Carol Moseley Braun In Real Life Election Mirrors Wendy Scott-Carr’s Television Race

Yes, this is another mention of the CBS drama, “The Good Wife“. Really CBS and King Size Productions should be paying me to promote their show across social media platforms. That’s not why I’m doing this, however. We have a prime time hit show with a secondary plot that uplifts black women and presents us as intelligent, feminine and shrewd. We need to be supporting the show so TPTB will continue sharing more stories like this across several shows. If only to counterbalance the reality show/gossip blog dregs of negativity and foolishness that so many find realistic and entertaining even as it justifies other people’s stereotyping/scapegoating of blacks.

Black women have a real life vs. reel life lesson being played out that should not be missed – or dismissed. Since the show and the elections are based in Chicago in 2011 what are the odds we’d have this example to ponder? The show’s writers and the orchestrators of the real Chicago election have little in common I’m sure, but the timing and subplot is certainly interesting given what’s going on right now.

Carol Moseley Braun is running for Mayor of Chicago. She was one of the few women to serve the Senate (only 38 total) and the only African-American woman to date (with 6 blacks total). Like her or not she is still a trailblazer. Since race and gender will somehow (as if by osmosis) be injected into this contest all indications are that Braun’s well-funded and well-connected opponents, in particular Rahm Emanuel will need to keep Bill Clinton and Barack Obama at bay lest it appear they are all ganging up on the lone black person running who is also the only woman candidate. Via New York Times

Pressure to unite around one African-American candidate has been bubbling here for months, in part out of fear that the city’s black vote would be split — diminishing its influence and all but ensuring that a white candidate (like Rahm Emanuel, the former White House chief of staff) or a Latino candidate (like Gery Chico, a former board of education leader) might win on Feb. 22.

Shades of Wendy Scott-Carr!!!!!

My break-down of The Good Wife  …Why We Need A Few Real-Life Wendy Scott Carrs

If you watched the episodes where Peter Florrick immediately offers Scott-Carr a back-room deal when she announces her candidacy – that she turns down, where the local Democratic leadership dismisses her as a “loose canon” because she ran independently of their machine, when the Florrick and Childs’ political advisors/campaign managers overextend themselves in ridiculing her breast augmentation surgery as vanity only to find out it was reconstructive surgery after surviving cancer or when the Trinity-style church pastor wants to go out of his way to support the white guy who hadn’t made any promises of support over the sista who did knowing this is television show, I can only imagine what is REALLY going on behind the scenes with such campaigns.

I don’t have in-depth political analysis to give you, just that I think we as black women (and allies) who are looking out for our LONG-TERM interests need to be paying close attention to this election and the behavior of those involved. We’ve had these discussions here and at a few key BWE forums for quite some time now. Implementation is the word of the day. The cast of characters in real life usually remains the same across political networks and the money trail reveals all.

We know what President Obama has done for black women in the two short years he’s been in office. NOTHING! He’s secured positions for his wife and daughters. – as he should have. Michelle has sacrificed a lot and deserves the reward for the labor she’s put out. She’s in a much better position than countless AA women who sacrificed to the death (theirs) and got zip, zilch, nada. Then…he Shirley Sherroded the rest of us. Or Desiree Rogered. Oh wait – I almost forgot about Dr. Susan Rice. She still has a job, but not the one she was most qualified for (Secretary Of State). Pick your favorite. Feel free to disprove my point – if you can.

I hold no animus, but remember, black women gave President Obama his highest voting percentages (65%) of all demographics securing his nomination and election . Far too many are satisfied with empty platitudes, unfulfilled promises (were any made directly to us?) and appearances instead of tangible benefits for their support. I want my 40 acres and a mule.

We’re at the five-minute warning bell. Some of ya’ll need to start living the chorus to the Gwen Guthrie classic, “Ain’t Nothing Going On But The Rent”. What can you do for me……

We know what President Bill Clinton (the 1st black president, eh?) did regarding black women when he ran for office (Sister Soldja) and after he won (Lani Guinier, Joycelyn Elders). So Obama isn’t doing anything different. We should know better by now! I’d like you to name one black woman candidate Obama has appointed to a high-level position or vigorously supported in their election. No, the Surgeon General post doesn’t count. I’ll wait….

We can always take our collective wealth, political and intellectual currency and get out of Dodge (the USA). Let Palin merge Russia with Alaska and see how well that works out.

I can’t declare whether candidate Braun would be an effective Mayor of Chicago or not. I don’t live there. The choice should be up to the voters to decide without interference from back-room deal makers and shenanigans. We don’t have enough women elected officials to begin with. Even though I disagreed with Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi on numerous issues (supporting Code Pink’s positions often), when she served Speaker of the House she was an effective leader.

Increasingly, the women being promoted (the Palins, Bachmanns, O’Donnells) lack common sense and basic tolerance. They’re Trojan Horse candidates being used to further a specific agenda.  The good old boy’s network is alive and well. I’d personally love to see both Obama and Clinton openly supporting and campaigning for Emanuel. Then, perhaps some people would finally get a clue as to who is indebted to whom. By the way, Obama’s new Chief Of Staff is to soon-to-be former Mayor’s brother, William Daley. Who has opposed health care and any consideration of a more liberal (read less corporate-interest favoring) agenda.

Yes, these are Democrats in name only. This is why I limit my political-oriented posts these days. They’ll all be one long scream. Of course, historically every superpower falls. Which means it’s time for all who don’t want to be left behind to perish to take decisive action.

Personally, I’m looking forward to the return of a white male President if only to lessen the vitriol and hate rhetoric being promoted by the handful of other white men that control our media, banks and government. Are they racists? Sexists? Does it matter? They have goals to meet and using easily swayed people to ensure their success is all that matters to them. Their accumulation of wealth, power and control is key.

I am weary of mentally-impaired (terrorists) angry white males (who should be prescribed Valium or Prozak) being allowed such easy access to bullets and guns to carry out their premeditated, but misdirected (terrorism) acts of violence. Again, there’s a larger overall corporatist agenda at play that has already discounted most of us. Not to mention the fact the Obama administration has maintained most of Bush’s policies and agendas anyway. Trojan Horse indeed.

It is as always under our purview to take actions that may counterbalance and thwart their singular focus at working against us. Our sheer numbers and ability to mobilize via the internet, using social media, as well as meeting in our communities (or at least amongst other like-minded folks) makes this possible.

We have to be even more invested in our thriving than they are in our marginalization. Take note of past behavior from some of your *favorite* politicians and don’t wait for the other shoe to drop or be surprised when everyone else gets catered to but you. Don’t wait for things to be “fair” “just” “equitable” or “the way they used to be”. Save yourself.

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  1. The parallels between Real Life and this show are a trip. And right on time Rahm is contesting his removal (and 're-inclusion'?) on the ballot. To keep up with this unfolding story I am going to subscribe to the RSS feeds of the Tribune and Sun-Times

  2. I've only seen a couple episodes of "The Good Wife". I'd like to start following the storyline that you write about in this post, Faith. Would you mind sharing which season this is in?

    Also, I know that I'm not the only person familiar enough with Chicago politics to be super(!) disappointed that there is a Daley inside the White House. When I read that, I became physically ill. Chicago has no right to impose any of their Daleys on the rest of the country!!

    1. I believe it's Season 2 episode 3 that introduces Wendy Scott Carr but I don't want to give the plot away. It was pretty darn cool how they wrote her into the show. Just look for Anika Noni Rose and pay special attention.

  3. I will be watchful Faith.I must also mention that I may be in the minority but I am personally glad that Obama did not choose a black woman for any higher up key positions.Look at what they've done to bw further down on the food chain already.I'm cutting my losses and making a run for it.I have very little faith in America right now.Less than I have ever had before.Instead of bettering ourselves I think we,as in society, have taken huge significant steps backwards in regards to everything,the economy,racism/colorism,sexism,good solid family values, and most importantly our emphasis on the importance of education, free press,& authentic journalism.The last are the cure for the aforementioned.
    All I see for America's future is doom and gloom.Things are not as bad as I think they are going to get but I want to be prepared.
    I almost feel it foolish for anyone to sacrifice themselves to America through political service.If these folks were smart they'd be focusing on their get away plan.

  4. Yet another thought provoking post. Reciprocity seems to be working for everyone but us. This situation most definitely needs to change.

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