Did You Take Your Happiness Shot Today?

I’m Beta Testing the new site, “Happify” which offers scientific research and behavioral adjustments to diminish stress and hopefully give us coping mechanisms and a different outlook to feel more balanced  and joyful overall. Well, that’s my take on it since I don’t believe in cure-alls (whether it be chemical additives, sex, religion, big-ticket consumer goods, a better-than-thou lifestyle or reckless thrill-seeking) or even think we’re supposed to be “happy” 24/7.

There is no universal happiness in my opinion, because we are all individuals and wired differently. What satisfies one person, would incite another to jump off a cliff. Having support mechanisms in place help tremendously whether the person has a positive outlook or not. Biological and hormonal predispositions cannot be discarded either, nor the medicine that seeks to address some of these imbalances.

Since we seem to be operating under the assumption of free will and certain privileges being granted to us, then wouldn’t the logical progression be that we can be a fixed port during the storms of life  to a certain extent? Ignoring certain active circumstances that can have a negative impact or offer great benefit would be too dogmatic.

I do wish there was a magic ritual or formula that would guarantee a state of perpetual bliss. So it all comes full-circle in that we need to delve deep to figure out who we are, what we want and what we’re willing to sacrifice to get there within a time limit. Who we want to be, who will remain in our lives and how to make room for an ‘upgrade’. A dash of philosophical outlook with realism and finding practical solutions that work.

You will never discover your true self or reach true happiness by seeking approval and happiness outside of yourself. When you connect within to your true self, the happiness outside will come in no time and the approval and opinions of others will no longer be relevant.

Graphic courtesy of Living From The Inside Out.

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