Congrats To New Blog Host TRUTHP For Answering The Call

Welcome C’elle Blossom to the interwebs!!!!

Here’s an excerpt:

On Wednesday Charles Epps Jr. stood in front of a dozen pastors to address the 1 million dollars per year that the [NJ school] district spends on school police. It was at this meeting that Mr. Epps was quoted as saying “Our worst enemy is the young [black] ladies,” Epps said. “The young girls are bad. I don’t know what they’re drinking today, but they’re bad. He also said they were “the communities worst enemy”.

She’s discussing the standard DBR antics from yet another…..DBR gremlin. Be he a rapper, preacher, politician, baker, candle-stick maker…. you know the drill. Racism only happens to black males and everything else is “our” fault. YAWN. It’s more blame the victim/obfuscation misdirection dancing.

I want to remind the audience the best course of action isn’t to “fight” but to live better, more vibrant lives. There should be no Mammy, Martyr, Direct Combat, Sister Soldier activity going on. No calling for government programs to replace misuse of common sense and [failed] attempts at making up for the acceptance of the mass abandonment of black children by black males. No more resigned apathy about the HIV/OOW/Obese/Never-Married rates either. Expect MORE, stop FEEDING your leeches and move on into the Promised Land. It’s been there this entire time unoccupied — waiting for YOU!

We are LADIESBattles are for MEN. Get out and away!!!!

Still, this is a great start for a new blogger. The core BWE messengers offering an authentic voice and course of action for “full options” will not be around foreverMore of you need to get off the fence. I commend TruthP for stepping up.

Her motto:

I have a strong desire to see black girls and women thrive in all facets of life. Hence the name “We-Thrive”.  I deeply care about social justice for black women and girls.

Self-care is Rule #1 though –but you all know that from reading these forums. Let’s send TruthP some cyber love!


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11 Replies to “Congrats To New Blog Host TRUTHP For Answering The Call”

  1. Hmmm, the girls are the problem? What about the boys? I suppose they are angels. Men will defend each other.

    1. Of course to the diseased thinking of a DBR who hates women, young girls are the problem. The earth is flat and if "da man" wasn't keeping a "brotha" down they'd rule the world.…mouth.

  2. Thanks for the mention Faith.

    I completely agree with Self Care is # 1

    That's why I am studying to get into college.
    I think I will be enrolling later on this year or next year.But I am close.
    Pray for me and I'll pray for you.

    1. I want to give all of the encouragement I can. If you keep at it you'll be a seasoned blogger in no time. Feel free to ask me any questions and I look forward to reading future posts.

      1. Ah..okay…good to know. Feel free to comment anyway because I'm certain you do have something significant to contribute. It's nice to be able to support each other isn't it?

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