Couple Discusses 1st Time Homebuyer Tips But What’s Wrong With This Picture?

Angie and Hawk make an attractive couple don’t you think? This show is a follow-up series that revisits home buyers after they’ve made their purchase. They offer advice and share things they’ve learned since closing. I really love the decor in their dining room as well. Everything seems to be going well for them.

Let’s scratch beneath the surface a little shall we? Angie seems like a nice lady – the type that would do anything to keep her man happy. I’m certain she considers herself a modern independent woman as well.

So despite all appearances to the contrary what’s wrong with this picture?

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19 Replies to “Couple Discusses 1st Time Homebuyer Tips But What’s Wrong With This Picture?”

  1. I remember them from their original "My First Place" episode (love HGTV!) and having a reaction then to the backward homebuying efforts and seemingly overzealous spending. I know there's alot more to this story than what was shown, but I personally found the "I" vs "we" thing, and financial irresponsibility disturbing.

  2. Yes today's lesson is: Don't settle for what looks like an approximation of empowerment but is actually limiting.

  3. I actually saw this episode a couple of days ago (I'm hooked on House Hunters, My First Place, and Property Virgins). My eyebrow raised more than a few times while watching this episode, for all the reasons the other commentors stated. I didn't watch all the clip, but there was a part in which Angie was highlighting all the incentive packages. The agent was looking at them "are you fo'serious?' But it made the house they wanted to purchase like 250K.To me, it seemed like Angie was more than content to be "wifey" and not Mrs…

  4. BOYFRIEND!!!!!!!!!??????????????I missed that part…That would be a few chapters in the novel ALL BY ITSELF!But to further extrapolate :-A man of his age with seemingly little or nothing to contribute, but yet wants to dictate like King George…-Eyes bigger than his wallet…Wanted to also live like King Midas with barely a pot to p___ in & a window to throw it out of…I wonder how much was actually HER money…Angie needs to wise up man!

  5. Readers: I think CA & NY have allowances for common law "marriages". If there are any children involved and there's no designated beneficiary I believe all assets would go to them. There was another unmarried couple featured who purchased a house but they were planning their wedding while looking. They did get married though. Either way you wouldn't find me as the unmarried girlfriend without some provisions being addressed in my favor.

  6. You all made some points I hadn't thought about such as why doesn't he have any basic credit in his name?It appeared in the video that he was driving a newer car/truck. Assuming he didn't pay cash for it outright, whose name is that in?Also, I wonder does he have any children. If he died suddenly, any heirs that he has could come after the house and force her to sell if she doesn't have title held "joint tenants in the remainder."

  7. @roslynholcomb America is such an odd society, I swear. This non recognition of common law marriages was something I took for granted there, because people don't even think about it here.Common law here is what holds people together even without a ring and a common-law wife has rights under the law. She also has no recourse if she is raped in a domestic situation, but in terms of property and money, she has rights and can sue for them.

  8. @Qshukura Oh gorm gyul, dah mek it worse. At least in the Caribbean the woman gets that LITTLE bit of protection.

  9. I'd prefer to be married in that situation, or at least have a written, notarized agreement that he could not evict me without a fair notice and paying for moving expenses. I can't recall which rich celebrity did that years ago to a live in girlfriend, and she was escorted to the door the same day as the breakup.Otherwise, they seemed happy and complementary, and she looks comfortable in her decision.

  10. As far as I know there are no states that recognize common-law marriage. And even the ones that did the requirements are so onerous as to be unmeetable; such as refer to one another AT ALL TIMES as husband/wife, file joint returns, etc… More than anything, especially in the south, it's a bad idea to buy real estate with anyone you're not married to. Sourthern real estate law is based on an agrarian culture and they will shaft you if you're not the wife.

  11. I am in agreement with all the previous posters. I am so afraid that this guy is going to throw her naked and outdoors eventually.

  12. Dear Readers: You all get gold stars!!!! Of course I knew you would.The key error I see with this scenario is Angie is playing wifey and is not a WIFE. Her name was not on the loan application and unless she's been added to the title and deed she will be out in the cold should things go south with her relationship. I hope she has a lot of money saved for a rainy day. I still love those dining room chairs though.

  13. @sungoddess as of 1997, Georgia does not recognize common law marriages, unless it was established prior to January 1, 1997 or the couple was common law in a state that recognizes common law marriages, i.e. Alabama. I understand the couple is in the metro Atlanta area.

  14. I am surprised that they would make the commitment of buying a house together yet not commit to marriage to one another. Not a wise move, girlfriend!

  15. A woman that is so smart about saving money and so very good at decorating their home should have a ring on her finger!! That man needs to put a ring on it!! Call me old fashioned, but that should have happened before the mortgage qualification. If they break up, what does she have? Is she even on the loan?

  16. The house is solely his; its in his name. When he talks about the house, he refers to it as "his," however, he extols Angie's participation in managing the finances, decorating, etc. etc. The big issue, is that they are not MARRIED! So, if something goes afoul in the relationship, he keeps everything, she's empty handed.

  17. Hello Faith,I love house buying shows.There are a couple of things that stood out for me. 1) the guy was determined to get them in more debt than they could comfortably afford 2) he was more concerned about the size of the home versus making sure they were financially stable for future 3) He appeared to be selfish and used the words "I", "Me" and "My" throughout the interview as if she was not a partner in the transaction. Whereas, she continued to say "WE". Once SHE started making the decisions everything fell into place nicely.

  18. Didn't the narrator say she was his 'girlfriend'? How long does she have to live in his house before she qualifies for common law rights?

  19. A couple of things I find a bit strange:1) To purchase a home together is a SERIOUS financial commitment -- why aren't they married? I would never make such a commitment with a boyfriend.2) I find it also strange that he has no personal credit history. Even if small, it is not that difficult to build some credit history.3) Financial discipline appears to be a bit one-sided. However,that is not necessarily a bad thing if the other side supports the decisions.4) The use of I or my when it came to "owning" the house but "we" when it came to the costs or finances5) It seems to be an extremely large cost burden for a first-time house. I personally would have chosen something more modest as most people will not remain in the same house 30 years. But that is just my personal preferance.Now, I admit in advance, I could be way off base on this, but these were the few things that struck me.

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