13 Replies to “Congrats to Gabby Douglas & Team USA For Their Gold Medal Win!”

  1. I was SO THRILLED, when my mother told me she was #1 in the world! She's a beautiful representative for our country and AA females. If we AAW focus on being our best and at the top of the game, we can conquer these lies that are perpetuated about our worth.

  2. Very proud of Gabby. My hubby claims that she's not the first Black female to win the gold. Whether that's true or not, it's great for an African American young woman to have won gold in gymnastics this time around. Going to stay up late to see Gabby's performance on NBC tonight.

    Go on, Gabby!

    1. Gabby is not the first Black female athlete to win a gold medal, but I didn't state she was. There's a shot-putter, the Williams sister in tennis and going back to track and field. I certainly hope people are doing their own research! There's dozens of black women achieving great things every day. Better yet, I hope people are not relying on this solely to validate their blacknes.

  3. Yes!!! I was soooooo happy when they got the gold!! I've follow the Olympics with a passion, so I've been tuned in. She and her teammate are in the All-Around Final right now! I hope they win a medal, so proud of her.

  4. Yes!! Very proud of her and her team for their gold. Hopefully, Ms. Douglas will have many more Olympic medals in her future.

  5. Yay! Good for those young ladies. Meanwhile the UK has been doing crappily in some of the competitions!

  6. She was absolutely brilliant! She may not be the “media darling” but she is the best on Team USA’S women’s gymnastics team. That is a fact.

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