Combining Social Media, Technology & Advocacy

So, I’m heading out to do final preparations before my first panel presentation! I’m excited for this opportunity to engage like-minded people who are interested in creating opportunities for themselves but especially for children from underserved/inadequately involved communities.

Obviously, the main focus of my interest is on the welfare of black children and specifically African-American girls. With all of the negativity and apathy being thrown at women and girls there has to be a pushback against the depravity. The Black Tech Blazers panel is a conversation featuring tech/social media related professionals and how we might join with others to positively impact the lives of children.

This is part of DC Week  but I’d like to continue these discussions and cover many areas such as healthcare, empowerment, travel, etc as long as it’s related to utilizing  technology and keeping those who wish to achieve to remain competitive in a global market.

One of the official bloggers for DC Week interviewed me before the session. Clink the link for the full transcript. Here’s an excerpt:

Q: What inspired you to develop this session for DCWEEK?

A: As an advocate of human rights, social justice and deploying tools of empowerment for those who may be misdirecting their focus on situations that work against their interests, I have noticed conversations surrounding technology are far too homogenous. Even when a “multi-cultural” focus is deployed it still doesn’t always address the specific needs of th African-American community or in uplifting women and children. Instead of hoping for others to meet those needs or take a leadership role in addressing these discrepancies I decided to be the one I was waiting for and do so myself. Far too often we have legitimate criticism of how things may be lacking but most people are unwilling to step forward to take charge and make the effort themselves. So many black women are already serving as heads of households and we need to utilize our ingenuity and strength in ways that will be reciprocated for our benefit. This panel is debuting during Digital Capital Week but will be part of an ongoing conversation that is sorely missing. All are welcome to participate.

Q: Have you found that the contributions of Blacks in technology tend to be unknown and/or overlooked? If so, why?

A: As with everything as a non-dominant group the contributions of blacks can tend to be unfamiliar. We have historically been creators of so many valuable inventions from the potato chip to the street light. Partially it was due to structural barriers but more recently it’s been due to lack of ethnic pride in our contributions towards building this country. If we don’t acknowledge our own work and coordinate with each other to motivate and elevate the status of the black collective no one else will.

Thanks to everyone in advance for participating. I may decide to do a live podcast but will most likely blog a follow-up site post afterwards since this is the first one. If anyone is following on Twitter the hashtag to search will be #dcweek and #blktchblzrs.

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  1. Really enjoyed the conference and the conversations surrounding social media, technology and how it can all come together by sharing the knowledge with each other.

    Nice right up, and looking forward on reading more.



  2. If there is video or audio of the panel afterwords, do make sure you post a link! Would love to check it out.

    1. Welcome Skye & Coming and Going!

      I didn't record this first panel as there were some technical difficulties but this will be a series of conversations that I will create content for. If you email me privately (check the about page) I'll add you to my mail list for future invites.

  3. You are so right about needing to know about our own contributions in various fields. I mean, how many of our own people even know who Dr. Mark Dean or Dr. James West, both of whom are still living and major inventors of modern technology?

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