Cox Communications Taps Woman Basher James Andrews aka Key Influencer To Teach Young Girls About Cyber Bullying

 You don’t hire carnivores to convert people to vegetarianism.

You don’t expect Tea Baggers to become peace activists.

You don’t ask Roman Polanski or R. Kelly to speak out against child rape.

You don’t hire blowhard self-declared Social Media “experts” who go on cyber rampages against women they disagree with to speak to young girls about Internet Safety.

So I have a question for Cox Communications:


Cox Communications will hold its 5th National Teen Summit On Internet Safety on June 15th in Washington, D.C., gathering teens from across the country to discuss the topics of cyberbullying, sexting, digital reputation management and other online safety issues, and you are invited to share your thoughts, opinions, concerns and to ask questions. Cox Teen Summit   via EventBrite page

For readers of this blog you know the focus is on women’s expowerment and social justice (with a little pop culture). You can’t be empowered without first correctly assessing the circumstances you are in and establishing standards for behavior. We’ve had numerous conversations about the allowance of denigrating behavior by black males specifically targeting black women due to jealousy, control issues, ire and lack of ethnic pride.

Really, it doesn’t matter WHY. It needs to be addressed, policied and SHUT DOWN. While we must always be diligent in recognizing such behavior there also comes a point where we must learn to tune out the blatant tactics of those who seek attention, money and accolades for telling black women they are not worthy of love, support and respect. Like that rapper who refers to himself as a skinny criminal that far too many women are concerning themselves with, inadvertently spreading a poisonous message that should be IGNORED.

We must also recognize those that support the endeavors of the denigrators by tactic approval (silence) or active participation be they other males or women. As long as it doesn’t directly affect them they don’t care. We should not ignore those that behave like miscreants in one venue while presenting themselves as blameless in another, however.

There is no way I was going to ignore Cox Communications using James Andrews as a wolf in sheep’s clothing to corrupt impressionable minds about the very behavior he engages in. For those who don’t know, when I attended SXSW I asked a question during a panel that challenged his stated intention. Instead of respectuflly disagreeing he not only attacked me online with a 2-day Twitter rampage, he disparaged my physical appearance and claimed I was mentally unstable   – all after yelling at me from the stage. He and the moderator Jeffrey L. Bowman of Ogilvy have either retained or destroyed the video evidence from the live recording despite his false claims that I was being disruptive. To allow that tape to see the light of day would wholly refute his lies and expose the panel where he bragged about knowing P Diddy and why black people like to “look fly” in what was advertised as a discussion about utilizing technology.

As I’ve always stated I stand by everything I said and my behavior did not warrant such antagonism. It is also why I decided to put my money where my mouth is and take the initiative to have the very conversation that was missing from that SXSW panel. See my DC Week panel. Now some might claim this is a personal matter, but since he’s a self-identified Social Media “expert” there is certainly a minimum standard of public decorum expected. He had no problem honoring white women in technology at an event the very next day.

At the very least a person who is secure within could allow for a diversity of thought with overreacting. Only people of questionable character behave so poorly. I can assure you that had I been a mere witness to the incident at hand I’d still be writing a post about it. If you check my archives I have no problem examining the public misbehavior of  other racio-misogynists who are well known to the public.

Call To Action:

David Grabert
Director of Media Relations
(404) 269-7054 

Let’s ask Mr. Grabert if he supports using an Internet Ike Turner to warn children about abusive behavior.I know I will. Nice to know Cox Communications is looking out for the best interests of our kids – not. Either they don’t bother doing basic background checks OR they don’t care that black women are publicly berated. Either way it’s rather disconcerting.

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