who waves the Oppression banner" as this is EXACTLY what she's done.

          That is not the behavior of an ALLY. Y'all can decide if she's an enemy. I am not invested in affirming her as a victim of anything but a crooked neck from too much navel-gazing.

      2. Non-BW (imo) are predominantly interested in preserving their privileged/assumed status over BW. They really aren't interested in our needs or concerns. I've never sensed any TRUE interest in sisterhood, from these groups. They may be "nice". But, just have a relationship with one of "their" men, and you will see how "nice"/"sisterly" they truly are (not). It is my opinion that heterosexual AAW need to focus on establishing quality relationships with strong heterosexual men. I think the support we establish from those sources will be more loyal and secure over the long-term. But, hey, I'm old-fashioned, and I care more about quality marriages and families than politics.

        1. We can take care of protecting our interests -- personally, professionally and elevate social standing.

          I don't even take the pushback as an affront. It's a normal response. Whereas BW stand in line, pay admission to get punched in the gut and turn around for a kick in the rear.

          Older feminists are trying to close the wage gaps and secure other protections esp helpful to single women. We need to keep the historical contributions in mind.

          I'm pointing out situations where there are gross imbalances that undermine all the good that's been done.

  3. This just in: The League of Angry Puffer Fish would like to express it's concern over the insensitive use of the word "puffy" as well as to express regret for the fact that Ashley Judd clearly considered it an insult to be associated with the De-flatingly Challenged or DC members of our society. As both "puffy" citizens and citizens of the amphibian race it is outrageous to us that in the 21st century there is still so much intolerance toward DC people and amphibians alike. Puffer Fish already face terrorism from fisherman and other predators of the sea on a day to day basis and for such a privileged member of society to fail to recognize how their words can hurt and possibly influence others to continue in anti-DC attitudes and behaviors is wrong and insensitive. As an expression of apology, we invite Ms. Judd to participate in our annual Puffy Pride Parade as we raise awareness with our "Puffer Fish are People Too" campaign and protest against the evils of sushi.

    *yawn* I wonder if she would protest against patriarchy so much if they knew what it was like to not have the protection it offered….

  4. Right, to uphold the solidarity and action-focus of black women, let's hate on Asian women. Go sisterhood.

  5. Faith said: It would be even better for AA women to stop trashing white men and blindly defending/denying black male denigration and abuse.

    YESSSSSS!!! Where has being a pitbull guard dog for black men gotten black women? Why are we fighting other people's (black men and non-black women) battles. It is time to focus on ourselves, our image.
    I think Asian women are the smartest of all.

    1. The AA women collective is too embedded in their dysfunction, even amongst a portion of the visitors at this forum. They will READ or VENT but NOT DO ANYTHING to FREE their minds and make changes.

      I'm trying to ensure accountability and discernment is applied in ALL of our relationships. We have avoid some of the mistakes other women are making to best position ourselves for greatness.

  6. right on! so sick of white women complaining about how bad they have it. they wouldn't pay to trade places with non-white women and their struggles. Ashely has reaped a small portion of what she has sown. She even admitted that in the past she criticized based on physical apperance. Now that those chickens have come home to roost; after all most white women do not age well so famous rich white woman HAVE to get botox; she wants to cry unfair. Girl please, have a seat on the 1953 back of the colored line section bus.

    1. There's a few aspects where having the more rabid anti-male 'feminist' ideologues being white women works to black women's advantage. It would be even better for AA women to stop trashing white men and blindly defending/denying black male denigration and abuse. I look at their power grabs as an effective Trickle-Down benefit to make up for certain privileges. And there are some individuals who prove loyalty across the board. We have to create opportunities where we can.

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