Clooney & Davis Cover Entertainment Weekly: This Girl Dreams Of A Real-Life Courting

My jaw hit the floor when I spotted George and Viola frolicking on the January 13th cover of EW. It was just so unexpected. They look like they’re having so much fun and it got me thinking about future possibilities. Apparently they’re friends!

While I’ve made no secret I abhor movies like “The Help” and the desperate black actresses who accepted such demeaning roles should be tarred and feathered, I am pleased as punch by that cover for it shows endless possibilities. The accompanying interview was very telling.

The Thinking Woman’s Heartthrob

Sure George Clooney is fully invested in what I sarcastically refer to as his ‘Three Girlfriends Per Year Plan‘. Since he has not remarried after divorcing well-over a decade prior, we’ve seen his babe-magnet appeal skyrocket along with his career.

I can’t ascertain whether he’s a man of quality (I’m not that invested), but I haven’t seen evidence of accountability from those women who choose a serial dater with an imposed dating shelf life. By all accounts he isn’t a jerk per se, but is a man who gets to enjoy the perks of female companionship without commitment. He might be anti-marriage but he doesn’t strike me as being anti-woman.

When Was The Last Time Viola Smiled On Camera?

Aside from this cover and maybe a quick flash in Eat, Pray, Love she has made a career out of portraying hard-working and long-suffering black women. You know: Mules.

Hence, I cannot support The Mammy Chronicles in the era of African-American First Lady, Michelle Obama. It’s awards season and because so many are invested in affirming stereotypes, she may very well clean up but I do believe Meryl Streep will get a third Oscar.

If there is such a thing as a silver-lining then Ms. Davis would use this time to secure an alliance personally and/or professionally with a powerful man like George Clooney. She’s a good actress who needs to be more expansive.

In the meantime this picture conveys a thousand unspoken scenarios….

10 Replies to “Clooney & Davis Cover Entertainment Weekly: This Girl Dreams Of A Real-Life Courting”

  1. Davis: “Can you wrap your mind around someone throwing you into the ring with Meryl Streep?” she marvels. “I just don’t understand the competition thing. How can you compare two actors’ performances? How do you say one is better than the other?”

    Clooney: “I know how you do it,” Clooney says to Davis. “You have to play Margaret Thatcher and she has to play the maid.”


    1. Viola in makeup playing Thatcher would have been something. She could star in a film about Condi Rice or the AA women aviators excluded from that dreck Red Tails. If we supported our uplifting stories they'd get made one way or another.

  2. Viola looks gorgeous in that gown in that EW cover with George Clooney. I also think that Meryl Streep is going to grab another Oscar for this year. 😀

    1. Meryl Streep will do many roles, but you aren't likely to see her playing a maid. We'll see what Viola does next.

  3. I think I will buy that issue! And I never buy magazines anymore…..ladies let's support these positive images of us!

    1. I knew George wouldn’t have agreed to the cover unless he wanted to. I keep thinking about the access some of these women have and it boggles my mind how they're squandering opportunities.

    1. It's too bad she's decided to take the slave role opposite Jamie Foxx in the Tarantino movie. I will be skewering it accordingly.

    2. Oh, I loved that Fassy shout-out to Viola. Some of us could be cleaning up!!!! BTW, I have a Fassy post written. I just need to figure out where to fit it because I've added a few new posts to the schedule from what I had planned.

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