Despite The Blatant “Open Season” Disrespect, Many Black Women ARE Setting Boundaries!

Did I catch the long tail of anti-black woman gendered racism from non-blacks reaching its peak? Or is there an increased awareness due to the extended social justice efforts of BWE that the lifestyle changes have spurred an even bigger cultural shift than we’ve realized?

Between recent coverage of Majora Carter, Dr. Dambisa Moyo oh and the pushback against the ongoing everyday assault on black women within the dead black community aka Blackistan, we’re witnessing an unprecedented number of attacks…but are they more likely to be recognized with more countermeasures in place?

The aggression may still occur, but it is not business as usual! The discrepancy between those demanding back women do this, cater to that, respond with “x” and serve their purposes without respect or reciprocity are over.

‘Shelly O’ Did Not Pull Out A Can Of Whoop-A**…Nor Did She Bend Over

Michelle Obama spoke at a private fundraiser a few nights ago. She was rudely interrupted by a hostile attendee with an axe to grind. Who demanded she tell her husband, the President to promote a specific gay agenda. You gotta love the gays. Pretty much every organization is run by a (n oppressed) white male and the last time I checked the interracial conflicts about whose needs were still being marginalized hasn’t abated.

So, it was a white woman activist, Ellen Sturtz of the gay-rights group GetEqual (nope, never heard of them either) this time. If you’re unfamiliar with my history of supporting LGBT issues pull the archives from 2008-09. My criticism as follows is about the behavior of the Gay Rights Industrial Complex (GRIC), not homo-or-trans phobia.  If you’ve got the funds to pay for an expensive dinner to hear FLOTUS speak, surely you can pick up a copy of Dale Carnegie and approach her properly!

Mrs. O stated:

“One of the things that I don’t do well is this,” she said to applause from most of the guests, according to a White House transcript.

“Do you understand? Listen to me or you can take the mic, but I’m leaving. You all decide. You have one choice.”

I was surprised FLOTUS turned the tables on her. That woman did not get a stereotypical neck-rolling, finger-waving, loud response. Nor did she get a pushover.  Mrs. Obama gave the women in that room a choice. They were getting ONE speech. Either the rest of her prepared speech OR the rantings from a disgruntled person. There would be no debate. It was bold and it flipped the script. That’s why Ms. Sturtz was asked to leave! She was wrong and her attitude in retelling the incident trying to make it appear that  Mrs. Obama was the aggressor shows her racism and misogyny.

How quickly that became this ‘Michelle Obama is a bully’ narrative – and moreso ‘Michelle Obama is a black *&%#’ is of course very telling of the prevailing gendered racism levied at black women that denies, dismisses and denigrates them  (us) all at once. I’m not here to debate whether Mrs. Obama was justified in her actions. Regardless of her powerful position as the current First Lady, the question people should be asking is whether those who’ve paid for private access with expectations of decorum have the right to ambush and attempt to publicly shame a public figure?

Based on a variety of responses from many white progressives and feminists, the answer is apparently – yes. CODEPINK, which defines themselves as a “women-initiated grassroots peace and social justice movement” sent a message on Twitter siding with the heckler and was put on blast by many women. They’ve since issued a ‘clarification’.

“By tweeting about how Michelle Obama “should have” responded to Ellen Sturtz’s interruption, we behaved in such a way that reflected a long history of white women dictating how Black women should behave.

Our actions were not in keeping with our own values as an organization. While yesterday’s interruption was not a CODEPINK action, it is exemplary of CODEPINK tactics, and the way we responded to it was insensitive and thoughtless”.

All you need to do is observe and take notes. True allies support. Opportunists take, demand and reveal themselves when you don’t follow their script. There will be crying and gnashing of teeth — ok let me quit, lol! You get the point. It’s a new day and more people find themselves hitting brick walls where they used to have open fields to run roughshod over black women. More and more have quietly set appropriate boundaries. Aaand….some folks don’t like it.  Too bad, so sad. Some of you will have to take your lumps as you figure it out.

The First Lady may be pressured to do the buck dancing her husband has employed his entire Presidency to appease a few malcontents. We’ve witnessed the disrespect and the ineffectiveness at combating racism, the political gridlock, the backpedaling and how little was accomplished.

Policymic writer Lena Rankin stated in: White Lady Heckles Michelle Obama — What Happens Next is Something Black Women Know All Too Well

The First Lady is a person, like any of us, and she has the right to determine the way she is treated. She has the right to speak in her own defense, just as you have the right to speak in yours. And she should not be caricatured, lectured, and demonized as hyper-aggressive or overly sensitive, phrases that we are so quick to call out when directed at white women, for defending herself and setting boundaries.

Take note, these are individual white women acknowledging their collective privilege and admitting to error.  Throughout the history of this forum we’ve discussed how other people’s agendas are not the first rule of order for the post-Black Women Empowerment era. It’s something I’ve struggled with. Not the Mammy role of saving the black community. The all-inclusive “cause” activism. We relate to the struggles and oppression of other folks and have given an unprecedented amount of time, energy and resources into fighting other people’s battles for them. Black women have been completely taken for granted. I cannot tell you the number of times I’ve had interlopers come to this forum to tell me I “should be” discussing and supporting their issues – but they’ve never approached me as an equal or offered to help with black women elevation.

Glamour Magazine’s Profile On Ending Rape (Culture) Is A Joke…But I’m Not Laughing

I’m witnessing the ongoing acceptance of anti-BW racio-misogynist Zerlina Maxwell by a lot of white feminists (and some equally foolish/spiteful black women) as a credible anti-rape activist that is unprecedented and disturbing. One, because so many claim to not know about her very public support of convicted rapist Genarlow Wilson as they’ve only focused on her Steubenville commentary. They weren’t paying attention to black-against-black women crimes because it doesn’t fit their narrative.  You cannot support the rapist in one case and the survivor in another when the only difference is the race of the teen girl victimized.

Two, because we already have several credible black women advocates who’ve extensively covered “rape culture” in the black community. What About Our Daughters has covered this since first discussing the atrocities at Dunbar Village back in 2007-8. The BWE pioneers have urged black women to flee from harmful people, places and practices as a matter of course, because the “rape culture” and lack of protection of black women and children continues to go unabated. If these media entities were serious about providing legit, complete discourse they would be contacting us. Instead, they pick a woman who is clearly compromised and insincere.

Of course black women must continue addressing intra-black aggression — but from a safe distance and with the support of allies. As we see ignoring the mass denigration by black males left the door open to outsiders to join in. White women will need to continually prove themselves as allies collectively if they want to be viewed as such. Since the days of Sojourner Truth asking, “Ain’t I A Woman“, there has been a concerted effort to “include” black and white women in a common space. There shouldn’t be this forced obligation and ‘guilt-trippin’. It hasn’t worked.

Zora Neale Hurston correctly identified the status of African-American women as Mule, so future generations would change it. Audre Lorde already told y’all, you can’t use the Master’s tools to dismantle the Master’s House. She also coined “The Personal As The Political”, which has been co-opted by nearly every white “progressive/feminist/LGBT group or discourse in some fashion.  Everything black women contribute of value is used by and attributed to outsiders because we’ve allowed this mass theft. So don’t go to the daughters or grand-daughter’s of the Masters expecting anything. Kimberle Crenshaw has clearly laid out “Intersectionality” so everyone would understand why black women occupy a certain position – so we could improve upon it!!.

There is no competition, no need to split one pie, with the first piece and biggest slices going to one group, not the other. And don’t make the mistake in assuming so-called ‘women of color’ circles will net better results.

Black women must have their own entities and focus and put themselves first from a position of strength before considering the value of  external relationships. Ultimately, THIS IS ABOUT PRINCIPLES — NOT PEOPLE!

If YOU were actively engaged in real support of your black women ‘allies’ you would know about Maxwell’s history of public statements against the teens in the Wilson case just as easily as her supportive ones for the Steubenville teen. Ah..but you wear shades of Marie Antoinette. And your friends gave her their stamp of approval, so you’re not going to question why the Emperor Has No Clothes. Tunnel vision and privilege.

Some of them are paid “Activists” and “Women’s Issues Thought Leaders”, writing about topics from Fat Acceptance to Rape Culture, ambulance-chasing popular trends and have nary a clue! But they ought to know better (because navel-gazing about selective oppression must get boring) and do better once ignorance of key facts has been revealed. Will they? Highly unlikely to rock the boat. Besides, the only person who really deserves credit for breaking Steubenville coverage when she posted in obscurity and got hate messages for it is Alexandria Goddard.

I understand why someone non-black intentionally chose a Trojan Horse like Zerlina Maxwell. Everybody hops on board hoping nobody asks any questions. Ignorance is bliss, I guess. Integrity doesn’t pay the bills when popularity is at stake. Do you think others care that despite proof to the contrary black women are thrown under the bus? Go read my Twitter timeline from the past two days (specifically my exchange with Kate Harding)! Maxwell supports a white woman victim, which ‘proves’ she cares about other people’s interests…just like a good Negro Pet. That’s all that matters to some folks. Well…these are your allies!

If you think Glamour has failed in their efforts at supporting women contact the magazine! Cynthia Leive, Editor-in-Chief, The Condé Nast Building, 4 Times Square, New York, NY 10036-6593 or Call 212-286-2860, Fax: 212-286-6922 or email Ms. Lieve is also on Twiitter under her name and @glamourmag is their account.

Pay attention to the white “feminists” piling on the criticism and other self-declared friendlies who don’t offer anything. Let people reveal themselves. Say goodbye to Gone With the Wind, Driving Miss Daisy and The Help. That era is over!! Your continued support must be constantly evaluated.

Remember the GLAAD and Perez Hilton situation that I addressed here?

If These Gay Rights Groups Don’t Come Down On Perez Hilton They’re Done!

V for Victory: The Policing Continues As Perez Says He’s Sorry!

I was surprised it got such a prompt response. Heck, I was kinda impressed it was ever addressed at all. When you raise the bar on how you allow others to treat you there will be a positive or negative response, but everyone will know where you stand.

Even after the post on Majora Carter and Dr. Dambisa Moyo, I’ve been getting nonsensical messages from some disgruntled persons who have nothing of substance to offer in their arguments. Banned!! I don’t have time for such foolishness. When you can’t elevate a conversation past a 3rd grade level of discourse you need to go play in the sandbox!


To make sure we’re focusing on solutions after conducting a lay of the land so to speak, this is just a friendly reminder to take responsibility where you can, vet your allies and issue Day passes instead of Lifetime Memberships, don’t stay focused on the trials and tribulations involving Blackistan, and continue positioning yourselves to make patriarchy work to your advantage. Marry and form strong professional ties only with the functional, thriving men in the global village.

Be sure to read the latest extensive post over at Muslim Bushido as well. Don’t forget why YOU need to FLEE Blackistan (physically, emotionally and mentally) if you haven’t yet:

5 Replies to “Despite The Blatant “Open Season” Disrespect, Many Black Women ARE Setting Boundaries!”

  1. Thank you for this post Faith. I'd never heard about Michelle Obama's encounter with a rude, uncouth heckler at all in the UK until you posted this. I emailed Glamour regarding their use of the hypocritical Ms Maxwell.

    1. You probably didn't hear about it, because it was in essence a failed attempt at generating fake controversy. Which is good. It was good for some of the malcontents to get their ^&%$ handed to them though. This isn't 2008 and we're not going to tolerate open disrespect so readily.

  2. I definitely see a heightened awareness on the part of SOME other people. They may not be sincere or really give a crap, but they do want to appear to be concerned, somewhat respectful even. To be openly antagonistic won't benefit them. Now it needs to get to the point where they behave respectfully from the beginning.

  3. I love this! I am really noticing how many BW aren't rolling over anymore and being lapdogs for all that would use them and being critical thinkers. The roots of BWE is bearing fruit, wonderful fruit despite all of those against it who try to either burn the tree down (outright opposition) to watering the tree with tainted water (insidious wannabees trying to take over).

    And I'm glad to see Khadija's post. It's long been time to flee the BC and I predict within the next two years or less, the peace walls will start to be physically put up and those who have stayed will be stuck. BW need to pay attention to the world and what's going on. It's not stated in the news per se but from the rhetoric about entitlements and takers to the fact that this economy really isn't improving means that money is not there to continue propping up the BC. It's time to get out, vet where you escape to, and vet everyone who is in your life, especially when you get out.

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