Congrats To First Lady of New York City-Elect Chirlane McCray And The Potential Dominance Of White Men/Black Women Power Couples

V for Victory from the deBlasio campaign last night!

We have the FLOTUS and now New Yorkers have a FLONY who’s also an African American woman (it’s been 20 years since Joyce Dinkins). The world looks up to NYC for many reasons, so this is huge and I can’t remember when I’ve been this excited curious about an election in a city I no longer live in (except when I voted for Dinkins). Obviously the congrats are extended to Mayor-Elect Bill de Blasio! Oooh, you know this is going to cause a few heart palpitations for all sorts of reasons! And this will not be a discussion about the individual political viewpoints of the politician in question as we’ve seen how lack of true allies and infrastructure make it difficult to enact “change”. And Mayor de Blasio campaigned on a platform that wanted to shift some of Michael Bloomberg’s policies. The ones that made NYC extremely difficult for true Middle Class folks to live there at all. Let alone the poor. Not to mention the violence. And I’m not talking about crimes committed between the populace, but what many view as “questionable” police action. We’ll see what the De Blasio administration achieves.

I have to give kudos to those who were able to stick it out because NYC has changed so much in the past 20-25 years that it’s now unrecognizable. I say ride the golden wave for as long as possible. We all know how quickly people can be propped up and torn down because it happened when David Dinkins was Mayor of New York City. After Rudolf Giuliani was elected by such a close margin, he implemented and was credited for much of the groundwork that Dinkins had initiated. The racial politics played by the “liberal” media that sought to undermine Dinkins was all too obvious for anyone paying attention. And then the developers descended upon NYC with mass evictions from rent-controlled apartments, mass-promotion of condos and co-ops and crack downs for trying to enjoy a simple evening out on the town. And then 9/11 happened and some people seemed to forget how the “cool” NYC had been eviscerated for the uber-wealthy, foreign lot. Then a billionaire decided he wanted to try something new and became Mayor. And then got the rules changed so he could stay Mayor. And then tried again. I was wondering if running NYC was going to become a fiefdom for the uber-wealthy as well.

Power to the people for turning out and making it count in an environment where the needs of a few corporations seem to take precedence over the masses across the land. Hopefully, this isn’t another Trojan Horse situation. All will be revealed in due time. For now though, New Yorkers have more “moderate” representation that hopefully won’t ignore the needs of the many for the needs of the few. Accountability is key.

And isn’t it divine that the new Mayor and First Lady of New York, that the family are a tight unit of savvy and educated people who also happen to be a loving interracial couple? Mrs. de Blasio, like many intelligent and confident women make some weaker-minded folks nervous. Anyone who upends the status quo by either showing up, being excellent, asking thoughtful questions or is assured of themselves bothers those who want to control and dominate others. Like a Hillary Clinton. Or a Joan of Arc. Or a black woman who defies stereotypes. And despite all of the push-back and distractions, we will see more high profile, long-term power couples who are black women and white men. This is the leading trend and they were ahead of the curve going on 22 years of marriage. As there were several high-profile and everyday couples of the same stripe one, two and even three generations ago. It seems as if something slowed that momentum to a crawl (gangsta rap and amnesia perhaps), but the awareness is building again and much younger generations of tweens, tweens and 20-somethings have already reversed that trend.

So..these are some of the worst of times in a first world kinda problems way…but these are the best times for the opportunities available. Time to make some new friends and allies.


And in other election news, Lovely A. Warren is the new Mayor of Rochester, New York. I don’t know her platform and am simply sharing information, but she apparently pulled a huge upset in the primaries that all but guaranteed her win. Congrats!

I remember when Leecia Eve came<–this–>close to being elected Lt. Governor instead of Patterson, but in a game of politricks was sidelined. When Elliot Spitzer was ousted she would have Governor of New York. We need MORE women with common sense in office. Shirley Chisholm was elected to Congress in 1968.

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  1. Yes, this was a pleasant surprise. I'm quite entertained that her early " lesbian " days are being trotted out. Hey…she pulled an Anne Heche. And she doesn't back away from her right to do as she pleases. Love it! I'll be watching from my little corner of the world to see how things go for the new mayor of NYC.

    1. Hello! I was discussing this with a friend last night. Can you imagine 23 years ago, a white man meets a slightly older black woman in her mid-30's who identifies as a lesbian and "knows" in his heart of hearts they are meant to be together? What did it take to convince her? I mean….wow…obviously, they connected! (Chuckles).

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