Did You Know Christmas Markets Were This Popular?

Back to lighter fare! With so much discussion about the commercial aspects of Christmas – at least here in the United States – people may not realize the social aspects of home, hearth and family are still appreciated. The European Christmas Markets are a well-established tradition.

Think of them as outdoor festivals with lots of decorations and a formal meeting place where people may connect with each other. Children participate, which makes for a less raucous affair.

If you’re traveling this time of year, I imagine it would be great fun to attend a few. It is winter, so dress for warmth. Aside from religious overtones and any underlying pressure to buy material goods, I think the effort put into decorating, making comfort foods and celebrating life and love is something we can do year round.

Personally, I love any positive influence that encourages us to be kinder, more generous and smile often. Let’s bottle some of this cheer to spread around throughout the year. Remember, it’s just a state of mind. Here’s a few travel blog links with photos!

Mr. and Mrs. Globetrot visit Lviv, Vienna and Budapest. They’re professional photogs, so their pix are always drool-worthy haha!

A Lady In London visits Cologne. Pretty.

Here’s a few more pics using the search parameter Christmas Markets found on Pinterest and at the top of the post. Have a safe and relaxing few days.