Did Steve Stoute Try To Link Kim Kardashian To His Black Woman Bashing?

Any black person with even a rudimentary knowledge about our history knows the reasons that black women’s bodies, hair texture, phenotype and skin shade have been historically politicized and dehumanized. In the context of interacting with the dominant white groups, blacks can intellectualize Eurocentric standards of beauty and worth hasn’t been supportive in acknowledging our particular beauty. In turn black men and women internalized this on varying levels, across the span of ethnicities and nationalities.

Typical West-African ‘Negroid’ features being labeled unattractive was a manipulation tool used by the dominating group for control. The attitude of defeat (from not being proud to come from ancestors who SURVIVED chattel slavery) has been passed amongst the black collective like a permanent defect upon birth. The present ongoing conflict lies in how black women and girls are continuously assaulted (physically, mentally, emotionally) by other blacks and the lack of accountability for it.

We have the POWER to change those patterns now.

If anything there’s a responsibility to examine ALL of the motivators so black women can set high standards in how they’re treated.

If some of our ancestors had the strength to resist enslavement, not believing their circumstances defined them..then we certainly have the power to stop promoting the hateful, anti-black woman LIE that more Afrocentric hair and skin shades are inferior.

Black on black color racism and gender oppression is FAR WORSE! People just need to leave black women and their hair alone.

Here’s a Tweet (message from Twitter) from Kim Kardashian. I have to state I’m not a fan (they’re referred to as KarTRASHians for a reason), but I’ve never gotten the vibe of an underlying disrespect for African American women publicly displayed along the lines of a LaLa Vasquez or Kimora Lee Simmons.

 Steve Stoute is a current investor of Carol’s Daughter. He was the brains behind their failed “polyethnic” marketing campaign last Fall meant to replace more traditional-looking black women (like former Spokesmodels Jada Pinkett Smith and Mary J. Blige). The ads featured women who claimed other heritage than black which basically insulted those who had made the company so successful.

Founder Lisa Price was curiously silent about Stoute’s erasure attempt. Such emotional abuse at the hands of those who should treat their customer base respectfully has been normalized.

Stoute resent a racist comment and formatted it to APPEAR as a message from Kim Kardashian. Why did he SET HER UP LIKE THAT? Does he deserve the benefit of doubt? She’s far more famous and wealthier than he is. Personally, if you’ve gotta live vicariously through a celebrity I’d chose Nicole Beharie these days but OBVIOUSLY you should be building your own life, seeking out those who bring value to you.

Perhaps Stoute’s a (Twitter) idiot. If you modify an original Tweet (message) use MT to indicate you’ve edited it. Use RT when you resend it. Separate your reply when adding a comment. Here’s an example:

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Ah, but there’s that pesky little problem with his BLATANT insult of BW who don’t have wash and go hair. Tightly coiled hair close to the root can be smoothed out with a brush but it doesn’t lay flat without chemical processing (relaxers, which alter the structure of natural hair).

Basically “the kitchen” references getting your ‘nappy’ = bad hair temporarily straightened by a metal comb that had to be heated on the stove located in the kitchen. It also includes the hair area at the nape or sides of your head that reverts back to its natural textures because sweating will undo the heat styling that loosened the coils.

This is usually a requirement for girls. The hair must be straight at all costs! I’m sure this is news to some of you readers, but we don’t need to discuss the details of hairstyling techniques.

Women should do whatever makes them feel beautiful whether they wear extra hair, chemically alter it or not. The issue for BW is WHO motivates them and WHY. How what should be simple choices in a woman’s beauty arsenal is used as a blunt instrument to destroy her self-worth at the start of her young life.

For the record, I used to be a customer but their mediocre, overpriced products are too greasy & don’t properly hydrate my “kitchen”. British BW aren’t likely to travel all the way to Harrods when there are plenty of other shops in their local neighborhoods like Hackney, Peckham and Brixton anyway! That’s for the tourists I guess.

I think it’s HILARIOUS they’re now launching a Naturals line while Stoute keeps dissing us. For the love of God…and commerce GO where you are appreciated!!

The attitude and behavior of MOST black males is shared by the Stoute’s of the world. It’s POISON for us and other black women are often more diligent in oppressing each other in service to that defect. It’s a choice. It’s not healthy for for a woman’s emotional or personal growth and development.

The irony is how blacks incorrectly focus on white racism in assuming the white hierarchy doesn’t appreciate our unique beauty. Or how “Hollywood” doesn’t do x, y or z. Yet we ignore how we’ve been trained to react negatively to white men in particular, who are often willing to affirm us to get caught up what is in essence a failed patriarchy battle black males lost a long time ago. For all of their complaints, they stay focused on escaping blackness through lighter, brighter, whiter and non-black women to feel good about themselves.The reasons for other group’s (white, Asian, Latino,foreign blacks) continued and emerging dominance is because they focus on building strong family units. The majority of AA black males don’t marry at all, so this is a huge indicator of their misplaced priorities.

That is when they’re not attacking black women. Psychiatrists often diagnose how the most insecure, least attractive, morally bankrupt types often throw shade at others. Indeed we see the results of depravity stemming from black males who are conquered and feel inadequate taking it out on (non-exotic) black women and girls the most.

Sexual harassment claim filed by former employee:

Some of Stoute’s other illegal moves, the complaint alleges: that he told her to dress “sexy,” to wear “skimpy outfits” when she delivered papers to him, that he wanted her to come into his office just so he could look at her, that he would rub and touch her stomach, frequently grabbed her buttocks, pulled her onto his lap, and told her that he didn’t want a girlfriend, just someone to have sex with.

You might think you’re an exception and  above all of this, but if you haven’t really dug deep to purge the LIES, you may still harbor feelings of inadequacy. Mary wishes for a femininity that includes long, flowing hair. Begin at the 9:52 mark of the interview. Yeah the irony of MJB and  BW-hating Negro Fool# 2,796 running a women’s empowerment center isn’t lost on me.

It isn’t your burden to bear or problem to remedy. Any changes for these individuals is between them, their God and a qualified medical professional. Or law enforcement!! Your interests will best be served when you set standards for behavior with penalties for violating terms. Stop ignoring, excusing and denying the mistreatment from the Damaged Beyond Repair (DBR). They won’t change.

We’ve seen how EAGER your black kangs were to ERASE ALL BLACK WOMEN from Red Tails. And how some ‘random’ powerful white male dating a black woman didn’t blink at it. Makes one wonder if BW ever look to encouraging their collective upward mobility.

Some of you are still buying Carol’s Daughter. You’re still defending and engaging with the DBRs. You’re assuming that every BW discussing DBRs are Pro-BW, but peeling beneath the surface with minimum testing you’d be surprised to find their admonishment is motivated by trying to shame those negroes into good behavior: namely caring for and about BW & kids. Not gonna happen!! The idea of BW leaving instead of waiting sends them into a tizzy once exposed. They ‘talk’ empowerment and being a ‘happy BW’ but without the critical analysis and emotional separation, they’re only offering FAILED solutions.


BW must seek life-sustaining people, places & practices. Be more discerning. And discern some more.

We can only focus so much energy at the external – institutionalized racism. BUT WE CAN change personal attitudes when it comes to how we feel about ourselves.

If you want to see radical change, you must embrace radical things.

If anything there’s a responsibility to examine ALL of the motivators so black women can set high standards in how they’re treated.

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  1. That's such a waste I shoped a few times, over seven years ago, in the Carol's Daughter in the old Brooklyn shop on the corner near Brooklyn Tech High before they sold Black Carol up the river (LOL) and I really liked the high and strong smell of geranium in their Baby Wash in my hair. But if their products are mediocre and they prefer only Mariah and Jennifer Beals-types to everybody else who got them off the ground….then whatever. LOL Harrods?…. All the way there for some mediocre Vaseline??….. XD

    XD XD

    1. Black Carol hahaha! Such was the ridiculousness of that "poly" ethnic nonsense. Mariah isn't AA and I have no idea if Beals even identifies as black? Certain hair textures using CD-type products would appear stringy and limp, but that's who's supposed to represent ALL of us?! Whatever…

  2. oops,,,why the 'aitch iii double hockey sticks' is Kartrashian TALKIN ABOUT 'KITCHENS' ANYWAY…if thats her…shes not black and its a sensitive subject for black women to say the least--i saw that saying on youtube

    1. She did NOT insult black women. That was the premise of the post. The off-topic comment won’t be published.

  3. Lol! I actually referred to myself as "Jaw" in my other post. I think one of the commenter got it right when they aid that most black people WANT to be slaves. Has it ever struck anybody as odd that ultimately the BC as a construct still takes cues for it's identity from slave time white supremacy? Ultimately, too many blacks still view them as the standard for all humanity. DBR's in reality want to be white men. For them, success isn't building a strong and viable group defining it's own guidelines for identifying but being accepted by whites. Does anybody ever notice how quick BM in particular are to try to identify with other minorities. One of the dumbest things I ever heard a BM say was that Hispanics are just Spanish speaking blacks. They always want other people to accept them and acknowledge their existence. And it's always funny to me when I see those same minorities rising in ranks and distancing themselves from this nonsense.

    Basically, they chose the wrong path. I mentioned on my blog once before that the self-help and self-sufficient values that our ancestors established at the Reconstruction were abandoned after the rise of the Black Power Movement which was really a Socialist/Marxist Movement and it was that which changed everything. They shifted the ideals of black manhood. The violence they advocated led the way for hip-hop ignorance and misogyny and now they are practically synonymous with black male identity. Instead of finding their worth as men in defeating the harmful social constructs that plague blacks and in building a stable and safe haven for women in children, they pride themselves in their sexuality, money and desirably by non-BW.That is what makes them feel like men. The work that they were supposed to do as men was just to hard I guess. They just don't care about the legacy they have left . And it's bad.

    1. I wondered about that sign-in name. So we understand WHY there's a permanent defect. We just need MORE black women accepting this and making better choices asap!!

      1. I agree with this. It's great that we get, and it's definitely sad to witness, but how does that knowledge help us black women not go down with the ship? The women who started the BWE blog movement are absolute godsends, but they can't be going through the ins and outs and roundabouts about DBR psychology forever, life is just too short. Why is it so hard for some of us to just focus on our own interests? That's what I personally think is a better use of time and energy in solving so we can MOVE ON, not "why are BM as damaged as they are?". I hope that doesn't come across too harshly, I don't mean to attack Jae's comment because I agree with her analysis, too.

        1. You're right. There are younger women getting vital information coming to these forums, but the 1st wave BWE readers have mostly remained passive. They may be (or think they're) stuck. The only thing we can do is provide information with appropriate context. It has ALWAYS been each individual's woman choice. If we have to HAMMER it to cut through their brick mental roadblocks I'm willing to do so with reminder posts. We've already mapped out every conceivable EXIT plan. Every motivation and catalyst. What muddies the water further are the BWE infiltrators and BW Compromisers, but again we can only point things out. This was never going to be a MASS movement, a majority. Most people are cowards. Everybody wants to "get along" instead of doing what's right. So we do offer the Mind/Body/Spirit component as tools willing women can use once they've decided to make a change. Aside from writing about affirming lifestyle topics and other heady topics, there's nothing else to cover except leaving crumbs on the trail.

    2. You hit the proverbial nail on its head. Black and other men of color want to be WHITE men. They always talk about their personal pride, but when they look at their children, it's the white man's face they'd rather see than their own.

      That's deep.

  4. *sigh* Mr.Stoute why is it essential to BM psyche that our hair is straightened? Why the obsession with getting BW to have straighter hair? Will our hair transform the black race into thriving dominant group? They usually turn around and say that BW straightening their hair made them hate themselves and chase non-BW anyway lol So BW go natural *crickets* "Well the WM taught us to hate ourselves so…" *eyeroll* Is our hair really whats keeping blacks from progressing? HAIR? BM seem to think their clever: yes, lets once again distract people, from our failures, by dissecting BW beauty choices. "Yes, I'm sure the secrets of our lost manhood will be revealed by BW's hair." I do wonder when they'll have their eureka moment: BM you fail because you focus on the most inconsequential things!
    I'm not to surprised that he tried to set up Kim, I mean DBR BM have made a culture of blaming women for their shortcomings.

    "For the record, I used to be a customer but their mediocre, overpriced products are too greasy & don’t properly hydrate my “kitchen”. "

    Yeah, Hair Milk did nothing for me. Luckily, Sephora lets you return products if it didn't work for you and I got my money back. Their Tui shampoo smelled good but it was no different from Suave or Herbal Essence really. Eh.

  5. This dude right here. He just cant give it a rest can he? He just cant help himself… The hate is strong with this one Obi-Wan. I suppose Kim did get it right when she said Carol's Daughter will be "Exited". I dont see that shop being viable in the UK. Its barely cutting the mustard here!

    I used to buy the CD's line years ago when they were that small shop in BK. When she went big time the ingredients and the scents changed. The products for the hair are bunk and useless. Add that to the fact that you hate me and my actually Black self? No thank you. I'll take my cash money elsewhere.

    I'll give CD another three years and then it will be filing for bankruptcy. She messed up big time when she invited a man who hates Black women in to run a company that sells products to Black women. I mean, how much more of a suicide bomber can she be? She basically brought this dude in to kill her business.

    1. Hehe her spelling error wasn't lost on me! I have no idea how viable the company is. If it concerns the founder there hasn't been any evidence displayed. Oh well. Those all-hallowed 'polyethnics' didn't come out in droves to support CD and they're stuck with those BW with "undone kitchens". Until they wise up.

  6. It must be hard to hate yourself or to hate your features. I'm not worried about my "kitchen" being undone. I think people like Stoute don't realize that many BW are proud of our natural hair and aren't trying to get "good hair". I used to buy from Carol's Daughter (in fact still have some of their products laying around) but have stopped buying from them quite some time ago. Wonder why their "anything but Black women" campaign failed.

    1. DBRs like Stoute -- who owe EVERYTHING to the BW they trash are miserable, pathetic cretins who are poison to ALL women. If he can’t sexually intimidate or pay for it, no sane woman would want him anyway. The buck stops with Lisa Price for not saying anything which makes me wonder if she’s a majority stakeholder anymore. That campaign failed because it was executed poorly and there was backlash. Really, all they need to do is keep dissing us and more BW will buy other -- better -- products!

  7. Mary's interview commentary was so sad. But, I'm not surprised. She's always seemed to be one who possessed typical "black think". But, notice how the main people who use terms like "good hair" are AAs and those who affiliate with typical DBRs. Some of those non-black audience members seemed to have slightly confused looks on their faces when she was talking. Also, notice how AA women feel the need to denigrate their own characteristics and look to others for validation of their self-denigration. It's a sad insanity. I'm glad I was able to pick up on these things even as a young girl. I'm also thankful that I've never been fully indoctrinated into typical "black think". That alone is one form of salvation. It should be obviously clear to any reasonable AA woman that it's time to move on.

    1. MJB has grown, but the work never stops. We already know MOST BW are going to stay behind. I'm using examples that are hopefully relatable so SOME will get it. We're talking like 1 out of 20 or 30 who might reconsider voluntary Blackistan slavery. That's the only reason why I continue with these types of posts…but they're time consuming and draining to write.

      1. You're correct. These topics ARE draining. I'm looking forward to seeing how the landscape has changed for BW and girls in the next 40 years. Mindsets are changing, and I believe there will be many black girls who benefit in the future.

  8. BM never cease to amaze me, in that they have no shame or embarrassment about the disintegration of their own community/population and their lack of support of their own women and children. Most other populations of men in the world consider the protection and success of their communities to be of primary importance. But, BM seem to prefer allowing their communities to fall apart--even destroying them intentionally--simply because they don't like their own racial reflection. BM would rather build up and support someone else's community and home. I say, let them. A slave will be a slave. And, a slave always takes care of someone else's house. But, these days, many AAs others CHOOSE to be slaves. So, they can't fault anyone but their own selves. But, this concept of manhood that is completely separate from any responsibility for protecting or building one's own population is exactly why my children are going to have a father from a different group.

  9. What a jerk and A PIG!!!

    His comment was totally unnecessary. It disturbs me that the derogation of black females is so accepted by the black community. Everyone cares about being politically correct, until it comes to discussing black females. It disappoints me to learn that BW are still willing to support the endeavors of this man or anyone like him. But, AA women defend themselves rarely, if at all.

    I have noticed over the years that it has been the white community that promotes traditional West African features and coloring as beautiful. THEY are the ones who strongly promoted models like Alek Wek. I remember AA women having a fit when she was placed on the cover of Essence magazine. Now, I have no problems with people having their own concept of attractiveness, but it's a lie, when blacks try to act like whites are the primary people denigrating the looks of fully black women. When I was a kid, I don't remember AAs supporting having full lips, naturally kinky hair, or darker skin. It wasn't until the white media starting promoting the beauty of full lips that AA women began talking about the beauty of their naturally full lips. Maybe my memory isn't long enough, but that's how I remember things.

    Unfortunately, many people of color love to be slaves. They speak of hating whites. Yet, they want white women and white-looking children. If they truly hated whites, that wouldn't be the case. The fact is they want to be white, and they're jealous and angry that they are not. I'm not racist, and I can be friends with or appreciate the beauty of anyone. However, I've often been accused of wanting to be white, simply because I don't focus on resentment and don't engage in low-class activities. Now, whites aren't perfect. I'll certainly acknowledge that. But, much of this hatred for whites is just concealed jealousy.

    1. i loved Alex's Messence cover. it was the most beautiful I'd seen her. Yes, I remember when the fashion industry was all over the East African models -- and how many AAs questioned it. It would be great if this lauding happened again.

      1. You raise a good point. Sudanese are East African. AAs accept Africans like Iman and Liya Kibede, but not Alek so much. I probably should have used Oluchi for the West African example (who BTW is married to an Italian fashion designer, and they have a beautiful son).

        1. I think the core issue is skin shade because she's dark-skinned. Blacks have their color meter off because they discount our entire spectrum. Michelle Obama is 'dark'. Beyonce is 'light'. Really Michelle is in the medium range. Beyonce has allegedly taken pills or treatments ala Sammy Sosa -- but obviously not to his extremes. Blacks -- even the exotic other -- along with plenty of other groups focus a lot of energy 'whitening' themselves. Even East Asians! So obviously this is bigger than with blacks alone. The difference of course is their males haven't run off, stopped all basic male responsibilities to family/community and they're not fighting white hegemony.

    2. A lot of BW are doing the same thing. The best thing BW can do is focus on healthy relationships with themselves and vetted others.

  10. I am soooooo sick of the term, "good hair," that I could scream. The indoctrination is deep and the sheeple are brainwashed. I feel sorry for Mary. Women of all ethnicities have to do something with their hair to style it. Mary should learn to love the hair that grows out of her head and see the beauty of her curls. That blonde wig (and Tyra's wig as well) look so fake. It won't happen in my lifetime but one day I hope that women of African descent would start appreciating our rainbow complexions and our glorious curly hair.

    1. If BGs weren't beat over the head by both BM & BW they wouldn't feel inadequate. BW have to do Mirror Work to restore self-image after acknowledging the racio-misogyny and move away from Blackistan.

      1. I totally agree! Each woman has to find that place of affirmation within herself.

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